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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Answers - How many did you know?

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

 Answers to Quiz One

1.    One of the many lighthouses in Narragansett Bay, Newport, Rhode Island

2.   Perhaps the easiest one.   Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park.

3.     William J.Clinton Presidential Library,  Little Rock, Arkansas

4.   House Wyatt Earp lived in.  Tombstone, Arizona

5.   Chicken,  Alaska

6.   Petrified Forest,   NE Arizona

7.  Oklahoma City National Memorial

8,    John Wayne Birthplace,  Winterset,  Iowa

9.   Needles Highway, Custer State Park,  South Dakota.   This tunnel is 8'4" wide.   Our dually truck is 8'.   SLOW drive through.

10.  USS Alabama,  Mobile,  Al.

11.   Andersonville National Historic Site,  near Andersonville, Georgia.   A prisoner-of-war camp for Confederate Soldiers.

12.   Little Bighorn Battlefield,  Garryowen, Montana.   Each marker indicates where a soldier fell.  The one with black markings is the spot where Gen, Custer died.   He was later interred at West Point

13.  Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.   Home of the Blue Angels.

14.  The Enchanted Highway.   Scrap metal sculptures sitting along a 32 mile stretch in highway in SW, North Dakota.  

15.  Biloxi, Mississippi

16.   One of the Bridges of Madison County,  Iowa.   Perhaps the most famous thanks to Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood.

17.   Boys Town, Omaha, Nebraska

How well did you do?   Tell me which ones you recognized.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quiz - Can you name these places?

Upper Deerfield, NJ

Traveling the country we get to see such variety of sites and sights.   How many of these do you recognize?


















How you do?    Oh, don't try to guess where that header picture was taken.   Not in USA, try Scotland.

Answers next blog..

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're still kicking

Upper Deerfield Twp.  NJ

Our time here in NJ is winding down.   Daughter has settlement on new house Nov 14.  Relocation company provides the movers, etc.   Looks like they will be packing up here for two days, then two days to unpack up in PA.

There have been 4 showings of this house.  That's pretty good for being listed just 11 days.  Hoping it sells in a reasonable amount of time.

We continue to stay at the house while Terri and her hubby live in a B&B close to her new job.  They return here Friday nights and back to PA Sunday afternoons.   Lots of sorting and deciding what to keep and what goes.   I have started packing up stuff of ours they have been using but don't want to take with them.    It will go in our utility trailer we will park at the other daughters in MD until such time we go off the road.

On November 15 we take our fifth-wheel up to Lancaster County, Pa until December 1.  It's not easy finding a suitable campground in the northeast during the cold months.   We joined Thousand Trails for a year following the free year we received from the dealer where we bought our 2014 Cedar Creek.   TT was having a special of $289. for the year.   Problem is, most campgrounds near where we want close in Oct.   The one within reasonable distance from Terri will only be open weekends.   Since I choose the Northeast Zone, we will be using it next year both near Terri and down on the Jersey shore.

The campground I found for the 16 days between Nov 15 and Dec 1 is  39 miles from Terri and 60 miles from daughter Amy.   All other campgrounds were either closed, too far away, way too expensive or the water would be shut off.    This will have to do.   www.floryscamping.com

As far as our medical situations.   Len had the staples removed from his back and told to do whatever he wants within reason.   Just needs to listen to his back.  He's been doing a lot of projects around here.  That makes him happy.    I am quite well.  I tire easy some days.   Other than that, life is good.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Leonard and spinal stenosis

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Here we sit.   We are currently "house sitting" for daughter Terri as she started her new job 2 hours away.   What a beautiful house she is buying in PA.  Google:    535 S. Mill Street, Lebanon, PA.  and choose the one with the slide slow (the realtor's name is Molly).  It once was a grist mill.

Her house here in NJ is listed for sale and we will be here until it sells or Dec 1, which ever comes first.   Currently we are care takers for her 3 cats and one dog.    As least until we leave or Terri and her hubby move into their new house.  Our RV is parked at our friends house about a mile away.

When I say SIT -  how true that is.    Leonard had been suffering with a bad back for many years.  He was told 20 years ago to get surgery or he would be in a wheelchair in 5 years.  We got a 2nd opinion.  That 2nd doctor said not yet but Leonard would know when he really needed surgery.   The last few months, Leonard knew.

Pain radiated down his legs.   Was having trouble walking.   Feet had a constant tingling sensation. We met with a surgeon last Tuesday at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.    After reviewing Len's MRI, he told him now is the time.   While we were there, they got a call for a cancellation at the OR for Friday.    Would that be too soon?  Not at all.

So on Friday they performed the surgery to remove bone growth from around the nerves causing pain from the spine.    He was released Sunday.  Since then he has slept the greater part of each day.   But I can see improvement each day also.

Next on the agenda, he needs to get his shoulders examined.   Pain in both making it difficult to get comfortable.    One thing at a time.

As for me after the stroke,  I am more sure on my feet but I tire easily.   I have him to tend to which forces me to be more active.   That is not a bad thing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Letting go can be hard.....

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

In 1992 Leonard and I bought my idea of a dream house here in Southern New Jersey.

The original part of this old farmhouse was built in 1850.   An addition was added about 15 years prior of our purchase.    My daughter Amy researched the history of the house and we know who owned the property back in 1820, the cost and the parcels of land that were sold off through the years.

A few years after we moved in we had to replace the roof.   The roof was the original cedar shakes arranged on slats and later covered with shingles.   Everything had to be removed and we then covered with plywood and new shingles.

A few years later we covered the original cedar siding with vinyl.  The task of constant painting was getting to us.   We also changed out the old drafty windows with new dual pane ones that tilt in for easy cleaning.

We made other additions and changes over time.    The original house was one story in the area under the large 2nd story window.  When we put on the roof, we added a small den/office area as we only needed to add two walls and flooring.

Our next addition was this 3-season room.

When we bought the house there were ugly metal pillars on the front steps.  We changed them out to something more in keeping with the house.

Then we build this deck.    Note: The single story part of the house is the addition built prior to our purchase.  It is one large great room and a 2nd bathroom.

Len's favorite addition.    His work shop.   

We also put in a fishpond and added a bridge.

This we did not build.   In researching, we discovered these outhouses were prefabricated and installed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) back in the 1930's.   They would come to the farms with concrete slabs already made, the walls, the seat, and the roof and them assemble it.   On one corner the side was been chewed down in several areas.   Attached is old electrical fence connectors.  Guessing the chewing was done by horses.  Can you see the wavy corners on the right side?   This might be considered the THIRD bathroom?

We built a garden shed and barn with tack room for when we had horses. Garden shed on left, barn and stables in back:

The house is surrounded by a nursery on all four sides.  

When we started fulltiming in 2010, my daughter Terri decided she wanted to buy the house.  This well suited us as it gave us a place to park when we came back to NJ.

Why am I writing this?  Terri has started a new job two hours away in PA.  The opportunity she was presented in this new job is more than she wanted to turn down.  I can't blame her.   So now this house will be sold   The relocation company handles everything on the sale.  Tomorrow they are coming to "stage" the inside and take pictures. (Can't wait to see what they do.  I'll take pictures if I can) Then the sale sign goes up.

We have moved from "Camp Driveway"  but still in the area about 1 mile away parked in the yard of friends who also have a house for sale and have moved on.

Our last pullout and with tears in my eyes, 

 But for all of us, life brings constant changes and new challenges.