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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Leonard and spinal stenosis

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Here we sit.   We are currently "house sitting" for daughter Terri as she started her new job 2 hours away.   What a beautiful house she is buying in PA.  Google:    535 S. Mill Street, Lebanon, PA.  and choose the one with the slide slow (the realtor's name is Molly).  It once was a grist mill.

Her house here in NJ is listed for sale and we will be here until it sells or Dec 1, which ever comes first.   Currently we are care takers for her 3 cats and one dog.    As least until we leave or Terri and her hubby move into their new house.  Our RV is parked at our friends house about a mile away.

When I say SIT -  how true that is.    Leonard had been suffering with a bad back for many years.  He was told 20 years ago to get surgery or he would be in a wheelchair in 5 years.  We got a 2nd opinion.  That 2nd doctor said not yet but Leonard would know when he really needed surgery.   The last few months, Leonard knew.

Pain radiated down his legs.   Was having trouble walking.   Feet had a constant tingling sensation. We met with a surgeon last Tuesday at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.    After reviewing Len's MRI, he told him now is the time.   While we were there, they got a call for a cancellation at the OR for Friday.    Would that be too soon?  Not at all.

So on Friday they performed the surgery to remove bone growth from around the nerves causing pain from the spine.    He was released Sunday.  Since then he has slept the greater part of each day.   But I can see improvement each day also.

Next on the agenda, he needs to get his shoulders examined.   Pain in both making it difficult to get comfortable.    One thing at a time.

As for me after the stroke,  I am more sure on my feet but I tire easily.   I have him to tend to which forces me to be more active.   That is not a bad thing.


  1. I am so glad Leonard could get in so fast. Paul and I both have had spinal fusion, and it take a few months to get the strength back. Sleep is good for his body to heal.

    Listen, girlfriend. I know you are taking excellent care of Leonard but remember to take care of you also!

  2. So glad Leonard was able to get in as quickly as he did. Our pray is that this surgery will eliminate his pain and get him on his feet and moving comfortably once again.
    So happy to hear you are improving daily!!! As Paul and Marsha said...take care of yourself as well.
    You guys take care!!

  3. I too am glad that Leonard was able to get that taken care of sooner than later. Yes you have to take care of Leonard, but make sure to take breaks. I'm one to talk! :) We're you able to get your RV moved yet?

  4. Glad to hear things are slowly improving...praying for a full and quick recovery for you both!

  5. Wishing Len a speedy recovery and now you can look after him. Maybe it is a good thing for you . Wishing you both good health

  6. Our prayers for Leonard's quick recovery.