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Saturday, July 25, 2015

A nap and a Lighthouse

Sea Pines RV Resort
Cape May Court House, NJ

Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head to Gettysburg, PA.  Time has passed while we have relaxed here at Sea Pines.

We've enjoyed camping next to my sister, Debbie.  We've enjoyed a few visits with our friends Gene and Kathy parked nearby.   On Thursday my cousin Mae, her son John and his wife came for a lovely visit along with my brother Norm and sister-in-law Nora.

To show you how relaxed Len has been, here he is with great-nephew Luke.

A few days ago Len and I decided to get out and about.  Being from this area most places are very familiar to me.  However, I've never visited one historic landmark in North Wildwood.

A life saving station was built here in 1849 followed by a larger one in 1871.  A few years later Congress authorized a full lighthouse which was completed in 1874.

In 1913 a storm destroyed the foundation.  At that time the lighthouse was moved 150 west to where it still sits.   The grounds and building were restored in 1998.  A light still shines from the tower.

The lighthouse is surrounded by gardens and walkways.

One walkway leads to a view of the inlet.

Access to the garden is free, admission to a 9 minute video and self-guided tour of the lighthouse is $5.00.  

A view of the inlet which leads to the Atlantic Ocean

The New Jersey State Police Marine unit next to the lighthouse property.

Today is another relaxing day.  Chili on the stove waiting for my sister to arrive from work.  Also camping with us this week is nephew JR, wife Vadra and great nephew Ryan.

Later we will be picking up, storing stuff and getting ready to pull out tomorrow morning.  Until next time.


  1. No matter where we have spent a lot of time, it seems there is always something we haven't seen.

  2. nice pics... Dee is in pa too...seems the three of us keepp criss crossing each other.

  3. North Wildwood is beautiful. I love visiting lighthouses.

    Great photo of Len. Glad you had a little down time.

  4. Cape May is one of our all-time favorite places. Glad you're getting some down time.

  5. Gave me great memories of Cape May. Love the Victorian style homes there. Glad Len is feeling better again, cute picture!

  6. What a great place, gardens look lovely for a stroll and of course the sea is amazing always.

  7. I love the Hereford light house and gardens. I have been there many times. When I was 14, my family rented a house just down from the light. At the time, it was part of the Coast Guard Station. It has changed a lot since then. No condos, no gardens, no walkways next to the inlet. Lots of dunes and not many houses.