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Monday, July 20, 2015

I might be crotchety too.

Sea Pines RV Resort
Cape May Court House, NJ

One blog I follow is written by every one's go-to-person for information on birds is Judy of travels-with-emma.blogspot.com

Some days ago she wrote a blog regarding rudeness she encountered at a campground.  She wondered if she was getting to be a crotchety old lady.  In her case, not a chance.

It got me thinking.    I find myself getting impatient with certain behaviors.

Example:  While at the Disney complex a few weeks back, I could not help but notice how many people are tethered to their smart phones.   On the boat ride over from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom most adults and lots of kids were on the phones instead of enjoying the ride and scenery.

I was delighted when we struck up a conversation with one gentleman.  He was with his daughter who was 6 and a son who looked to be about 10.  The daughter sat next to her father.  The son sat about 10 feet away on a bench by himself.  He did not join in our conversation as the little girl did.   Instead he was playing on his smart phone.  The Dad noticed this and told him he was being rude being on the phone and to put it away or risk losing it.  In his pocket it went.   Good for you, Dad.

I became very aggravated when getting off the Small World ride.  Most people were walking briskly up the exit aisle, mostly single file.  However, directly in front of me was a woman who stopped very unexpectedly every few feet causing me to walk into her.  She was checking her smart phone.   Every time she stopped I was getting more aggravated.  She couldn't wait until she got to the end of the line and not hold up everyone behind her?   Apparently not.  I made my displeasure known.  Don't think she understood, not being English speaking.  But then again, maybe.  The young girl with her got the message.

Most every line, most every restaurant, most every crowded area where we were walking.... there the Smart Phone crowd was holding up the flow or communicating.  But not communicating with the people they were with, but checking out their phone.

Am I crotchety too or just behind the times.   BTW, when my great niece saw my phone a few months ago she was amazed at my "old fashion" phone.  It's a flip phone, not a Smart phone.  Sorry, to me a old fashioned phone has a dial you put your fingers in to rotate.  I'm a dinosaur.


  1. We both have smart phones, which we use frequently. I have to admit that our noses are stuck in it way too often. I try not to be stuck to it in public however. I'm with you, it's become the addiction these days!

  2. not crochety at all. I feel exactly the same way....people of al l ages have become very rude because of these phones....your in the supermarket and someone will stop dead in the middle of the aisle to talk on their phone, they dont care that they are inconveniecing (sp) everyone else. try being a server, people wont get off phone to order but get mad if you walk away....well I could go on and on, but you have experienced the same things.

  3. Don't get me started on these rude people and their phones. I would love to grab it and stomp the crap out of the darn thing.

  4. Take their devices away from them and I think you will find that are just as rude. Rudeness is the result of parents not teaching basic manners to their children. These people are untrained in values, morals or manners. It is just the steady down turn of our civilization because we have removed God from it. But I have Hope...