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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gettysburg, Trains and Beyond

Gettysburg, PA

We are currently parked at

Our site is this header.  Plenty of surrounding room.

We've been at this Passport America campground two other times in the past few years.    Before we were fortunate that they honored the PA 50% discount our entire stay even though it says on the PA site it is good for only Monday-Thursday.  This time they adhered to their policy.  However, being Good Sam members we got a 10% discount for Saturday and Sunday.  Total cost for 7 days....$250.00

The campground is a favorite for horse owners with sites, stables and stalls.   The first time we were here we owned horses but did not trailer them over from South Jersey.  Instead, we took the battlefield tour on their horses.  Here is a group we saw this afternoon heading back to the campground.

Artillery Ridge is almost directly across from the battlefield.   Along with full hook sites, they give campers tickets for free admission to the Gettysburg Diorama and History Center, The Spirits of Gettysburg and The Lincoln Train Museum.   Today we toured this train museum.  Cost without our free tickets....$7.00/$5.00 seniors.

When you first enter you are directed to a hallway where Mr. Lincoln relates some American history.

Once inside, you view an video relating the journey of Mr. Lincoln's body from Washington to Philadelphia, to New York and on to Illinois where both the President and his son Willie are interred.

Then you enter a replica of the train and view another video where "President Lincoln" continues on with some history lessons and hopes for the future.  The train rumbles and moves to give you the feel of actually riding on a train.

There are several train displays in this museum.  I could not help but wonder if friends Tom Ayers, Sam Weible and Steve Singleton have visited here.  They really should.

This little museum had not only trains, but different collections apparently donated by some local collectors.   One was a large collection of pictures, personal letters from and mementos of several Presidents.

Also there was a collection of movie cowboy memorabilia.    Do you recognize these four?

After our tour, we had lunch at General Pickets Buffet.   It was so, so.  We've been there before but couldn't remember if we liked it.  Now we remember, it's not worth going back.

We've been though the battlefield many times, including taking the auto tour.  After lunch we took a short ride though parts again.

Viewing Little Round Top

Monument to New York Irish Brigade

Now two quizzes.

This is one of the most popular monuments at Gettysburg.  Can you name it?

This is not in Gettysburg.  Where is it?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A nap and a Lighthouse

Sea Pines RV Resort
Cape May Court House, NJ

Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head to Gettysburg, PA.  Time has passed while we have relaxed here at Sea Pines.

We've enjoyed camping next to my sister, Debbie.  We've enjoyed a few visits with our friends Gene and Kathy parked nearby.   On Thursday my cousin Mae, her son John and his wife came for a lovely visit along with my brother Norm and sister-in-law Nora.

To show you how relaxed Len has been, here he is with great-nephew Luke.

A few days ago Len and I decided to get out and about.  Being from this area most places are very familiar to me.  However, I've never visited one historic landmark in North Wildwood.

A life saving station was built here in 1849 followed by a larger one in 1871.  A few years later Congress authorized a full lighthouse which was completed in 1874.

In 1913 a storm destroyed the foundation.  At that time the lighthouse was moved 150 west to where it still sits.   The grounds and building were restored in 1998.  A light still shines from the tower.

The lighthouse is surrounded by gardens and walkways.

One walkway leads to a view of the inlet.

Access to the garden is free, admission to a 9 minute video and self-guided tour of the lighthouse is $5.00.  

A view of the inlet which leads to the Atlantic Ocean

The New Jersey State Police Marine unit next to the lighthouse property.

Today is another relaxing day.  Chili on the stove waiting for my sister to arrive from work.  Also camping with us this week is nephew JR, wife Vadra and great nephew Ryan.

Later we will be picking up, storing stuff and getting ready to pull out tomorrow morning.  Until next time.

Monday, July 20, 2015

I might be crotchety too.

Sea Pines RV Resort
Cape May Court House, NJ

One blog I follow is written by every one's go-to-person for information on birds is Judy of travels-with-emma.blogspot.com

Some days ago she wrote a blog regarding rudeness she encountered at a campground.  She wondered if she was getting to be a crotchety old lady.  In her case, not a chance.

It got me thinking.    I find myself getting impatient with certain behaviors.

Example:  While at the Disney complex a few weeks back, I could not help but notice how many people are tethered to their smart phones.   On the boat ride over from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom most adults and lots of kids were on the phones instead of enjoying the ride and scenery.

I was delighted when we struck up a conversation with one gentleman.  He was with his daughter who was 6 and a son who looked to be about 10.  The daughter sat next to her father.  The son sat about 10 feet away on a bench by himself.  He did not join in our conversation as the little girl did.   Instead he was playing on his smart phone.  The Dad noticed this and told him he was being rude being on the phone and to put it away or risk losing it.  In his pocket it went.   Good for you, Dad.

I became very aggravated when getting off the Small World ride.  Most people were walking briskly up the exit aisle, mostly single file.  However, directly in front of me was a woman who stopped very unexpectedly every few feet causing me to walk into her.  She was checking her smart phone.   Every time she stopped I was getting more aggravated.  She couldn't wait until she got to the end of the line and not hold up everyone behind her?   Apparently not.  I made my displeasure known.  Don't think she understood, not being English speaking.  But then again, maybe.  The young girl with her got the message.

Most every line, most every restaurant, most every crowded area where we were walking.... there the Smart Phone crowd was holding up the flow or communicating.  But not communicating with the people they were with, but checking out their phone.

Am I crotchety too or just behind the times.   BTW, when my great niece saw my phone a few months ago she was amazed at my "old fashion" phone.  It's a flip phone, not a Smart phone.  Sorry, to me a old fashioned phone has a dial you put your fingers in to rotate.  I'm a dinosaur.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thousand Trails ......Is it worth the cost?

Sea Pines TT Park
Cape May Court House, NJ

When we bought our 2015 Cedar Creek in August 2014 the dealer gave us a one year membership to Thousand Trails.  TT trails has different zones of which to choose.  We had planned on driving through California, Oregon and Washington on our way to Alaska last summer, so we selected the Northwest Zone.    However, our grandson graduated HS in Houston early June and we wanted to be there, leaving us less time for our drive to Alaska.   Scrap the Northwest trip.  We never used the free membership.  Didn't cost us anything, so no big deal.

Then TT offered us one year for $288.00 and we signed up.  We choose the northeast zone (NJ, PA, NY, MA, ME).  Under hte membership we had 30 free nights of camping then $3.00 a night for the rest.  But only that one zone. We could be in a park for 14 days, then had to leave for 7 before back for another 14, etc. etc.

So for 10 days before we left for Florida we stayed at the Hershey Preserve, only 7 miles from my daughters house.   While there we were approached (of course!!) to continue the membership and also upgrade.   Len wanted to buy in with an upgrade.  But a cooler head prevailed (mine).

We did sign up for 4 years at $425.00 a year but with two zones instead of one.  We choose Northeast again and Southeast (VA, NC, NC, FL, TN, AL, TX).    We are permitted to change zones one time.  Probably will in a few years when we finally tour the northwest.

So here we are at

We are close to Cape May and Avalon, NJ.  And only 40 miles from our doctors and financial planner.  This is good as Len has an appointment on Friday with his orthopedist for a possible knee replacement.  We also will meet on Friday with the Planner to review investments, etc.

This is a thickly wooden campground.  We have friends who summer here and wanted us to park near them.  The wife, Kathy, works here 4 days a week.  When we arrived, Gene met us at the gate and directed us to a site near theirs.   Try as Len might, there was no way we could get into that site due to trees and stumps.  Attempted another site in their area and that was worse.

My sister also has a membership and was arriving later that night.   After looking around we found a great site and she was able to park right behind us.

At this time we are scheduled for two weeks at a TT near Lancaster, PA and back here for two weeks surrounding Labor Day.  Our membership allows us to register no sooner than 60 days prior to arrival.  Most of the campgrounds in this zone close late October.  But we will get at least 3 more weeks in during October.

Next year we will take advantage of campgrounds in Texas, Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina and more time back in the northeast.   We will surely easily recoup our costs.   Yea, this limited membership is worth it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Last of Disney then Legoland

Monroeville, NJ
Four Seasons Campground

Finally back in the northeast.    But first.....

June 30...... We had moved to Central Park Campground in Haines City, FL.   Our site:

A Passport America affiliate.  The whole week for $115.50 with great pool and good laundry facilities.   Pool time.   Thunderstorms at night

July 1:    Camping World for an awning screen and Loews for a portable room air conditioner.   More pool time.  Thunderstorms at night.

July 2:   Down day.   Thunderstorms at night

July 3:   Disney Hollywood.   Charlotte joining the parade.

And meeting Mr. Potato Head

Thunderstorms at night.

July 4:    Hung around the campground.  Pool and thunderstorms at night.  Saw some fireworks in the distance

July 5:     Legoland during the day..

And both granddaughters joining in the dancing

That night we visited with dear friends Chris and Ginny Crowfoot who have a home nearby.  Thunderstorms while we were there.

July 6:   We planned on a return to Legoland, however we waited and waited for the RV tech to arrive to install a new air conditioner and repair one of the gray water valves.  Took longer than expected and were not done until mid afternoon.   That was ok...... girls went for another swim.  Then we had a visit from our friends Diane and Russ who moved to Florida a couple of years ago.  They were members of our church in NJ and we miss them dearly.   The visit was so good I forgot to take their picture.  

July 7:   Haines CIty to Walterboro SC.    371 miles/ Green Acres Campground

July 8:   Walterboro, SC to Emporia VA    344 miles / Yogi Bear Campground

July 9:   Emporia Va to Monroeville, NJ    294 miles/   Four Seasons Campground  And yes, some thunderstorms at night.

July 10:  Returned the girls to their proper owners

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Two more Disney Days

Haines City, Fl

Sunday, June 28:

This was our day for Epcot

Met many friends such as

Pluto, Minnie and everyones favorite:

We saw shows, took some educational rides and played some fun games.

It the evening it was Disney Downtown

Monday, June 29:

Back to Magic Kingdom.   For once we appreciated the rain as it brought to temps down to a livable 88.  It rained on and off the entire time we were there.  Lots of place to get out of heavy downpours and the light drizzle felt good.

That evening back at Fort Wilderness Campground was a fun night.  Hoop Dee Do Revue.  Lots of signing, performing and laughs.   Plus a great meal of salad, fried chicken, ribs, cornbread, corn, mac and cheese, Texas beans, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake.

I am very impressed with the Disney operation.  When we ate at Be Our Guest earlier in the week we told them of Charlotte's many allergies.  They sent the chef out to make suggestions and almost immediately Charlotte had a dairy, gluten, egg free lunch.  I was concerned about what she could eat at this venue.  I needed had worried.  A chef came to our table (without our asking) and said it had been noted that we had a child with us with allergies.  He told us what on the table she could eat -  only the ribs and beans.  The salad had cheese in it and the corn was buttered.   In no time at all she had 3 pieces of baked chicken, her own salad and corn minus the butter.  For dessert she had dairy free chocolate pudding and two chocolate chip cookies (wheat, egg and dairy free).

June 30:

Time to leave the Disney complex.  We traveled 23 miles to Haines City.  We expected our A/C to be fixed that day.  Some how we misunderstood when they told us the work was scheduled for TUESDAY.  We thought this Tuesday.  Nope NEXT Tuesday.  We told them we were leaving the area next Tuesday, so they scheduled us for Monday.  I am thinking Len should have said he were leaving THIS WEDNESDAY.

It was unbearable in here yesterday.  So today instead of our planned day at Legoland we went to Camping World and got an awning screen then to Loews and bought one of those portable a/c units.  Now this was a challenge.  These things are not suitable for RV Windows.   In was larger than we thought it would be.  So we have to place in by the TV but now we can't open the sofa bed.  So, one girl will have a sleep on the closed sofa and two on the floor.  We have the hose out the window and towels placed to keep hot air the bugs out.   This is a $300. expense we really won't need to a few days but its helping some now.  But not a whole lot.