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Monday, August 18, 2014

Feeling little better and what's with Espresso?

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Settled into Camp Driveway at daughters house.   I saw my Dr. last week, also had 3 days of rehab.  I see the neurologist next week.    I'm getting around okay and slow.   Awfully tired and weak.  Somewhat emotional.  Easily frustrated.  Plugging along.   Thanks for the well wishes.

While in Alaska I was fascinated by all the small drive-up Espresso shops.   Seemed like one every few miles or so, a whole lot closer when in town.

Someone did a fine paint job on this one:

Love the roof line:

The bare essentials:

Not only Espresso served:
It pays to advertise:

Looking like a train:

And another one:

Mountains and open at 4:15 am!

Usually always a lineup.

Wonder how business is in winter.   Hot chocolate too?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back in NJ

Upper Deerfield Twp  NJ

I arrived back here Thur morn.   Lefgt Anchorage Wed aafternoon.  Layover in Seattle.   Red eye to Phila.   Could not sleep on plane.  Very unconfonrtable.   Ecuse - fingers still don;t work right

Saw family dr Thus afteronoon.   Need rehab.  and see neurologist      Daughter here goes to Europe tomrrow.   Receives chairman azward from employer in Zurich.  Tjen to Italy.

Other daugther in MD picking me up and taking me there.   Has appootment with rehab on Monday.  When Len gets back will come back to NJ for neurolgost.  

Len just called.   He's gottento Edmonton, AB.    Still a long way to go.    Brother hellping with the driving.   He's enjoying his free trip to Alaska..    Saw bears, buffalo, reindeer, mountain goats and moose.    I think; tey are enjoying their time together.

I get weepy at times.  Tire easily.  Frustration.  Inside feels shaky.   Get tired of hitting wrong keu and backikng up tp correct as keep missing backspace key.   So, spmetimes I just leave it.  You are smart and can figure it oujt!!!!

Thanks to everyone wishing me well both here and on Facebook.   WOW!  A whole sentence without a mistake.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


chigiak  ak

my styping wil be bad.   early Friday molrnngn ]]]   I had a stoke.    mild one, ljcky me.  jjst     got home frpm hosp,     broter and son in law flying here today.   borther to drive backto nj with len.   son in law flyign withme tomrooow.    was onright.   i am left handed.