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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best drive ever

Pecos, TX

Wednesday Feb. 24.   We left Congress, AZ and drove  255 miles to Snowflake, a nice little town at higher elevations.   This is a small campground with friendly, helpful owners.  At a Passport America cost of $17.00 a night we are not complaining at all.

Our ride to Snowflake was uneventful even through we climbed to heights of over 8,000 ft with some of it on 6% grades with curves included.   This was something we don't see often as we try to leave the northeast in time!

Thursday, Feb 25th   We got up and EXPECTED to take a tour through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.  Sometimes (often with us) plans go astray.   We no sooner got through the gate when we heard really bad sounds coming from the brakes.  Len checked behind wheels and said it looks bad.  After looking at this view

we turned around.   I used our onboard GPS to find the nearest Ford Dealer.  We called them and told them we were about 15 miles away and what we suspected the problem was.  They were ready for us when we arrived.    We were not real disappointed in the change of plans as we have been to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest a few years ago.

After checking. we found we needed new front brakes, calibers and rotors.  They had to order the parts and would receive them in the morning.  This was costly but we thought about it and realized since we last had new brakes installed we have been to Alaska, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and in between each of these destinations back to the northeast, Alabama and Louisiana.  It was time.

The shop got right on the job the next morning.  We are so thankful we were became aware of the problem before towing our 40 foot home up and down AZ and NM mountains.  It could have had tragic results.

Friday, Feb 26.    The brake job was completed around 1 pm. We got on the road at 2:15.  The drive on Route 60 and 380 from Show Low, AZ to Roswell, NM is one of the best we've ever encountered. 
365 miles of grassy plains, mountains, a few very small towns and little traffic.

We stopped to see what these are all about.  There were 3 elderly folks at the wayside pull off standing there when we pulled in.   They asked if they could use our bathroom.  Alrighty!   They told us these are satellites that monitor weather conditions.  

A most beautiful sunset:

We overnighted at a Walmart in Sorocco, NM.  Then today we drove another 328 miles to an Escapees Park in Pecos, TX.   Cost as a member for two nights....$41.00 full hook ups.  More great scenery today.

  Here in Texas one would expect to be surrounded by oil fields.  Right?

Until next time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I should have known better

Congress, AZ

A few years ago when in this area we took our first drive on Route 89 from Congress to Prescott.  We were not towing at the time.  This is one good reason.  Both times we saw brave (or maybe adventurous people touring) rigs.  Yesterday we saw a Dually pulling a 40 foot toy hauler. Maybe they didn't see the signs?

This fellow still sits right off the road when leaving Congress.

The highway rises fast.  Looking back at Congress:

Once at the top, land is flat.  Large ranches line the roadway.

Looking back at the highway.   At one point we were 6,100 feet in elevation.

Landscape changes to Ponderosa Pines as we enter Prescott.  Prescott sits at 5,300 feet....The Mile High City.

When we got to Prescott I suggested getting coffee and walking around town.  This is where I should have known better.  More of that later.  We found a small coffee shop, had our coffee and blueberry coffee cake.  The court house is across from the coffee shop.  We visited a few shops and bought a few items.

Then the ride back to Congress.   Snow on mountain tops:

And some along the roadside.

Giving an indication of the switchbacks.

Once back in Congress we picked up our mail and decided to drive down Ghost Town Road.  The name interested us.  Several homes were on this dead end gravel road.  We saw a sign pointing the way to a cemetery on an even narrower gravel road.

A few rigs had set up boon docking back there.  There was a sign that camping is allowed 14 days max.  We suspect some were sifting for gold.    The narrower gravel road became REALLY narrow and bumpy.  Would not stop Len.  What a ride it became.

Now for the title.  In one of those shops in Prescott, Leonard found something he could not live without.    It was my idea to walk around town and visit shops......I should have known better.

Until next time.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Congress, AZ that is.   

We left Buckeye on Friday morning and drove all of 65 miles to:

This is a park in the Escapees system.  A nice little, neat and tidy park.  We stayed here 4 years ago and enjoyed it so here we are again until Wednesday the 24th.

Friday night Leonard wanted some BEEF.   By beef he means a huge prime rib.  The closest town of any size is Wickenburg just 10 miles up the road.   We found what looked promising and hit it just right.  Prime rib is their Friday night special.  Included was soup and salad bar plus choice of potato and really good carrots.   He was happy.  I selected the salmon.  Also good.

Yesterday we sat around all day.  We were vegetables you might say.  Can't do that two days in a row so today it was coffee and bagels at the clubhouse and then off for a ride.

Around Wickenburg are 3 traffic circles with statutes in the median.    Took pictures of all 3, but on one I got just a partial shot.   Here are two.

Bucking horse and rider:

Pity the horse moved by these spurs:

Before we left Buckeye we visited Pioneer Living History Museum which is just north of Phoenix.

This outdoor museum is a collection of buildings moved from various locations in Arizona to this complex.

Signs warn Look out for Snakes.   I'd say!!!

We have until March 3 to make our way to Bridgeport, TX, near Fort Worth.  I had it all planned until I decided really don't care to travel I-40 again.  Looking at other feasible routes.  Decided on route, now this afternoon it's planning our drive times and where to stop to explore the areas.  That's my goal for this afternoon.  Oh, and the ice cream social at 4:00.

Until next time.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week Two But Not Through

Buckeye, AZ

We've completed our second week of volunteering at Community Church of Buckeye.

Steve and Leonard trimming trees:

Sandy painting trim in high places:

Carol painting with feet firmly on the ground:

Men digging a drainage ditch and filling with rock:

Jerry installing new door closures:

This is only an sample of what the team have has accomplished in two weeks. One more week to go.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

One and Done

Buckeye,  AZ

One week down, two to go at our NOMADS project in Buckeye, AZ

We are working at the

This week we painted 3 classrooms, trimmed back trees, installed door stops, stained corner rounds on pews, fixed a bathroom sink, scraped paint from fascia board and prepared for painting, thoroughly cleaned two bathrooms, caulked  and I forget-what-else.

Sandy caulking a sink after installing new legs on the other one.

Sandy and Steve painted one classroom

Carol and Jerry another

And Leonard and I the third

Trees needed cutting back and trimmed.

Then an OOPS.   A Church members borrowed ladder that had never been used before.

Resolution.....A trip to Lowes for replacement.

We have borrowed a power washer from another church member for use next week.  Can't say he hasn't been warned.

Meet Gabriel

Gabriel is a trained Service Dog.  He is ALWAYS near Steve who is a diabetic that requires constant monitoring.  Gabriel lets Steve know when his blood sugar drops which can be several times a day.  

Sore sore muscles this weekend.   Looking forward to next week.