Our Schedule

May 16 to 23.... Hershey TT, Lebanon, PA

May 23 to 30.... Mooneyham Mooch-camping in Upper Deerfield, NJ

May 31 to June 13. A TT park to be determined at the Jersey Shore area

June 14. One more night Mooch-camping at the Mooneyhams

June 15 - 17...Cordurus State Park, Hanover, PA.

June 19 - 21... Forrest Bo Wood COE park, Sullivan, Il.

June 22 - 24... Linder Point COE, Coralville, IA

June 26 - 29... Heartland RV Park, Hermosa, SD

June 30 - July 4....Nebraska Tailwaters COE, Yankton, SD

July 6 - July 9 .... Turkey Creek Escapees Park, Branson, MO

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finally..... every room furnished!

Cullman,  AL

Yea, all rooms furnished, that is except for the 26x26 finished basement.  Maybe someday.

Lots of readers have asked for pictures..... here they are.  What do you think?

Living Room..... all done but one end table is on back-order.

Dining room

Kitchen and Utility Room


Guest Room

2nd Bath

Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom..... not shown is the shower and walk-in closet

Now that the house is set up, we have lots to do outside.  We have been working out there at least a couple of hours a day.  We see slow progress.

Until next time


  1. Beautiful and comfortable looking. I know you're going to love being there as we do in the house in PA. Enjoy my friends!

  2. where did you get the leaf rug I just ordered one today for the fw that looks like it Looks great big, right Darlene Price

    1. They were both bought at Lowes. The smaller one in the dining room we had in the FW living room. We bought up your way at the Lowes. You walked on it many times! Then last week we got the larger one here at the local Lowes.

  3. Love your style! Looks very homey and comfortable.

  4. It looks really nice. Love your furniture some pieces are really different. Bet your happy to be settled and comfy now.

  5. Funny seeing furniture I recognize that I haven't seen in years!

  6. Wow...your house is beautiful and just the right size. Good job and hope you two make many wonderful memories.

  7. This really looks great!! I love every single room 😀 I know you all will really enjoy your new home!!