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Monday, March 31, 2014

Moved today.

Centerville,   TX

Today we started a new gate.   What a busy one it is.   They are just starting the drill so they are bringing in the equipment.    Trucks in and out all day.  Made the day fly for sure.

Yesterday I downloaded Carbonite changing my account from the other computer.   Now I can not get online.  (Now using my old Acer).    Geeks could not help over the phone.  THANKS GEEKS!   So tomorrow I have to take the computer to Conroe, TX to the closest Best Buy.  It is SEVENTY FIVE miles each way.    

I will stop in Huntsville TX at the Walmart for some groceries.   Only a small local grocery store here in Centerville.  There is a tiny laundromat in town.  Glad for that.    The Post Office accepts General Delivery.  So looks like this is "home" until June 5.

Happy April everyone.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Benbrook,  TX

This morning we decided to do a bit of touring.   Our selection was

What a great day for a bit of a walk.   Cool with a slight breeze.   This refuge encompasses over 3,600 acres of natural North Central Texas.  There are over 20 miles of nature trails.

This trail was about 1.5 miles and took us down to the water where we observed a flock of pelicans.

Did not see much other wildlife unless you count this beauty.

Along the path is this pavilion.  Does not look like it gets much use any more.

In the midst of the refuge is the nature center.

Inside are displays of various snakes, amphibians, turtles, fish native to the area.   Even this little  guy who came out of his box for a bite of lunch.

Behind the center was another short path which leads to limestone cliffs overlooking the merging of two streams.   Looking down gave me the promise of Spring.  I could see some greening of the trees and bushes.

Our next walk was about a half mile on a boardwalk over marsh area.  Due to lack of recent rain, no marshy spots at all.

Our last stop was to look at these fellows.

There were about 15 bison fenced in along with a Prairie Dog town.   A bison and his little friend who is in the foreground.

After the visit we stopped at Best Buy to see how the transferring of data from Toshiba to my new Dell is coming along.  Should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning.  

Seeing as we burned some calories with today's walk, what did we do?   Had lunch at Pizza Hut.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I am being challenged

Benbrook,  TX
Holiday Campground COE

I am now being FORCED to learn something new.     My old ACER computer runs on Windows XP.  Microsoft will no longer support XP effective April 8.  

The Toshiba I've had for the last 4 years or so I've given up on.   That thing has been a problem since day one.   Slow slow slow booting up.   Using my Verizon MIFI I can bring up my homepage on the Internet but get no further.

I can not even remember how many times I've had this piece of junk in the shop.   Every time someone works on it, it's worse.   The strange thing is I can connect to the Internet on other WIFI's okay, but not with my Verizon.    But even then it is slow.  

So I have been using the Acer for Internet connection.

Bottom line - time to open the wallet and get a new computer.

That I did yesterday.   Got me a Dell with Windows 8 and touch screen.   I am now in a learning curve.   Suggestion to everyone -  stay away.   I have little patience.    Please tell me it gets better.

So, do I take in the Toshiba and have Best Buy Geeks transfer data to the Dell or is it something I can do and save a few $$$$$.    Thinking I need to have them do it.   I am technically challenged.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Between assignments

Benbrook,  TX

Today was our last day of work up near Alliance Airport in Fort Worth.    We knew it was coming to an end last week watching equipment being removed from the site.

Knowing we were leaving today, yesterday I started making plans.   We were told a new assignment might come as soon as a few days or a week or two.   So I made reservations until Friday the 28th for

Our trip was just a few miles down I35 to I820.  The lake and campground is just 7 miles SW of I820.  A trip total of 37 miles.  

Most sites are well spread out but ours appear to be one of the best.   We are in a loop of just two pull through sites with a suitable distance between the two.  We haven't seen anyone over there yet.

We sit maybe 100 feet from the lake.

Once we got here and was talking to the camp host we decided to reserve for the full 14 days permitted at the same site.  That would bring us up to April 5.   This way we are assured we will not have to move to another site should the job not come through before then.   Certain sites can be reserved  on-line, this being one of them.   If we did not reserve, we would be taking our chances and would probably have to move to another site.     Should we leave early, we would get a refund for days not used less a $10.00 fee.

Cost here with the America the Beautiful Pass is just $14.00 a night.   The site is 50 amp with water.   Would be perfect if there was sewer.   We checked out the showers and I am just hoping there is not another real cold snap.  They are not heated.   Don't even like to think about getting a shower in 30 degree weather.

Once we got settled we had an early dinner at Cracker Barrel.  

Damp and chilly out today.   Hoping the weather warms as I really want to spend some time hiking and just sitting by the lake watching the ducks and geese.

Until next time....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Job Completed

Fort Worth, TX

This gate guard assignment will end tomorrow.   We've been here 5 weeks.   Our contact tells us that there will be another position available within two weeks.   That's okay with us!   We look forward to some time off.

At this time we do not know where we will be headed.  Could be in this area, could be in the Shreveport, LA area.   So I've made reservations at a COE (Corps of Engineers) park, just about 38 miles away.

We will be staying at Holiday Campground on Benbrook Lake just SW of Fort Worth.  I am surprised at how few sites were available for online booking.  Is it because people are really there or because they only allow limited sites to be booked online?  We find that is often the case.   Sometimes we book ahead, sometimes we just show up.

In  looking at the map, we are right on the lake front.  Wonderful!    We love COE parks.  I've booked for 6 days with the total cost only $84.00.  Gotta love the Federal Senior Pass giving us 50% off.

Should our assignment come up before our six days reservation is complete,  no worry.   We've enjoyed COE parks throughout the country and if we pay for a few extra days, it's still a bargain.   If the assignment is still not ready by next weekend we will book for some more days but head to Sulphur, Louisiana over the weekend.   Len's family is having a reunion on the 29th.   His cousin has a castle in Sulphur.  To see it just Google Sulphur, Louisiana castle.   I keep forgetting it's name  Something French,  But why not, it's in Louisiana.

Once our contact from Gate Guard Services shows up tomorrow to pick up their generator, water tank sewer system we head on out.

So looking forward to sitting by the lake, relaxing, going for some walks, going to bed before 2:30 am and most of all EATING OUT.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Fort Worth, Tx

The first question people ask when they find out we do not own a "house" but instead live and travel full time in an RV is,  "what do you do about mail"   That's an easy one.   We have a mail forwarding service in our state of domicile, South Dakota.   We call them, tell them where to send it and problem solved.  In this computer age, we don't get a lot of mail anyway.   The few bills we have, I pay online.

The next question will usually be "what area of the country do you like the most?"    Now that is a little harder to answer.   We have not found a place we do not like.  Really.  But as far as favorite locations I have two.

The western mountainous area of North Carolina.   In 2010 we did a volunteer NOMADS project in Hayesville.    There was so much to do in the area that included local performances of local musicians.  Places as diverse as a folk center where locals played their dulcimers and other such instruments.  Also, Friday nights in a nearby town where musicians and singers were standing on the street corners "jamming" and the local dance hall was chock full of bands taking turns performing good old country music.  An every Friday night event.

The scenery in this area is beyond beautiful.   The pace of life is relaxed.

Another area where we also volunteered and fell in love with is the east central area of Oklahoma.  We've been there in the Spring and in the Fall.   This area is also mountainous with several large lakes including our favorite Ten Killer Lake.

As much as we love this area, I would never settle there.  I don't plan to settle anywhere that it is recommended there be a tornado shelter.   But we do love it there and it calls us back.

As I think about my favorite parts of the country I notice common threads.  Mountains.   Mountains full of green trees.   Simple country living.    Good food, good people, slower pace of life.

Do you have a favorite area?   Where? and Why?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So tired and two questions

Fort Worth,  TX

Written when I need sleep....... 

As I related before, we were so glad to fall into a 13 hour day with Sunday's off at this Gate.   However, that changed effective Friday.   Now we are on a 24/7 schedule and I just can  not adjust my body to this.  Having the time change on Sunday was not a help either.

Last year Gate Guarding it was 24/7.  Len would go to bed around 7 pm, I would wake him around 2 am and then I would sleep until usually 7 or 8 am.    Wish I could find a way to sleep 7 or 8 hours but that hasn't happened in years.

Since Friday I've had very little sleep.  The longest was 4 hours.   Last night Leonard went to bed at 7 but could not sleep.  So at 9 he got up and I went in.   I was still awake at 4 this morning.    He would take naps between arrivals in his recliner.   I got up at 6:30.   Maybe 1.5 hours sleep.

Len took a couple of naps this afternoon.  I tried.  Would fall off for a few minutes and wake.

So here we are tonight.    He went to bed two hours ago.  I can hear him tossing and turning.   I have 5 more hours before I need to get him up.  Here is hoping when I do I drop off easily.  I am exhausted to the point of feeling nausea.

Looks like I need to get a new computer.    My older computer runs on XP.  That is the one I use to get online.   My newer Toshiba has been a problem since day one.  It runs on Windows 7.  Most of the time I can not get further than my homepage using my Verizon Mifi.   Usually not a problem when using a campground's or other WiFi.     Windows will no longer support XP effective April 8.

There goes the computer I rely on.     I've been thinking I need a lighter computer.  

So, fellow bloggers how do I get to sleep and what would you suggest in looking for a new computer?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who asked for this!

Fort Worth,  TX

Yesterday I was sooooooo smug.   Got close to 80 out.  Today?

Got up this morning to 31 and sleeting.  Then the temps started dropping.  Tonight it is expected to be 18.  Water to the rig is frozen.  Thankfully we still have some in the tank.

We made it to church.   Saw one truck off the road, turned sideways into a ditch and up against a tree.  Roads looking like this.

Following church we did the laundry over in Lake Worth.  Seems to be the only laundromat for miles around.  A rant here.......   The people that use this laundry are VERY possessive of the laundry carts.  I noticed it last week and it was evident again today.  Last week a lady came up and asked if I was using the laundry cart near me. I told her no.   But the woman next to me grabbed it and said it was hers.

Now, that woman had just come in and put her laundry to wash.  It would be at least 20 minutes before she needed the dang thing. But hold on to it she did.

I noticed every laundry cart in the place was taken.  Either by someone holding it for dear life, having their empty laundry basket in it or some such thing.   When it came time for me to put my clothes from the washer to the dryer I dare not ask to use one.  I shoved my wet clothes in my laundry bag  to not offend someone asking to use a cart.   Today  -  same thing.   Those that had a cart kept it close to their side.   Luckily there was a spare one available for my use.  What gives!?!  

Once the laundry was done we had a late lunch at Chilies.   On the 15 mile drive back to our site we saw two more cars turned around on the highway.   Thinking people here are not used to driving on ice and snow.

Ice?   Check out our wheels.

And my side running board.

Thick ice coating.

Sure wish we were parked inside the high fencing around the well.

Instead we sit just outside of it where the winds are whipping and more sleet coming down.

We are on a dead-end street.  Only two homes beyond the site.   One slick road!

My deepest apologies to family and friends up north who have really had a severe winter.  I'll get some cheese with my whine now.