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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Out in Bloom

 Cullman,  AL

Our 143rd Boondockers Welcome guests left yesterday.    Great folks.   It was a four day stay that ended too soon.    Some things are meant to be.    They are from Carlisle, PA.   The first day here, I told them we knew people from Carlisle.   Our former pastor and his wife from Plainville UMC in NJ were from there.   When I told them the last name, Carew, they could not believe it.   Pastor Carew married them 40 some years ago.   The pastor and his wife were good friends of the parents of the wife of his couple.   Amazing.   

Pastor Carew passed while serving our church in NJ.  His widow remained as our organist.  She was the organist when Len and I married.   I got our wedding album out to show them the pictures we have of her.   What a treat.

Our 144th guests will arrive later today but are only reserved one night.   Then on Tuesday our granddaughter Tiffany and family arrive in their RV and will be here until next Sunday.  Next Saturday granddaughters Charlotte and Abby arrive via train for their annual visit.   Good times ahead.

Keeping us busy is the yard.  

Magnolia trees in bloom

All kinds of blooms

Raspberry and Blackberry bushes starting to produce.

Still working to clear MORE brush to give to MORE grass to mow

It had been very dry here and the pond was down several feet.    

It rained, rained, winds blew and rained some more earlier this week.   It made for a full pond and good fishing for our recently stocked fish.

Biscuit is doing well.    Even if a bit bored.

He did give Len a lovely Fathers Day gift.

I don't know where he ever that the idea that Len ever picked up ANYTHING after him.  Never happened.

Until next time.   Here we are: