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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Gotta keep him busy

Culman,  Al

Yup.... We (I) keep coming up with ideas of what needs to be done.  Len, who loves to work, always agrees.   This time it is a walkway from back porch step to the carport.

This is how it looked back there.

The area between the heat pump and the steps is where we keep the trash receptacles.   We first made a form for that area.

Then mixed the concrete.

Next step

One section done.

Forming the next section.

Life is so much easier with the tractor.    We bought a pallet of concrete mix at Lowes.  They loaded it into our enclosed utility trailer.  At home I would drive the tractor to the back of the trailer where Len would load 80 pound bags of concrete on to the pallet he built and put on the tractor.  Then I would drive the tractor up close to the mixer where two bags were loaded into the mixer.  Once mixed, I held a wheelbarrow under the mixer while Len tilted it.  Then I pushed wheelbarrow to dumping area.   We "sometimes" work well as a team.  Not always..  This time we did.

Here we are bringing fill dirt to the walkway forms. 

We have had much needed rain the last few days.  Once things dry, it's back to work on the walkway.

When complete I will think of something else.  Wait!  I already have.

Until next time.