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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On the Lake and visiting

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe
Willis, TX

Here on Lake Conroe, we are at one of the nicest parks in the system we have been to.

It sits on this beautiful lake

The sites are large

The pool opened last week  ....... this whimp does not go into an outside pool in March, even in Texas

Now, this would be luxury.  A poolside Cabana with TV and it's own fridge

Rental cabins near the lake

On Saturday we drove about 66 miles south where daughter D'Juana and her family live for a day of visiting.  As an added treat, Joe smoked ribs and brisket and D'Juana made her usual delicious meal.

Easter Sunday we were invited to Son-in-law Joe's brothers house in nearby Spring.

Leonard, granddaughter Lindsey, daughter D'Juana and son-in-law Joe:

Hosts Joel and Kim:

Ate too much but enjoyed every minute.  Thanks Kim and Joel for including us!

In the meantime, we are packing all we can for our move on Friday.  Stay tuned.....

Monday, March 21, 2016

Our New Home

Thousand Trails Lake Conroe
Willis, TX

Today we moved from Rainbows End in Livingston to this nice park in Willis, Tx.  Distance between the two is about 56 miles.  However, we took a detour 45 miles east to sign some papers.  After firming up a deal we drove 94 miles back to Willis.

Yup, we did it AGAIN.   We liked some things about the Cedar Creek but some aspects were a disappointment.   After looking at an Open Range floor plan that works for us, I spent days investigating.   We met Steve and Bevely at Hershey Preserve last summer.  They have an Open Range.   Talking to her she said they love it and no complaints.   Yesterday we knocked on the door of a rig parked in Rainbows End.  The lady came out and told us she absolutely loves their Open Range.

I went to several Internet sites asking folks to give me their thoughts on their Open Range.  Many said they have had minor issues but HIghland/Jayco has handled every one to their satisfaction.   Yes, last year the makers of Open Range, Highland was bought by Jayco.   We know Jayco RV's to be quality.   Unfortunately we have found every brand RV to have issues.  Even the very high end models that one would expect to be problem free.  Doesn't happen.

Another factor we considered is that Open Range comes with a full two year warranty.  Most others, only one year.

So...... today Let's Make a Deal.    We were quite pleased with the trade-in value of our Cedar Creek.   They gave us what we consider a fair price on the Open Range.   We upped our cost somewhat due to our preference:    a cover over the bathroom vent, slide toppers, a suitable rack added to the back bumper and most important different tires.  We do not want any China Bombs.  We prefer Hankook trailer tires.   Both sides agreed, papers signed, should be ready by next weekend.

The bedroom:

His and her closets.   Mine on the left, his on the right.

TV is above the dresser.

The bathroom:

The Kitchen.  Note living area beyond those open doors.

TV is above the fridge directly across from double cushion soda bed.

That center island is on wheels and movable.  They lock into place.

The storage behind TV in kitchen.

The Living Area.    French Doors close it off from the Kitchen area.   Another sleeper sofa.

This TV has immense storage shelves behind it also.

So that's it.   We done did it.  Our new home on wheels.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Moving to East Texas

Escapees Rainbows End
Livingston,   TX

Last Saturday we left this site at Bay Landing Thousand Trails in Bridgeport, Tx

It had been raining hard for three days causing the lake behind us to noticeably rise.  Some streets in the campground were flooded.

Regardless, we found the people at this campground to be welcoming and friendly.  Both Fridays there we went to their fish fry for dinner.

When we left on Saturday we left the rain behind and traveled about 310 miles to

We have been at this campground twice before back in 2010 and again in 2012.  We have a nice site that sits right on an intersection in the campground.  We sit outside and see all traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian (most walking their dogs) going by.  So much nicer than looking at the side of another rig.

Sunday we attended church and then made a grocery stop at the local H E B.  Monday we went into town to look at

We walked about looking at the various tombstones and memorials.

I find this interesting.   This man was born in 1850. He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.   The war was over in May 1965 making him 14 at its end.

Until next time....

Monday, March 14, 2016

Is this the best we have?

Rainbows End
Livingston, TX

Caution...... political

As a political junkie, I find I can no longer watch TV as I have for the last several years.  It knots my stomach, makes me feel hopeless.

These 4 top contenders are the best this country has to offer?

1.   A self-promoting reality star.   Changes policies stances on a daily basis.  Vulgar language.                 Insults thrown at abandon and then when reminded what he said he denies he ever said it.

2.    A proven liar.  Denies what she said to the family of slain heroes.   Considers the opposing                  political party her biggest enemy.  As this while she faces possible legal problems.

3.    A person who wants to further move this country to Socialism.  Presents a budget and programs         that would put us further in debt to be handed down to future generations.  Free is not free.

4.    A Senator who has been unable to work with all other Senators.  Since when is reaching a middle        ground, while maintaining your core principles, a bad thing?

Am I alone in feeling a sense of hopelessness?   Is this really the best we have?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Another OOPS! and moving on down the road

Bay Landing Thousand Trails Campground
Bridgeport, TX

February 29.....We arrived at a great COE park outside of Coleman, TX

When going to COE parks I make reservations on-line.  I look at the parks map and pick a site.  Only certain sites are reserve-able, most are rest first come, first served.  I found a full hook up site on the lake.  With our Golden Age Senior Pass it cost just $11.00 a night.   This is a huge park.  Entry road:

After going through the Entry gate, it was a two mile road to our site.   The entire drive we saw only one other site being used.   This park was over 80 sites.   When we got to the site, we saw it would be a tight fit.   We now know we should have simply selected another site and informed the Ranger.  But we thought possibly all the reserve-able full hook ups sites might be reserved.  We did not want to set up with the possibly of having to move.

I directed Lens backing in and also in the front as he had to pull up close to the hookups across from us.  I directed him around the hookups and was walking to the back to direct him further.  We sit high in the truck, he pulled forward a bit.  OOPS!

He hit the spigot on the site across from us knocking it off.    There is very limited Verizon signal in this park.  Could never get on Internet or make a call out.  However, we did manage to contact the Ranger Station.   Bottom line, they had to shut off the water out at the highway and then it was an easy repair. By the time they got everything set up, we had our own little lake.  The maintenance man was going to have to walk in 3 inches of water when Len offered his rubber boots which he immediately accepted.  They laughed it off.  They told us in the future if we see the site I booked on line is not suitable for our big rig, to pick a non-reserved and let the gate know.  We sure will.

Now for the branches.  Len asked if he could cut some branches down.  They had no problem with that.  They said a service came in and charged $22,000 to cut branches back but it did not take care of the whole problem.  We realized that on some roads we would not be able to pull rig down.  Before and after.

The lake in front of us.   Notice it is really down low.  I am thinking we might have helped fill it   some with our OOPS.  They should be grateful.

Our site

Sites are huge, with tables and grills.  The 3 days we were there we saw only 5 other sites being occupied.     Few people but lots of these:

Many ranches in Texas, both large and small, have entry gates and arches.  On the way to town we saw this one.   Cute!

We left yesterday and traveled 180 miles to

 This is another huge campground.  Long two mile drive from gate to our site.  More later......