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Saturday, February 6, 2016

One and Done

Buckeye,  AZ

One week down, two to go at our NOMADS project in Buckeye, AZ

We are working at the

This week we painted 3 classrooms, trimmed back trees, installed door stops, stained corner rounds on pews, fixed a bathroom sink, scraped paint from fascia board and prepared for painting, thoroughly cleaned two bathrooms, caulked  and I forget-what-else.

Sandy caulking a sink after installing new legs on the other one.

Sandy and Steve painted one classroom

Carol and Jerry another

And Leonard and I the third

Trees needed cutting back and trimmed.

Then an OOPS.   A Church members borrowed ladder that had never been used before.

Resolution.....A trip to Lowes for replacement.

We have borrowed a power washer from another church member for use next week.  Can't say he hasn't been warned.

Meet Gabriel

Gabriel is a trained Service Dog.  He is ALWAYS near Steve who is a diabetic that requires constant monitoring.  Gabriel lets Steve know when his blood sugar drops which can be several times a day.  

Sore sore muscles this weekend.   Looking forward to next week.


  1. It's amazing what service dogs can do.

  2. Enjoy AZ. Wish we were there with you guys.
    John and Phyllis

  3. Everyone is doing a great job. And hope you get to enjoy this great weather you had me order for you