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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Got some stuff done...

Fort Worth, Tx

It is so fine to have Sunday's off!    This morning we attended services at Dido United Methodist Church, about 17 miles from our job site.   We note that some churches are welcoming, others not so much.  We have been to a few where the people look at us and then look away.  Not a soul speaking to us.  Was this church ever different than that!    We almost felt attacked. (in a nice way)  Before and after service people rushed around us in welcome.   They really made our day.

Before the service the Pastor introduced herself and asked us to tell the congregation about NOMADS. www.nomadsumc.org      Always glad to oblige.  We took only 3 brochures in with us.  They went with a snap.  We had more in the truck and one woman walked out with us to get one.   Even in the parking lot people stopped to talk to us.  We will go back each Sunday as long as we are here.

After church we had laundry to do.  The closest laundromat was in Lake Worth.   Wish I had the camera with us.  I need to get pictures of this area.   Before we found the laundromat we found Applebees.  Enough said.

While I did the laundry Leonard went to the local Lowes.  We are moving the two small built in end tables on each side of the sofa and he will use the material to make one large one.   Those two little ones are good for nothing.  At least one double their size can hold a lamp, etc.  On our way to this site we went through a construction site.  (Made a wrong turn)   We damaged the PVC pipe Len pull under the rig to hold the sewer hoses.   New materials were also bought for that repair.

Len planned to get right to work on one of his projects when we got back to the site.   Sounded good until we got here.   Instead, guess it's time for a short nap.   Hey, tomorrow is another day.

Again, how great to have Sunday's off!


  1. It is nice to have at least one day off a week.

    I would much rather attend a church like the one you did today than one where everyone ignores us. What is that all about anyway? Doesn't seem to be keeping in the Christian way of living.

  2. Glad you found a friendly church first pop.

    I well remember the feeling of disappointment when we were travelling and no-one acknowledged our presence. The worst one was a tiny congregation of less than 50 where I made a point of speaking to a couple of people. Then there was the church where they honoured me to the extent of seating me in the front row with the pastors.

    Clearly churches vary as much as individuals do.

    This job sounds like the perfect one.


  3. It's so true about churches. I find in bigger churches at least, some of the parishioners are not sure if you are visiting or just someone they haven't seen in awhile. Either way! The church we are attending here in FL is somewhat the same. No one says a word to us except the pastor, who says 'oh, it's the the forest people'..lol :-)

  4. The ones who choose to ignore people just don't realize what hypocrites they are sitting in a house of the lord and ignoring his followers. So happy to hear this is a really nice friendly church.