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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Glad we packed

VRV Campground
Vinton, LA

In preparation for heading out tomorrow afternoon, yesterday we packed our lawn chairs, flag and an outside side table.  Glad we did.   This morning it was a downpour.  Lightening, thunder, lots of rain.

Behind our rig

We were parking the truck behind the rig.  A few days ago we started parking in front on the concrete slab.  Since we don't have a boat or high waders, that was a good move.

This park is full of permanent sites for people who work in the nearby refineries.  There are only 4 sites for transients like us.   These four sites are pull throughs on large concrete pads.  All but a few of the other sites are on stone or gravel.   Won't this be fun?

Looking to the side of our site.  These are a little higher.  The rains have given our new home a good test.  No leaks.

Being a rainy dreary morning, Len was in no hurry.  Here he sits in his favorite spot playing his favorite game..... spider solitaire.   Yes, he does have something on.  But not much.

After he finally got dressed, we went into town to top off the fuel tank. Tomorrow morning it's stow stuff, empty the black tank, pull in slides and go to church.  After church an easy hook up and pull out.

We will spend tomorrow night dry camping and arrive at Hidden Cove, a Thousand Trail park in Arley, AL. on Monday for a two week stay.

Until next time.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A rather large family

Vinton, LA

Len is one of 10 children.   They love to get together.   Yesterday 7 of the siblings were represented with their children, grandchildren and even great-children.

Brothers and sisters and an aunt:   Myron, Lydia, Leonard, Aunt Shirley, Royce, Sissy, Bobby

These are all the attendees (except me) in one shot and acting silly.   We estimate about 70 family members did not attend.

This is our immediate family:

Son Lennie with wife Lois and the children Maddie and Jordan,  Len and Me, Daughter Cassie with children Clara, Logan, Nathaniel and Hunter.   We love that Lennie and family came in from Alabama.

Daughter D'Juana could not make it as her husband Joe is a HS Band Director and they attended a function up in Dallas.  Our granddaughter Tiffany and family were scheduled to come in from the Austin are but had to cancel due to the death of her husbands grandmother.  We missed them all.

When extended family has their reunions this group makes up only a fraction.  Just think......dozens of cousins and their families.

We were so glad it was held this year at a time when we could be in the area.  Sweet!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

What 's in West Monroe? Ducks, wine, Coke and more

Dubach, LA

We've now completed two weeks of volunteering in the OWL Center, part of Louisiana Methodist Childrens Home system.

Friday starts our 3 day weekend.   Lets tour!

First stop......... Coffee and fried apple pie in West Monroe, LA

Second stop.......  Duck Commander Warehouse and Store.  Took pictures of their RV.

Duck calls are still being produced daily by the Robertsons and their friends.   We did not tour the plant ($20 admission fee) but did buy some items in the store.  We are probably one of a very few people who have never watched this show.   Looks like they had a problem with a tire.

Third stop......Lunch at Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant.  This old warehouse converted to a restaurant sits on the Ouachite River.  What a lunch it was.  Both Leonard and I had their blackened tilapia topped with crawfish etouffe served with Jalapeno grits and a salad.  Fabulous.

Fourth stop....... Biedenharn Museum and Gardens.  This was the home of Joseph Biedenharn the first bottler of Coca-Cola.  We toured the house, the gardens and the Coca Cola museum ($6.00 admission fee)   A special treat was buying a bottle of Coke (in a glass bottle) for 5 cents.

The museum:

Our tour guide explaining the history of the bottles.

The house and gardens:

Last stop.......Landry's Vineyard where we tasted several of their special wines and bought a few bottles.  This is a family owned winery where they grow, age and bottle their own line of wines.

All in all it was a nice day, with only a few showers interspersed here and there.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

OWL.....First week.

Dubach, LA

We had heard about this facility through the years from other NOMADS.   So, in planning our route for this Spring, we put it in our itinerary.   We are glad we did.

It is part of the Methodist Childrens Home of Louisiana which has several campuses throughout Louisiana.   This one does not have residents but provides all types of recreational opportunities.  The closest resident facility is in nearby Ruston.   At this time there are 123 at-risk children enrolled in the program.  They are provided an in-house education along with counseling and various recreational opportunities.

When visiting family in Southwest Lousiaina we have seen a facility in Sulphur with signage Methodist Childrens Home.  We now know it is part of the complex.

OWL sits on 800 beautiful acres that includes forests and several ponds.  Our first day we were taken on a tour.   Love this support in the bunk house.

Here at OWL there is a large bunk house, a Motel type building where parents who visit can stay, a Conference Center, an horse arena, a zip line, a maze and lots of other cool stuff.  Along with 24 horses, a miniature cow, a pot-bellied pig, ducks, two donkeys, lots of goats and a couple of mean geese.

The arena

Up to yesterday we had terrific Internet but something is amiss.  It fades in and out and takes a LONNNGGGGG time to upload a picture.

Therefore, I am cutting this post short.  Have lots of pics and information from our first week of work but telling that story will have to wait!

So until, next time.....when we get better Internet.....

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moving Day

Dubach, LA

Friday was indeed moving day.....From our 2014 Cedar Creek our 2016 Open Range.

We arrived at the dealership shortly after 9.   A short time later the skies opened.   So they moved our new rig under a shelter and placed the Cedar Creek next to it.

The rains stopped.   Leaving lots of mud behind.

Our daughter D'Juana drove 2 hours from near Houston to help in the move.  Thank You!   After a couple of hours my back ached, I hurt everywhere.  She never slowed down.  Hey... I have 27 years on her.

Lots more inside storage.  Lots less basement storage.  Len says he will make it work.  Today he is cleaning our some stuff.

After taking a lunch break at Chili's we worked til around 4.

At that point it was just find a place to put it and close it up.  We had an appointment to meet with the financial manager and write a check, ouch.

Finally we pulled out at 5:30 headed to northern Louisiana about 285 miles away.   After driving about 150 miles we found a truck stop in Carthage, Tx. and pulled in the for night.  We parked right behind the Dennys and slowly walked like old people in for dinner.

Up again at 7 and off for the reminder of the trip.   We arrived at the United Methodist Outdoor Wilderness Learning (OWL) Center  about 10:30 and were greeted by our team leaders Everette and Elizabeth Easley.   Two other couples pulled in a few hours later.   Last night it was BBQ at a local place in nearby Ruston, LA.

This morning it was church in Ruston and then Italian.

Today it was more organizing.  And Len got the TV's set up with our DirectTV system.

Tomorrow we start our 3 weeks volunteering here at the OWL Center.  I am thinking the lifting and moving got us ready for whatever lies ahead on this project.  Or maybe not.