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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're still kicking

Upper Deerfield Twp.  NJ

Our time here in NJ is winding down.   Daughter has settlement on new house Nov 14.  Relocation company provides the movers, etc.   Looks like they will be packing up here for two days, then two days to unpack up in PA.

There have been 4 showings of this house.  That's pretty good for being listed just 11 days.  Hoping it sells in a reasonable amount of time.

We continue to stay at the house while Terri and her hubby live in a B&B close to her new job.  They return here Friday nights and back to PA Sunday afternoons.   Lots of sorting and deciding what to keep and what goes.   I have started packing up stuff of ours they have been using but don't want to take with them.    It will go in our utility trailer we will park at the other daughters in MD until such time we go off the road.

On November 15 we take our fifth-wheel up to Lancaster County, Pa until December 1.  It's not easy finding a suitable campground in the northeast during the cold months.   We joined Thousand Trails for a year following the free year we received from the dealer where we bought our 2014 Cedar Creek.   TT was having a special of $289. for the year.   Problem is, most campgrounds near where we want close in Oct.   The one within reasonable distance from Terri will only be open weekends.   Since I choose the Northeast Zone, we will be using it next year both near Terri and down on the Jersey shore.

The campground I found for the 16 days between Nov 15 and Dec 1 is  39 miles from Terri and 60 miles from daughter Amy.   All other campgrounds were either closed, too far away, way too expensive or the water would be shut off.    This will have to do.   www.floryscamping.com

As far as our medical situations.   Len had the staples removed from his back and told to do whatever he wants within reason.   Just needs to listen to his back.  He's been doing a lot of projects around here.  That makes him happy.    I am quite well.  I tire easy some days.   Other than that, life is good.


  1. Glad things are going well as can be expected. There is another campground called Pinch Pond that is open year round in that area. Other RV friends stay there while they're still working before going full-time. I'm sure Terri's house will sell quickly. Sure love her new one!

  2. I don't envy you staying up north that late. Hope the campground is a good one for you.

  3. Florys was one of the places I was considering renting a cottage for a solo weekend getaway at some point this Fall. We obviously know what happened to those plans! Glad you both are on the upswing and that you found a place to land. Hope you like Florys. Thinking about you both, as always.

  4. Things are moving right along. Busy time moving and finding places to stay. Good to hear Len is doing so well already, and you are feeling better too. Stay well and don't either of you over due things.

  5. Nice header photo.
    Glad to hear the good news about you and Len. Hope the weather holds out until you can get out of there.

  6. I hear ya about finding open campgrounds in the Northeast. We were at one in Eastern New York when it closed and we boondocked the last day we were there. We are now at Circle CJ Campground and RV park in Bellingham, MA and have been told that it may be only open RV park in the state!