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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Pre Christmas things and we have an ornery dog

 Cullman, AL

In my previous blog I wrote about the sick deer that was laying in our side yard.    Len had asked if the meat would be okay to eat.   We both enjoy venison.   The Warden said probably but would prefer not to take a chance on it.    He told Leonard he would get us some venison.

Last week the Game Warden called.   Two poachers were arrested, fined and their kill confiscated.  He asked if we wanted it.   Certainly.  A few minutes later another warden showed up with the deer.  Len called our neighbor Gary who is always such a big help to us.   The two of them skinned and cut up the deer.   Gary tossed a leg to Biscuit who just sniffed it and walked away.   A bit later we saw him come back for the leg and walk off.

We took the meat to a local processor and picked it up yesterday wrapped, labeled and frozen.   Six roasts, 4 tenderloins and 10 packages of sausage.   We are having one tenderloin today.

Two days after we got the deer, I noticed there were pine needles and mud on the carpet on the enclosed porch that has a doggie door for Biscuit.    He spends a great deal of time laying on the sofa out there.  I keep a blanket on the sofa to prevent most of his constantly shedding hair off of it.   I decided to let the mud dry and vacuum it up in the morning.   

When I went to vacuum, I saw the blanket also had mud and pine needles.   Most unusual.  I shook the blanket out.  Then I noticed the throw pillows had been moved from their usual spot.  Intending to put them back I picked them up and found this!

Needless to say, we disposed of Biscuits stash.   A bit later in the day we saw this in our backyard.

Biscuit must have been thinking......yum, 16 deer legs.

Ever since Biscuit decided he was living with us, there have been times when he runs he holds his right hind leg up.    The last two months it has been more pronounced.    We took him to the vet last month and he was given a series of anti-inflammatory meds.   It seemed to have worked.  But two weeks ago he started really favoring that leg and holds it up the majority of the time and runs on three legs.  Back to the Vet.

He is again on Meds plus gets two shots a week for 4 weeks.   We see no improvement.  So, after the holidays there will probably be X-rays to determine the next step.   The Vets suspect a torn ligament.

As I have noted in the past, we are members of the Cullman Senior Center.   We usually go just on Thursday as they have live music that day.   Cullman has a display of lights around a local lake.  One night it was free for seniors.   So we took the ride around.    Not the best pictures:

Yesterday was a luncheon of all county senior center participants.  There are several centers in the county.   They say over 1,000 were in attendance.   I am thinking we went to the wrong luncheon.  It was full of old people.

Lots of door prizes were given out, including two $250. checks and the grand prize of $500.  No, we didn't win anything.    This county does so much for the seniors.   This is a picture of the county officials.   Each got a round of applause.   Our sheriff Matt Gentry got a BIG round.  I have never heard a negative comment about this man.  They say he will be sheriff as long as he wants it.  At last months election no one ran against him.

 He is in the center in the Jeans and Vest.   A really nice and competent man.

The meal was turkey, ham, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, cornbread dressing, a roll and a selection of pies.  This is my partially eaten plate.

Not long after, the plate was empty.

Next week we travel to MD and PA to spend some time with daughters Amy and Terri, their spouses and kids.   It is predicted to be down to 11 at night next week here in Alabama.    I am afraid to think of the temps up there.

Until next time, have a very Merry Christmas.