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Saturday, May 28, 2022

All around the Yard

 Cullman,  AL.

Not a heck of a lot going on here on our little homestead.

The raspberry and blackberry bushes we planted last fall are doing well.   After a lovely flowering display we now having berries forming.  

The ducks are fat and happy

After a few years of no garden, Len had a small patch plowed and we planted watermelon and cantaloupe.     Coming along nicely.

After a disastrous summer last year when we tried to grow veggies in our raised bed, we bought a composting bin.    We took much of the previous soil out of the bed, added the compost plus bags of new soil and manure.    Then we planted cucumber, pepper and tomato plants.   Also sprouting are lots of other stuff.   Cantaloupes?   Cucumbers?  Squash?   Thinking it is from the compost.   Waiting to see what we get.

They are not the only sprouts we are waiting for.    We are looking forward to Sprout Fiber Optics high speed Internet scheduled to go live in our area in June.     Can't wait.    We see them working on the lines and signs in front of houses in surrounding areas indicating they have Sprout.   Hope it will soon it be our turn.   YIPPEE!

We also restocked our pond last week.   This was necessary due to the fish kill from Algae last August.  We got 50 Blue Gill and 100 Catfish.   Little tiny things at this time.

We had to first place the bags of fish in the pond for 15 minutes to acclimate them to the temperature of the water.

Then they were released.

We are not sure how many are left as this fellow is a constant visitor.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Its been a busy few weeks.

 Cullman,  AL

Yes, we've been busy and have had some fun too.   

I love seeing the blooming plants.   This is one of my peonies.   I enjoyed it for only a day or two.  Then it rained and winds blew.   Following that, the petals were on the ground.   It did make for a pretty pink fluffy display.

Our raspberry and blackberry bushes we planted last fall are growing and spreading.  We will probably have blackberries this year.  Can't say the same for the blueberries.

A major problem here are the Carpenter bees.   It takes a sincere effort to get rid of them.   Those little critters can really move.   It was difficult to get a good shot.

But easy to capture the sawdust they leave.

And the damage they do,

We are still busy with Boondockers.   Number 130 just left, 131 will be leaving shortly.  I love this setup.   Even their pups enjoyed their short stay.

One of our recent guests took a lot of aerial pictures of our property.  I like this one especially.  

We had a special treat when our dear friends Darlene and Jim on their trip from Florida and Pennsylvania.   They pulled out yesterday morning.

They plan to return in October as they will be completely retired by then.  While here Jim helped Leonard set up a firepit for the RV area.

And he made good use of the little chain saw that daughter Terri and SIL Steve gave us.

Darlene did a lot of cooking while Jim helped Leonard around the property such of picking up branches, repairing the ramp to the lawnmower shed and repairs to a wooden bench.

We managed to have fun too.   We finally got them over to the Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia about 65 miles from us.  The Rattlesnake Saloon is built under cave.   Customers park and then are transported down a steep hill by a pickup truck that has benches built into the bed of the truck.  That, in itself, is an adventure.   Jim and Darlene preparing  for the ride down.

The Saloon.

We love this place.

Mothers Day Sunday we were treated to lunch at Sons Lennies and DIL Lois' house. Lennie makes the BEST burgers as Jim would tell you.

Three Moms.  Me, Lois and Darlene.

Dinner time.

After Darlene and Jim left yesterday I mowed the front yard and the RV areas prior to our current guests arrival.   Len decided to bush hog the area behind the RV sites and stain the picnic table we bought a few weeks ago.

Now we are quite proud of the RV area.   We provide electric, water, sewer, trash can, firepit with seating and firewood and a picnic table for our guests.    What more could one want?

Until next time.