Our Schedule

March 13 to March 30, 2017. NOMADS project at Dooly Campground, Vienna, GA

March 31.... Home in Cullman, Alabama

May 17 to 23.... Hershey TT, Lebanon, PA

May 23 to 30.... Mooneyham Mooch-camping in Upper Deerfield, NJ

May 31 to June 13. A TT park to be determined at the Jersey Shore area

June 14. One more night Mooch-camping at the Mooneyhams

June 15 - 17...Cordurus State Park, Hanover, PA

Starting June 18 heading to IL, SD and MO. Details later.

Friday, March 24, 2017

What old people can do.

Dooly Campground
Vienna, GA

We have completed our second week of volunteering with NOMADS at Dooly Campground.  We have a week left to go and lots more we want to get accomplished.

2010 was our first year of volunteering at various United Methodist agencies through the  NOMADS ( nomadsumc.org ) organization.  Dooly was our 3rd project.  When we returned here two weeks ago, we were delighted to see so many improvements.   Likewise, our team of 9 are adding our skills and talents to further improvements.

Our parking site:

Some of our projects:

This is the Ritz, Marriott and Hyatt.  We stained and polyed their bathroom floors.

We gutted their bathhouse area.  Then painted walls, build new partitions and ceilings, added electrical outlets and more plumbing.   No, this is not where the toilets usually sit.  EEW.  We promise to place them in their proper locations.

We improved the ball field area by painting the restroom and improved some RV sites for future use.

We built tables from reclaimed wood and built new pews for the Tabernacle.

What a perfect time to visit Georgia with the Dogwoods in full bloom.

We fixed plumbing in various areas, repaired three washers and dryers, made curtains for the Conference Room and Motel 6 and Super 8 dorms.  Also installed cellphone charging stations, replaced damaged ceiling tiles, removed and replaced floors tiles and did a whole lot of small stuff.

Amazing what 9 old people can do.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

St. Marks, FL

While traveling, I am always on the lookout for a National Wildlife Refuge.  Searching for one nearby by, I found info on

So this morning we drove the 65 miles south to this refuge on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. There are 75 miles of trails winding through diverse habitats.  We walked two trails each about a mile.

After visiting the Visitors Center and looking at the displays we drove the 8 miles through the refuge toward the Gulf to see the historic St. Marks Lighthouse

Over time minor and major storms have struck this section of the coast severely damaging or destroying the keepers home but the tower continues to stand almost 200 years later.  The lighthouse will be open to the public once this building is repaired from the damages of time, termites, age and weather.

On our walks and the drive we saw, among others:

Greater Scaup

Common Gallinule

Double Crested Cormornant

Little Blue Herons

Young nesting Eagle


Great White Heron


We ate the lunch I packed at the refuges picnic area.  These beggars came for handouts.  I did not use the zoom on the camera to take their pictures.  They actually came this close.

Well yea, they got some of our lunch.  I suppose they knew from experience this would happen.

Aside from winged wildlife there were also these:

Until next time.....

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Eastbank COE

Bainbridge, GA

Here we are "on the road" again.   But first....

We had some clean up time back home.

This is just one of many piles of debris, limbs, dead trees, etc which we are in the process of cleaning up.   A bit of diesel and a match and then this.

Which all comes down to this:

There are more piles waiting for us when we get back there in 4 weeks.

Here is Leonard on my Valentines day gift.

It's red.  It's mine.  Ideal for a Valentine.

Yesterday we hooked up the RV and drove 307 miles to Eastbank Corps of Engineers park on Lake Seminole.  This lake lies within the borders of both Georgia and Florida and has 37,500 acres of water and 376 miles of shoreline.    This is a typical COE park.....clean, well tended and beautiful scenery.  Close to perfect.....50 amp electric and water, if only it had sewer.  (So tonight it's the shower house.)  And the added benefit of the Golden Age Federal Pass of 50% off making it just $12.00 a night.  Gotta love it.

We are parked right on the edge of the lake on a level 100 ft site.

This is the couple who live next door:

We'd invite them over for dinner but we didn't bring Len's gumbo pot with us.

The dam across the lake.

The campground is in Georgia but the drive out of the park puts us in Florida.

We will be here til next Friday when we move about 110 miles north to Vienna, Ga to start a three week NOMADS (nomadsumc.org) project

Until next time.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Ali, Ron, Wendy and our good neighbor

Cullman, AL

A few years ago we spent some time in Benson, AZ.  While there we found that fellow RV bloggers Ali and Ron Workentin would be passing through the area.   As we RVers and bloggers often do, we meet up with other RVers/Bloggers for a meal.  In this instance we met at a local restaurant for breakfast.  I still follow along via Ali's blog with their travels and adventures.  And on Facebook too.

I was glad when I read they were visiting with friends here in Cullman.  Also, Ali wanted to meet another RVer she had been talking to on Facebook.   Wendy lives not far from Cullman down in Birmingham.    I invited the three of them for lunch on Monday.  Here is Ali, Ron and Wendy.

We had a delightful time.  The hours passed all too fast.  Hope to meet up again somewhere down the road.

This morning we again heard machinery outside.  There was Hilton back with his Bobcat.  The previous owner at one time had a lot of this property fenced in by various means.  There were 4x4's in some places and metal poles in others.  We wanted all of them removed.  Hilton asked if he could have the 4x4s.  Of course.

Today he and his Bobcat with Lens help, pulled out all the posts.

This is an area that was full of trees and a tall pile of branches and other trash when we got here.

Len had cut down most of the trees and we burned the branches and debris.  Today Hilton removed the last tree, the posts and the stumps and roots.

A few things left to remove and we have another cleared area.

It short order Hilton has accomplished what we thought would take us a year of back-breaking work.

We are looking forward to warmer and dryer days.  Would love to plant a garden but that won't happen this year.  We will be gone for the month of March on a NOMADS project and sometime in May will head to the northeast to camp again with my sister and then get the Granddaughters and head to South Dakota, Missouri and back here to Alabama before delivering them back to their parents.

Until next time.....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Something we really appreciated

Cullman,  AL

Friday afternoon we were out working in the yard.  A car pulled into the driveway and a couple got out to introduce themselves.   They live a short bit up the road and across the street. They also own the property next to us on the south side.

We asked them about the property lines.  Hilton showed us where the lines are but said the previous owner used some of their property as the backyard for the double wide trailer that was there.  He said if we want to continue to keep this area cleared and use it that it is fine with them.  As a matter of fact, we have one of our box trailers parked on it.

We asked him about the area we know used to be a pond.  He said  it was a real nice pond but the previous owner wanted it filled in, which he did for her.  But then she let it get overgrown.  Len told him we would like to eventually have it returned to a pond.

After a nice visit, Hilton and Sandy invited us to visit any time.  We promised we would.

Early last week we purchased a Troy Built Zero Turn lawn mower.  Len says it's my Valentines Gift. Well it is better than what he gave me two years ago.....a step ladder.  We will be storing it in one of the out buildings, but first a ramp had to be built.  Yesterday morning, Len started work on the ramp.

I was in the house.  I heard a sound outside that sounded like machinery. Len called me to come out.   There was Hilton bush-hogging the pond area.

In quick order he got most of the growth down.

Before (taken when we first got here)

How it looks now:

To be returned as a pond, fill must be removed and a levee built on the far side.  Hilton said he would do it but no longer has a bulldozer.  We will hire someone to do this.   There is a natural spring in the middle.  Hilton had dug a trench for the water to drain into the small stream that runs along the north side of our property.

When he got done with this area, he got started on the thick growth at the back of the property.  He had his son, Chet, bring their Bobcat to do that job.

The area now:

Our property still goes back as far as those taller trees.  Maybe someday.

Then Hilton went around the yard where we had piles of trees we had cut and others had fallen.  Also the previous owner had left two large piles of tree limbs and other debris.  That has all been moved into a really large pile to be burned.  Even found where they had thrown a mattress and box spring into the wooded area.

We have great neighbors!

Also, gotta love that new mower, now that I have a lot more yard to mow.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finally..... every room furnished!

Cullman,  AL

Yea, all rooms furnished, that is except for the 26x26 finished basement.  Maybe someday.

Lots of readers have asked for pictures..... here they are.  What do you think?

Living Room..... all done but one end table is on back-order.

Dining room

Kitchen and Utility Room


Guest Room

2nd Bath

Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom..... not shown is the shower and walk-in closet

Now that the house is set up, we have lots to do outside.  We have been working out there at least a couple of hours a day.  We see slow progress.

Until next time