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Saturday, January 22, 2022

It's a bit cold for humans

 Cullman,  AL

First... several people have inquired as to Leonard's health.   Overall he is doing much better.   After the left shoulder replacement in October he could only get comfortable sleeping in his recliner.   And he was always COLD.   So cold that he kept the gas fireplace going until I felt I could pass out from the heat.  

Last night makes the 4th night he has slept in the bed.  He is not always cold and says he feels so much better rested in the mornings.

He continues Physical Therapy twice a week.   Not only for the shoulder that was operated on but also the other shoulder.   Now that the left side feels better, the right side is the one that hurts.   He went to UAB this past week and had a cortisone shot.   It has helped.   In addition, a few weeks ago his right knee felt like it was being stabbed.  This continued for 4 days.  He has had 4 surgeries on the knee, including a replacement.    Back to UAB yesterday.   They took X-rays of knee, hip and lower back.   Nothing showed up.   They also did blood work to see if there is an infection.  Waiting to hear.

Since he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension he has been on two very expensive mediations.   One has a cost of over $16,000 a month the other about $4,000.    UAB recommended two foundations that help with the co-pays.  Both accepted him the last two years.   His Prescription D paid all but about $3,000 a month on one and all but $142.50 a month of the other.   Two foundations picked up the difference.

We have received notice that the foundation for the cheaper med no longer has funds.  We are responsible for $142.50 a month.   We tried other foundations that were suggested and none of them have the funding.  We will pay the $142.50 a month    We were told we would be notified around the   21st or 22nd of January about the other foundation.    We have heard nothing.   But I am on a Web-site for people with PAH and almost every person dealing with that Foundation have been denied.   We don't expect to be any different.   

According to statements from Humana, for two months we will have to pay over $2,800. and then it drops to $595. a month.    Once we get the final notice, he will call the Cardiologists of UAB and get direction from them.

These Foundations receive funding from Corporations and private doners.  A sign of the times.

We are getting busy again with RVers.  We had several guests during December, unlike last year.  Lots of people travel with their dogs.   This was such fun.   Biscuit doesn't usually play.  He made exception with this new friend.   We had so much fun watching them.

Then a few days later, 2 Labs arrived.  As soon as they were let loose it was to the pond.   Don't they know it's cold.   Biscuit said no thanks.   

Woke this morning to 16 degrees.   First time since we've lived here we have some ice.

As I said it todays post title, a bit too cold for humans.    But not for Labrador Retrievers or ducks.....

We are expecting our 90th Boondockers Welcome guests in about a half hour.    We have 5 more reservations on our calendar.   

Until next time.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Welcome to 2022

 Cullman, AL

Will 2022 be any different than 2020?   2021?  See shall see.

What's the same.    

1.    Leonard still sleeping in the recliner due to recovering from left shoulder replacement.

2.    It is still a cold winter here in North Alabama.    

3.    Enjoying the various meats we have bought from Savory Butcher.   Still have mostly a full freezer.

4.    Still hosting Boondockers welcome guests.   Expecting number 88 on Monday and 89 on Tuesday.

5.    Still the Covid epidemic surrounds us.   

What's different

1.    Leonard's right shoulder hurts now that the left one is getting better.

2.    Had the most snow we've seen since we've moved here 5 years ago.


        Only lasted one day on the ground.

3.    For about 7 or 8 months we had been getting our meats from Savory Butcher out of Idaho. A semi         delivers to this area every other month.   The meat is sold in bulk.   We had bought 97/3 ground beef     twice, chicken tenders, chicken breasts, a selection of steaks, Italian sausage, kielbasa and pork             chops.   When we picked up our last order, we appeared to be the first in line.   The cars line up next     to the truck, tell them your name and they place your order in your vehicle.   We have dealt with the         same man each time.   He told us he had an extra box of steak bites and an extra box of Prime Ribs.       We took the Prime ribs.   I think he said the cost was $215.00.    There were four nice roasts in the         box.

 He said he would charge it to our account.   I've been checking the credit card and nothing has been charged.    Since I placed an order for more steaks and an order for bacon to be picked up in February, I planned on telling him then.

But.... yesterday I received a notice that due to circumstances beyond their control they are out of business effective January 6.  I am so disappointed, but I realize how impossible it would be to set a cost of the meat two months out.   So it appears that I will not be charged for the Prime Ribs.  Shucks, wish I got the box of steak bites too.   Glad the freezer is full.

4.    Boondockers situation changed too.  They are now part of Harvest Hosts and the web site is horrendous.    Way fix a good thing?     Last year we had no guests during the month of December.  This year there were Four.

5.    Covid situation.  Still here.  But the latest variant seems to be much less severe.  My younger daughter was very sick for two weeks with the Delta.  She was fully vaccinated.    In the last couple of weeks my older daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren were all down with the Omnicon variant.  Headaches, running nose, etc.    As well as were several nephews, nieces etc in Virginia.  All vaccinated.

We had a good Christmas.   Here is our "local" family here for dinner.   Son Lennie, DIL Lois, granddaughter Maddie and great-grandson Jordan.

Trust each of you readers had fabulous holidays and much happiness for the New Year.

Until next time....