Our Schedule

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Nothing to write home about.

 Cullman,  AL

Not much going on here.   Same old,  Same old.   Mow grass today, mow more tomorrow.  Wait two days, start over again.       Senior Center on Thursdays, dancing with friends on Friday nights.  Church and doctor appointments.     This is our life.

We desperately need rain here.  Pond is down about two feet.  Makes it easier for Biscuit to chase frogs.

Len pushed over three dead trees.   We cut up most of the wood.   I posted on the Local Marketplace Free wood, come pick it up.   A really nice young couple took up the offer.   I've had several replies since.  You snooze, you lose.     But this still leaves LOTS of small branches to clean up.  We've done a lot but lots more to pick up.  Our old backs can only do so much bending over a day, you know.

Len met with a back surgeon last week.  He will be having surgery on his back again.  It has to be coordinated with the high risk OR and his cardiologist.  Waiting to hear back.  

We are continuing with Boondockers Welcome.   But a lot less guests now.  April we were booked every day but two and often both sites were used.   We only had a few in May.  Our fifth June guest arrives today and another tomorrow.   Then our calendar is clear until July 4th.   

Once a host reaches 200 guests they are considered Hall of Fame Hosts and receive a sign.  We've hosted 248.   Our sign finally arrived last month.

We have two other signs on our property.   This one was stolen the day after we installed it.  They took and sign and post.   We replaced it on a fence post that is connected to a whole line of fence posts on the neighbors property.

We have another sign to hang.   It will be further up our driveway.   It is a Beagle Crossing sign and given to us by our friends Darlene and Jim.    It will be in place within a few days.

That's about it for now.   On Tuesday we take a quick trip to Louisiana and back the next day.  Will be bringing daughter Cassie back for a visit.   Along with her boyfriend and three-year-old son.  Then the next week we do the same trip in reverse, taking them home.   So four 600-mile rides in 9 days.  Oh my.

Until next time.