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Saturday, April 16, 2016

What 's in West Monroe? Ducks, wine, Coke and more

Dubach, LA

We've now completed two weeks of volunteering in the OWL Center, part of Louisiana Methodist Childrens Home system.

Friday starts our 3 day weekend.   Lets tour!

First stop......... Coffee and fried apple pie in West Monroe, LA

Second stop.......  Duck Commander Warehouse and Store.  Took pictures of their RV.

Duck calls are still being produced daily by the Robertsons and their friends.   We did not tour the plant ($20 admission fee) but did buy some items in the store.  We are probably one of a very few people who have never watched this show.   Looks like they had a problem with a tire.

Third stop......Lunch at Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant.  This old warehouse converted to a restaurant sits on the Ouachite River.  What a lunch it was.  Both Leonard and I had their blackened tilapia topped with crawfish etouffe served with Jalapeno grits and a salad.  Fabulous.

Fourth stop....... Biedenharn Museum and Gardens.  This was the home of Joseph Biedenharn the first bottler of Coca-Cola.  We toured the house, the gardens and the Coca Cola museum ($6.00 admission fee)   A special treat was buying a bottle of Coke (in a glass bottle) for 5 cents.

The museum:

Our tour guide explaining the history of the bottles.

The house and gardens:

Last stop.......Landry's Vineyard where we tasted several of their special wines and bought a few bottles.  This is a family owned winery where they grow, age and bottle their own line of wines.

All in all it was a nice day, with only a few showers interspersed here and there.


  1. I have never watched that duck show either.

  2. You can count Paul and I as never watching that show.
    Your last two stops would have put a smile on our faces.

  3. Nope never watch that show either. Yes I agree the last two stops would have been nice.