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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Fort Worth, TX

I started my Blog www.theeastsheadwest.blogspot.com back in 2009 when Leonard and I first talked about traveling as Fulltime RVers.    That blog was mostly about our travels.  

Into our 5th year of living/traveling/working in our RV, our life has settled into it's own rhythms.  I find I no longer look on our life as one of sight-seeing and as a sort of vacation.   It has simply become "how we live". Hence, I've decided to change the direction of my blogging.  

Another reason for a new blog is that the old one picked up some type of "bug" and gives pop up ads, etc.  Quite annoying to say the least.    I've done what I can to change it but to no avail.  I GIVE UP!   I SURRENDER!   Just ain't happening.

Many will remember last year we worked 2 1/2 months in Huntsville, TX in the oil field as Gate Guards.  Most gate guard jobs are 24/7.    We started a new one today here a little north of Fort Worth.   To our delight we arrived to find the crew does not work Sundays and we are off.  (We still get paid!).  Also, we open the gate at 6 am and close it at 7 pm or when the last person leaves, always before 7.   And we get paid the same as when we worked 24/7.   Gotta love it.

Now, for what's on the Highway of my Mind today .... Patience.    I've been thinking that as I age I am becoming more patient.   Yesterday took a great deal.   We planned to leave Mercedes, TX by 7 am.  As we were hooking up the rig to the truck for the 550 mile drive, Leonard noticed we had a flat on the truck. Having never had a flat on this truck before, it became a new challenge on how to get the spare from under the truck bed.

He got out the tire changing tool bag and proceeded to attempt to jack down the tire.  It became evident that something was missing.  Another NOMAD we were working with also has a Ford Truck.  He brought over the 'key' from his truck that attached to the pole to lower the tire.  However, his key did not fit.  Each key is different for each truck.   As this was getting to be a lengthy process I called AAA.  At that point Leonard remembered where he put our key.  ZIPPO, key fit, tire removed, tire changed, AAA cancelled.

On the trip up I35 twice we were slowed to a crawl due to accidents ahead.  One looked to be dreadful. There laid a motorcycle up against the front wheel of a semi.   I said a prayer for the persons involved in this accident.

We decided we needed fuel.  Due to lots of construction, three times we attempted to pull off an exit for fuel to find the exit blocked.   Finally we got off a narrow exit and filled up.  A sweet man held up traffic behind us so Len could back out from the pumps.

As it was getting dark, I checked our GPS for a WalMart to overnight as we were not due here until 8 am today.  After a couple of false directions we found one but was in a congested area with loads of Saturday night traffic.  We turned where we thought was the wrong road into the parking lot but turned out to be the best way in.  After getting some groceries and obtaining permission from the Manager to stay, we walked back to the rig.  Along came a Patrol car.  The officer stopped to talk and said he would notify the other officers we there with permission.  As we left this morning, another officer drove by and told us they kept a lookout for our well being during.  NICE!

Yesterday gave us challenges.  Never once did either of us become frustrated.

We are still learning to take things one day at a time.  Some days our patience is tested.  Some times we fail, some times we pass.   As we travel these physical highways, the highway of my mind is a never ending challenge.


  1. Glad you made it safe. I-35 is one of the busiest highways in Texas. I avoid it like a plague. You did get a great gate assignment. Makes me rethink our position about gate guarding.

  2. Congratulations on the gate post! You guys seem to get lucky with getting spots that are not southwest Texas. That'd be more to my liking. Glad you both kept your cool and arrived safe and sound. Enjoy!

  3. Ahh! This works better.

    Glad you arrived safely at your new post.

    Hope you have found a way to save your ol blog for your own pleasure. It has many wonderful an precious memories.


    1. Yes, still have the blog. Wishing I didn't have to change.

  4. Nice idea for a new blog. :) Yes, the old one had some kind of malware attached to it I think. I always checked it on my phone to avoid the problem.

    This gate guarding assignment sounds like a gem!! :) Glad you got such a great one.

  5. Hi Phyllis, I sure hope you put up a followers thingy on this blog so I can travel along with you!

  6. Much easier to comment :-) Great gig of a gate! Maybe I could talk George into one like that!

  7. How nice of them to look out for you two.

    So glad this job is a much better than the last one. Having a day off where you both can get out and enjoy the area is a real plus.

  8. Great assignment - can't beat that. I like your new blog and think you are headed in a positive direction.

  9. Very neat new blog - look forward to hearing more :) Our gate is not a hard gate, it is 24/7, but the busiest was only 15 trucks in a 24 hour period. We'll take it. We are hoping to be on this gate until May 15th or 20th...then we'll head back to Hondo, get cleaned up and head North :)

  10. This new job sounds a lot more employee friendly:)