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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Out with the old, In with the new

 Cullman,  AL

Something New  Part One

    Last week our friend Stephanie called.   She has a friend that had a few Pekin ducks.   A predator got into them and killed all but one.   Penelope was lonely.   She was looking for a place, preferably with a pond and other ducks.   Stephanie thought of us.   Yes, our Pekin duck is lonely when our Muscovy and Muscovy/Mallard fly off to visit other ponds.  Pekins can't fly.   So, two problems solved.   Stacy brought Penelope over.   She ran straight to the pond.

Penelope and our Pekin, Baby Duck, are inseparateable   Too much sometimes, if you get what I mean.

Something New Part Two

We were finding we needed a closer place than the lawn mower shed or shop to store some garden supplies and other stuff.     We found what we liked at a Lowes up near Huntsville.   

First of several assembling projects just these last few days.    This cabinet came in parts that were easy to snap together

This is now on our back porch.   Makes us more organized.

Out with the old/In with the New Part One

When we bought the house in December 2016 the refrigerator that was here was ok but the water and ice dispenser never worked.   We had it repaired three times.   Nope, still didn't work.   Then two weeks ago it stopped making ice.   So every few days we would buy a bag.   Didn't take long before that was getting old.   I put an ad on Cullman Facebook Yard Sale page.   I guess it was a bargain. Even with no ice maker I had 48 replies to my $60.00 fridge.

The Old:

The New:

We had replaced the microwave just about a month ago. Wish I had gotten stainless.

Out with the Old/In with the New Part Two

I had bought a small used hutch I kept in the laundry room.  I knew we would have to move this before the new fridge arrived.   So instead of just moving it, again Cullman Yard Sale.   Several responses and I sold it to  the first.    So I got $40.00 and this left.

The Old:

What to get?    That's why I have Amazon Prime.   Always quick delivery.  So another assembly project.

The New:

We really like this:

 We liked it so much which led to Out with the Old/In with the New Part Three

Leonard made a table for me many years ago.  I love it but really have no need or room for it after the replacement.   So we gifted it to DIL Lois as a side table in her crafting loft.

The Old:

The New:

This kit came today.  Already assembled and our DVDs inside.
 We love it.

 A few weeks ago we planted some blackberry plants.   Where we put them just will not work.  We needed a trellis.     Since Leonard had all those tools out this week and had a few (very few) spare minutes I ordered this from Overstock.com.     We still need to transplant the blackberry plants.  

More assembly work:

We like it.

Whew!   What a week.  Poor Leonard needed a break.   Only short lived.

He is out in the shop now.   One of our current Boondockers asked to he could help with anything.  As a matter of fact, oil needs changing in the Tractor.   Ideal!   He was a diesel mechanic.  

While out there our 2nd Boondocker arrived for the weekend.   We have a crowd now.   One couple, another couple with Five kids.   And a total of 4 dogs.  (Not counting the host Biscuit). 

We had a Boondocker couple leave today.   The two here now are here  until Monday.  Then another couple arrive on Tuesday.    We are busy.

Until next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Mothers Day and critters

 Cullman,   Alabama

Last Sunday being Mothers Day I received several cards.   Thank you Terri and family,  D'Juana and family and Charlotte and Abby.    And a big thank you to son Lennie who invited us to lunch.  He was the cook.      Enchiladas.

        And from Lennie and Lois

I appreciate and love each of you.    

As far as critters here:     I went to plant some flowers and found this looking back at me.

I have to note that it can be quite noisy around here at night with the many frogs at the pond.   We have not only frogs there but schools of blue gills in varying sizes.   When we toss fish food into the pond for the blue gills we know the catfish will take over.   Some of them are to be getting eating size.

We had a BoondockersWelcome guest here last week for 4 days.   He travels with Duke.   I fell in love with Duke.   

He spent lots of time on the front porch.   Duke is a playful dog and loves chasing balls and frisbees.  Unlike Biscuit who really doesn't play.   Duke wanted to play, Biscuit wanted to sleep.

We have often had trouble with critters (probably Raccoons) getting into dog or duck food.   I keep Biscuits food on the back porch.   The raccoon knows how to open the can.   I have learned to put the handle up tight making it more difficult.   This is what I found this morning.   The can still with the lid on was moved about 2 feet.    

The container for recycling was upturned and the lid off.

And plastic that covers the chair seats was ripped.    Think this critter was angry or just determined for a handout.

Until next time.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Gifts, Yard work and Friends

 Cullman,  AL

Here we are in the first week of May.  Weather is still rather cool.  That's alright.  We know the heat is on the way.

This morning we said Happy Traveling to our 38th Boondockers Welcome guests.  This is the first time since December we have no reservations scheduled.     Maybe the Spring rush is over.  We had a lull during December also.   We are thinking in both December and again this time of the year people are where they want to be.   

I want to share two things that recent guests presented to us.   One couple live in a famous town in Pennsylvania and gave us this wine.   I didn't know that Groundhog beside predicting the weather also has a winery.

Guests we hosted last week are on their way to Paradise, CA to work with Habitat for Humanity building houses that were destroyed by the wild fires.   Their daughter is traveling across country with them on this trip.   She lives in NYC and is a freelance cartoonist (think Marvel comics).

We ask our guests to sign our guest book.  This was their entry.  We LOVE it.

There is always work do to in our yard, especially in the Spring.   As we had a cool night a couple of weeks ago and we did not cover our raised bed, we lost our tomato and peppers plants to frost.   We have since put in replacements.   Leonard thought it would be a good idea to rig up a sprinkler system.  That is all well and good but he gives me heart palpations doing so.

While he was at it, we had a Mimosa tree that died and needed removal.   He did that again with the help of his beloved Mahindra. 

Biscuit overseeing the project.

I like the looks of flower beds but I don't have a green thumb.  Perennials are my friend.

By front porch:

Back porch area.

This leads to my inside project.   Finally I am getting around to making a family picture wall.  I want a few more hung but need to get more frames and also have requested recent pictures of each of our children and their spouse.

Several years ago when we were still fulltime RVing we met a couple while in Texas.  We have stayed in contact and get together whenever our paths cross.    Carol and Jerry have a Tifflin motorhome and come to Red Bay, AL once a year for servicing.    This past week we met about half way between at a Mexican Restaurant.    And what better day to have Mexican food than Cinco de Mayo.  Here we are.

That's our latest.  

Until next time.