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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

At a dangerous place...

Fort Worth,  TX

Yesterday the crew left early due to some issues with a pump, so we took a short ride.  We knew we are in a very dangerous area.   Not from these guys about a mile away:

They are corralled in a pasture.

But from this, only 2 miles away:

Oh no!    We found our way here.  

One thing we did not like about our new Cedar Creek was the tiny, narrow end "tables" on each side of the sleeper/sofa.    So yesterday Leonard dismantled them and made one table that is actually wide enough to put something one.  Looks pretty good to me.

Can you imagine how narrow a table 1/2 that width would be?  Useless!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Got some stuff done...

Fort Worth, Tx

It is so fine to have Sunday's off!    This morning we attended services at Dido United Methodist Church, about 17 miles from our job site.   We note that some churches are welcoming, others not so much.  We have been to a few where the people look at us and then look away.  Not a soul speaking to us.  Was this church ever different than that!    We almost felt attacked. (in a nice way)  Before and after service people rushed around us in welcome.   They really made our day.

Before the service the Pastor introduced herself and asked us to tell the congregation about NOMADS. www.nomadsumc.org      Always glad to oblige.  We took only 3 brochures in with us.  They went with a snap.  We had more in the truck and one woman walked out with us to get one.   Even in the parking lot people stopped to talk to us.  We will go back each Sunday as long as we are here.

After church we had laundry to do.  The closest laundromat was in Lake Worth.   Wish I had the camera with us.  I need to get pictures of this area.   Before we found the laundromat we found Applebees.  Enough said.

While I did the laundry Leonard went to the local Lowes.  We are moving the two small built in end tables on each side of the sofa and he will use the material to make one large one.   Those two little ones are good for nothing.  At least one double their size can hold a lamp, etc.  On our way to this site we went through a construction site.  (Made a wrong turn)   We damaged the PVC pipe Len pull under the rig to hold the sewer hoses.   New materials were also bought for that repair.

Len planned to get right to work on one of his projects when we got back to the site.   Sounded good until we got here.   Instead, guess it's time for a short nap.   Hey, tomorrow is another day.

Again, how great to have Sunday's off!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Could have slept in...

Fort Worth, TX

Here at this gate guard assignment we usually get up at 5 am.   At least Len does.

Traffic through the gate usually starts around 5:45.   Today, no one was here at 5:45, at 6:00, at 6:30, at 7:00.  We were getting concerned.  Finally the first person arrived around 7:40.   Apparently everyone but us knew they would be waiting for some equipment.   They could have told us.

This is our set-up.   The gate guard company supplies the generator, fuel, water and sewer system.  We supply the manpower checking people in and out the gate.

This is an easy enough way to earn some extra cash but today sure would have liked to have known we could have slept in!

But really not complaining.   This gate is a keeper.   Only 13 hour days and off on Sunday.   Compare that to 24 hour days and no days off as we did last year.  Same pay.    Does get boring however.  Leonard can sit in front to TV watching old Westerns all day.  I sleep, play on computer, read my Kindle, watch TV and start all over again.    Can only watch the same John Wayne or Gene Autry movie so many times.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Need a little help from my friends.....

Fort Worth, Tx

Yesterday we started our first day of gate guarding this year.   This is going to be such a easy gate.   Open at 6 am, close at 7 pm, Sunday off.    Not much traffic at all so far today and it's a little after noon.   Just 16 vehicles have been checked in and two came out.  

Thanks to those who made comments regarding their support of my closing the old blog and starting anew.
It was so many years ago that I started that blog it feels like losing at old friend.  Reminds me of my biggest mistake when disposing of possessions when we decided to fulltime.  

I had been keeping a diary since 1992.   I packed those books into a box and set them in our three season room for future storage.  One Saturday Leonard was going to the township dump.   Not really a dump as we used to know them.  More of a recycling/disposing center.    On a whim, I told him he might as well take that box of diaries and toss them.  It was not two hours later that I had much regret.   So often I think of them.   I had documented our life events from 1992 to 2010 and threw that document in the TRASH.   Births, deaths, good times, sad times, the very fabric of our lives, into the dump.  I have almost that same feeling as I close down theeastsheadwest.

As I stated, it was years ago that I started my blog.   So much I have forgotten in the make up of it.   For the life of me I can't figure out how to have the section which shows the pictures of the "followers" of the blog.

So ,,,, I need a little help from my friends.    

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Fort Worth, TX

I started my Blog www.theeastsheadwest.blogspot.com back in 2009 when Leonard and I first talked about traveling as Fulltime RVers.    That blog was mostly about our travels.  

Into our 5th year of living/traveling/working in our RV, our life has settled into it's own rhythms.  I find I no longer look on our life as one of sight-seeing and as a sort of vacation.   It has simply become "how we live". Hence, I've decided to change the direction of my blogging.  

Another reason for a new blog is that the old one picked up some type of "bug" and gives pop up ads, etc.  Quite annoying to say the least.    I've done what I can to change it but to no avail.  I GIVE UP!   I SURRENDER!   Just ain't happening.

Many will remember last year we worked 2 1/2 months in Huntsville, TX in the oil field as Gate Guards.  Most gate guard jobs are 24/7.    We started a new one today here a little north of Fort Worth.   To our delight we arrived to find the crew does not work Sundays and we are off.  (We still get paid!).  Also, we open the gate at 6 am and close it at 7 pm or when the last person leaves, always before 7.   And we get paid the same as when we worked 24/7.   Gotta love it.

Now, for what's on the Highway of my Mind today .... Patience.    I've been thinking that as I age I am becoming more patient.   Yesterday took a great deal.   We planned to leave Mercedes, TX by 7 am.  As we were hooking up the rig to the truck for the 550 mile drive, Leonard noticed we had a flat on the truck. Having never had a flat on this truck before, it became a new challenge on how to get the spare from under the truck bed.

He got out the tire changing tool bag and proceeded to attempt to jack down the tire.  It became evident that something was missing.  Another NOMAD we were working with also has a Ford Truck.  He brought over the 'key' from his truck that attached to the pole to lower the tire.  However, his key did not fit.  Each key is different for each truck.   As this was getting to be a lengthy process I called AAA.  At that point Leonard remembered where he put our key.  ZIPPO, key fit, tire removed, tire changed, AAA cancelled.

On the trip up I35 twice we were slowed to a crawl due to accidents ahead.  One looked to be dreadful. There laid a motorcycle up against the front wheel of a semi.   I said a prayer for the persons involved in this accident.

We decided we needed fuel.  Due to lots of construction, three times we attempted to pull off an exit for fuel to find the exit blocked.   Finally we got off a narrow exit and filled up.  A sweet man held up traffic behind us so Len could back out from the pumps.

As it was getting dark, I checked our GPS for a WalMart to overnight as we were not due here until 8 am today.  After a couple of false directions we found one but was in a congested area with loads of Saturday night traffic.  We turned where we thought was the wrong road into the parking lot but turned out to be the best way in.  After getting some groceries and obtaining permission from the Manager to stay, we walked back to the rig.  Along came a Patrol car.  The officer stopped to talk and said he would notify the other officers we there with permission.  As we left this morning, another officer drove by and told us they kept a lookout for our well being during.  NICE!

Yesterday gave us challenges.  Never once did either of us become frustrated.

We are still learning to take things one day at a time.  Some days our patience is tested.  Some times we fail, some times we pass.   As we travel these physical highways, the highway of my mind is a never ending challenge.