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Saturday, March 21, 2020

These trying times

Cullman, AL

Talk about trying.... I just spent at least 45 minutes on this blog.  I was getting ready to post when my left pinky finger hit a key and wiped out all that I wrote.   Well, here I go again with what I can remember.  No, first I have to go sit down and collect my thoughts.

Okay after an hour or so I'm back.   As I was saying....

Last month Len told me he was having trouble reading.  We were in the car (him driving) and he said he could not read some road signs nor license numbers that were right in front of him.   Needless to say I took over all driving until he got new glasses.

We went to the eye clinic he uses.   I have to say, I was impressed with the doctor.  He said Len had cataracts on both eyes and not to buy glasses now.  Wait until after surgery and then determine what he needs.  Might only be cheap readers for reading.

On March 2 he had the left eye done.  On March 16 the right eye.   Simple procedures.  We returned to the eye doctor after each surgery and was told all looked good.   We are glad it was done at this time as the day after this last surgery all elective surgery has been stopped.   He had a follow up appointment scheduled for two weeks out.   They called and moved to it back another two weeks. 

Two NOMADS couples who we have volunteered with in the past are working at nearby Camp Sumatanga.   We invited them for lunch on March 13.   Here are Kathy and Bill Waters and Billie and Lon LaBumbard.

Kathy and Bill live in North Carolina, Billie and Lon are from Wisconsin. 

Due to the age of most NOMADS volunteers, projects starting March 30 and for the next 6 weeks have been cancelled.    I thought this would be occurring.  Not only are they in that age group but many also have underlying health issues.   

At least 45 years ago when I attended a small church in NJ there was a young couple living next to, and attending, the church     They moved the New York state some years later.   Then retired to Florida.   We always kept in touch.   These were very special people.  Their abiding love for each other, their families and friends and their Lord were an inspiration to all who knew them.

This is Ginny and Chris Crowfoot.  The picture was taken in July 2015 when we visited them in Florida.

In September Chris suffered a major stroke.  From that time he was back and forth between hospitalization to rehabs.   There would be improvement, then a set back.   It would look like he would be released to return home and another set back.   Ginny was his greatest cheerleader.    Ginny and I texted back and forth on March 16 and from her text I knew.    On March 17, Chris' heart gave out.   As Ginny said, He is happy again.

He is being buried at the small church in NJ.   Because of the current virus situation they plan just a simple grave side service.    It was to be held this weekend.   I got a message from Ginny yesterday.  Florida will not release him at this time.   In her usual humor she told me this is just like Chris.... to be late for his own funeral.   I laughed out loud.    God Bless Ginny and their remarkable children and grandchildren.   God has blessed me too.  Just knowing this couple has brought joy to my life.

Today is the first day since Tuesday that Leonard has not worn his PJs all day.  He went to town this morning and got gas for the mower and diesel for the tractor.   I have weed whacked around the pond.  Also pulled brush from our side of the creek that runs along the property.   We have had a lot of rain.  When (if) it finally dries a bit I will get on the mower again.   Len plans of getting on the tractor so I can load brush for the burn pile.   He is able to take his Inogen One with him on the tractor.   He is anxious to do something more than sit in his recliner watching westerns and napping.  Even then, activity has to be a little at a time.

We are sticking close to home.  Daughter-in-law Lois texted a few days ago asking if we needed anything.   Since she and son Lennie were going to the market I asked her to pick up 2 prescriptions and a few groceries.    We have a chest  freezer full of meats.   Plenty of soups, beans etc by the case on racks in the basement.   We purchase canned goods by the case whenever we are in Hanover, PA.   And no, we don't need toilet paper at this time.  Thankfully.

I wish each of you good health, patience and faith..  We will get though this.

Until next time.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Signs of Spring

Cullman,  AL

It's finally arriving.  Spring to North Alabama.   

Today was a mild day so time to get outside and get to work.    We have a small creek that is the property line of one side of our property.    I am slowly removing some the brush that has grown there over the years.   My goal is to clear out a lot of the brush so some of the creek can be seen.

Yes there is a lot.   But I have pulled a lot and there are now areas where the creek is visible and part of the yard.

The best time to work this project is in the early Spring after a rain.  Ground is softer making it easier to put those roots from the ground

It will get done eventually.     When I got tired and the old back was starting to ache, I sat on my bench near the pond and watched my ducks enjoying the day.

It was at this quiet moment that I looked around and saw the signs of new life.

Our pear tree in bloom.    We watch the pears get ready for us to eat.   And every year the deer manage to have a feast one night.

Grape Hyacinth

Tulip Magnolia getting ready for full bloom

Various perennials in my gardens coming through the earth

The greening of our Weeping Willow

Daffodils and forsythia in their bright yellow show

And the forest on two sides of us coming alive with green growth.

Ah, Gods yearly gift to us ..... Spring!

Until next time.