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October 16 to 30. Hershey Preserve TT Park, Lebanon. PA

Month of November Jonestown AOK, Jonestown, PA

December 2 - 4 Hidden Cove TT, Arley, AL

December 6 - 16 Lake Conroe TT, Willis, TX

December 17 - January 2, 2017 - Vinton, LA

January 6 to January 27, 2017. NOMADS project at Casselberry UMC, Casselberry, FL

January 27 to February 14, 2017. Escapees Park, Bushnell, FL

February 28 to March 3, 2017. Suwannee River RV Park, Mayo, FL

March 3 to March 10, 2017. East Branch COE, Chattahoochia, GA.

March 13 to March 30, 2017. NOMADS project at Dooly Campground, Vienna, GA

Monday, October 24, 2016

Back in PA.

Hershey Preserve Thousand Trails
Lebanon,  PA

We left the Casowasco camp and retreat on October 15.   As we had reservations starting October 16 we needed a spot to overnight.   This is just a short 17 miles from here.

There is a section of the parking lot that is wide open.  We saw three others RVs parked there.  So, we found a nice spot where we would be able to open the slides and pulled in.  We went to in check with security.  We asked the gentleman at the desk if we could overnight.  He said sure.  We told him we were told to check with security.  He took out a piece of paper and made a check mark on it and said "done".   He also told us each to get a Players Card and we would get a free prime rib and seafood buffet for free.  Alrighty then.

We set up the rig for the night, went back in and got our cards.  Then we kindly lost $5.00 at the slots to offset the free parking and two free meals.  Seemed the least we could do.  The absolute least.

The next morning we returned to Hershey Preserve.  We find it best to go to a TT park either Sunday mornings or Tuesday or Wednesday.  Otherwise it could be a challenge to find a suitable site.  On this Sunday we really hit pay dirt.   A wide open site, lots of room.  By Thursday night the campground was packed.

The granddaughters visited for the weekend.   What a weekend it was.  Having school off on Friday, we got them on Thursday night.   Friday we went to one of their favorite places.  CABELAS.  On Saturday we went to Hershey Chocolate World.   This is a free venue.....you hop on a moving car that takes you on a ride through the process of making chocolate.  At that end of the ride, everyone gets a free sample.  Being close to Halloween the kids also were given a bag and told to walk around the gift shop and more candy would be given out.  Nice.

Back at the campground, last weekend and this coming weekend is their Halloween event, including Trick or Treating.   We were not prepared for this so we took a quick run to Walmart for candy and outfitted the girls as best we could:

Len walked campground with them.  I handed out candy.  Having just about 110 pieces, I was left with an empty bowl fast.

After church yesterday we took the girls home.

Today we drove about 30 miles over to Intercourse, PA to one of our favorite places.  Kitchen Kettle Village.  Got a lot of Christmas shopping done.

This is Mennonite and Amish country.   This is why Len is not Amish, dusty plowing using old fashioned horse power.

And this is why I'm not Amish.......

Friday, October 14, 2016

After three weeks of fun work

Moravia,  NY

Yes, we survived one more NOMADS project.  Sore bodies, tired minds, new friends, grateful hearts.

Sunrise over Owasco Lake

Sheryl and Brenda tediously painting of a door to a storage area.  Four heavy wooden doors to the common area were also sanded, stained and polyed.  They did a beautiful job on those wooden doors.  All were impressed.

Mike power washing a bridge.  Every deck of at least five buildings (some had more than one deck), every picnic table and every bench throughout the campground were power washed and stained.

Wayne, Brenda and Leonard staining one of two docks that were power washed.

Sheryl carpet cleaning in the dining hall.

And a large dining hall is it.   Every one of the 200+ chairs were cleaned.

The camp provided us with lunch each work day.  Greatly appreciated.

About that door to the storage area that Sheryl and Brenda worked on.  It was donated to the campground.  Like a lot of things in North Central New York, the previous metal door was affected by use of road salt on the parking lot.  The donated door was primed and painted by Sheryl and Brenda.  However, the paint did not adhere to the door.  They had to carefully remove it.  Then a sanding and suitable base coat applied, more sanding and another coat of the correct paint.  The process took days to complete.   FINALLY time to hang that problem door...but...nobody measured the door and door opening.   The door was a standard 8 foot door. The opening for a taller industrial door.  OOPS!

The folks at Camp Casowasco appreciated the work we have accomplished.  They gave us a list of tasks and fully did not expect it all to be accomplished.   We completed that list plus so much more. Us older folks know how to work.

This picture of Harold says it all.

Until next time.

Friday, October 7, 2016

A few sites/sights at Finger Lakes area

Moravia,  NY

A great thing about volunteering with NOMADS is that we go to places we might not have visited except a project is in the area.   Another great thing is we work just 4 days a week so have 3 days to get a feel of the area.

Some highlights

Montezuma NWR

 This NWR is 9,000 acres of protected wetlands and uplands.  It is located at the north end of Cayuga Lake near the town of Auburn.

What fun it is to spot a bird that I could add to my book and list of bird sightings that I keep in the truck just for such a occasion.  ......A greater Yellowleg

  These are some familiar fellows.
A Blue-winged Teal

An American Coot

And watching some Canada Geese settle in

Chimney Bluff State Park

This State Park sits on the shore of Lake Ontario.

It was an easy walk from the parking lot through a picnic area then a thickly wooded area to the bluffs

This part of New York state is famous for their apple orchards.  And there were plenty.

Cornell University in Ithaca

Seeking to add more to my bird list we visited 

No luck but we did see:

This Blue Heron

And turtles, lot of turtles

Watkins Glen State Park

If you want a real challenge.....this is the place.   Over centuries and centuries nature has carved this beautiful gorge though thick rock.

800 steps.  From the Main entrance all up. The elevation goes from 490 feet to 1010 feet.  Yea, 800 steps.  Up.  We did 250.  Coming down was easier.

Our drive back to Casowasco took us on RT 14 from Watkins Glen to Geneva NY.  There were no less than 3 dozen wineries just along this road than runs on the west side of Seneca Lake

So, we have toured around Owasco Lake, Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake.   So much to see, so little time.

Loving Fall in upstate New York.

Until Next Time....

Friday, September 30, 2016

A simple summer cottage

Casowasco Camp and Retreat Center
Moravia, NY

In my previous post, I talked about the building here on campus that the Methodist Conference of NY acquired in the mid 1940's.

It's just a simple little cottage with (I counted) 8 or 9 bedrooms each with an attached bath.

Most bedrooms now have two twins beds, a few have three and one has four.    Quilters, religious groups, family reunions..... all sort of groups find their way here.

The library overlooking with the lake in the background.

Large living area

The grand staircase

I love this tiny tea-room

The dining room.    Certainly not the style of furniture that was used back then,

Gazebo on the back

Yes, a simple little summer home.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Almost heaven

Moravia,  NY

Yesterday we left Tioga, PA and drove a pleasant 100 miles to

where we will lead a three week NOMADS project starting on Monday, September 26.

The winding road into the campground was long and steep.   We could see it had been recently paved. We were but a short way in when we came upon the paving company spreading paving compound along the edges.   Not able to get around, we followed this process for about 1/2 hour.   It is a two man operation.  One was the driver, the other this man operating a remote that controlled the direction and amount of compound on to the road.

Note the car in the background.  It was coming from the camp and in attempting to turn around got somewhat stuck.   The passenger got out and pushed while the driver maneuvered the car got back on to the asphalt.

Once we got to the where we will be parked for the next 3 weeks it was another challenge.  We are parked in their rather small parking lot.  There will be 4 rigs, of which we are the largest.  As there is a quilting retreat going on now, the parking lot is full.  The camp manager found several quilters and had them move their cars so we could pull in and back up.

Two more rigs arrive tomorrow. We notified them to come after 2 as by that time the parking lot will be almost empty.  The other RV in the parking lot is a NOMAD couple (Mike and Susan).  They came early as Susan is attending the Quilting retreat.

Once we got set up, the camp director Kevin took Len and me on a short tour of the grounds and a review of what needs to be done.  More of that later.

I want to show you this incredible property.    It sits on  Owasco Lake, one of NY's Finger Lakes.   This was of property of Theodore Case who was into real estate, railroads and an inventor.  He invented the technology to bring sound and motion pictures together.  Movietone became 20th Century Fox-Case Corporation.

In 1896 he had this summer "cottage" built.

At one time a RR ran through the property.  The station

Sail boat docking

Swimming area

I love the lake grasses in the clear waters

In 1946 the 73 acres and one mile of shore line was sold to the New York Methodist Conference for well before market value with two stipulations.   It was to be named for the Case Family.  Hence Case/Owasco = Casowasco.   And that it serve youth and children.

As we work on the various buildings in the next two weeks I will be posting more pictures.  In the meantime, I leave you with a picture of the Chapel.

Gonna like it here.