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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gettysburg, Trains and Beyond

Gettysburg, PA

We are currently parked at

Our site is this header.  Plenty of surrounding room.

We've been at this Passport America campground two other times in the past few years.    Before we were fortunate that they honored the PA 50% discount our entire stay even though it says on the PA site it is good for only Monday-Thursday.  This time they adhered to their policy.  However, being Good Sam members we got a 10% discount for Saturday and Sunday.  Total cost for 7 days....$250.00

The campground is a favorite for horse owners with sites, stables and stalls.   The first time we were here we owned horses but did not trailer them over from South Jersey.  Instead, we took the battlefield tour on their horses.  Here is a group we saw this afternoon heading back to the campground.

Artillery Ridge is almost directly across from the battlefield.   Along with full hook sites, they give campers tickets for free admission to the Gettysburg Diorama and History Center, The Spirits of Gettysburg and The Lincoln Train Museum.   Today we toured this train museum.  Cost without our free tickets....$7.00/$5.00 seniors.

When you first enter you are directed to a hallway where Mr. Lincoln relates some American history.

Once inside, you view an video relating the journey of Mr. Lincoln's body from Washington to Philadelphia, to New York and on to Illinois where both the President and his son Willie are interred.

Then you enter a replica of the train and view another video where "President Lincoln" continues on with some history lessons and hopes for the future.  The train rumbles and moves to give you the feel of actually riding on a train.

There are several train displays in this museum.  I could not help but wonder if friends Tom Ayers, Sam Weible and Steve Singleton have visited here.  They really should.

This little museum had not only trains, but different collections apparently donated by some local collectors.   One was a large collection of pictures, personal letters from and mementos of several Presidents.

Also there was a collection of movie cowboy memorabilia.    Do you recognize these four?

After our tour, we had lunch at General Pickets Buffet.   It was so, so.  We've been there before but couldn't remember if we liked it.  Now we remember, it's not worth going back.

We've been though the battlefield many times, including taking the auto tour.  After lunch we took a short ride though parts again.

Viewing Little Round Top

Monument to New York Irish Brigade

Now two quizzes.

This is one of the most popular monuments at Gettysburg.  Can you name it?

This is not in Gettysburg.  Where is it?


  1. Looks like that last photo might have been taken in Hershey, eh? We - especially Dave - really enjoyed our tour of Gettysburg. We purchased the audio tour CD and spent the better part of two days driving and walking the park.

  2. Hershey for sure, but I don't know the other one.

  3. I want to go here so badly. Thanks for the heads up on the campground. Sounds like a great place to stay,

  4. Gettysburg is a. very moving place.

  5. Just love Gettysburg too. Never have camped there yet, but will eventually. For sure knew the Hershey Kiss lights, I have seen everything in Gettysburg and that rotunda is on the tip of my tongue!

  6. We all seem to know the Hershey picture LOL but I don't think I know for sure about the other one.