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Sunday, February 24, 2019

NOMADS..... People we've met, places we've gone.

Cullman,   AL

When we planned retirement we decided to sell our home in New Jersey, buy an RV and travel for a while.   Thus I began my research.    We joined the Escapees RV Club.  In the first issue we received of their magazine was an article about NOMADS by a now alumni Sue Keel.  I say that was a God Thing.   Even as a life time Methodist I had never heard of this organization and we were intrigued.  We joined sometime in 2018 or 2019.

For those who want to know more about NOMADS  go to    nomadsumc.org

We hit the road in February 2010.   In March we did our first project at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, TX. 

Later in the year we attended the annual meeting held in North Carolina where we were introduced to THE AUCTION.    What fun that can be.

After the meeting we served at Hinton Retreat Center in Hayesville, NC.  We didn't know that working on a roof three stories up was a no-no.   But the job got done!

We've worked 24 projects.   We've been to Mercedes, Tx three times;  The Boys Ranch in Gore, OK two times;  Decker United Methodist Church in Austin Tx 2 times and Dooly Campground in Vienna, Ga 3 times.

Some of the delightful people we've worked with:

August 2011   Camp Aldersgate in Rhode Island:

May 2012 at Camp Fontenalle in Nebraska

Decker UMC in Austin, TX

August 2012  Circle J Ranch, Ten Sleep,  WY

January 2011 -   Hope UMC in Tucson   AZ

July 2014  Birchwood Camp, Chugiak,   Alaksa

Camp Casowasco in Finger Lakes region of NY.   
There is quite a story behind this door.  Ask Brenda Forrest or Sheryl Travis

And Mercedes, TX

And our last project Dooly Campground

We've also served at Central Methodist in Fayette, MO;  Moss Point, MS;  Buckeye, AZ;  The Owl Center in Dubach, La and Camp Sumatanga in Gallant, AL

And now our time as active members comes to an end.   Health concerns have slowed us down.  But NOMADS will always be a part of our hearts as we transition to Alumnus.   We love the people we've met and the agencies that gave us the opportunity to serve.

As Bob Hope would say.....Thanks for the Memories

Monday, February 18, 2019

Back to Work

Vienna,  GA

Here we are.   Back at Dooly Campground for our 3rd time.  We are again pleased to lead and work with a great group of NOMADS for the next three weeks.

Both Leonard and I are a bit sore and exhausted from this first day of work.  The entire team put forth their finest efforts and we got a lot done already.

Today's work.   Beginning of taking out 3 windows to replace with doors.

Replacing Panel Boxes

Looking for supplies to

Wash blinds

And windows

Tomorrow is another day.

Until next time.