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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Three days of Disney

Fort Wilderness Campground
at Disney

It's been an exhausting three days:

Thursday, June 25......Up early and at the boat dock by 8 for our ride across the lake from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom.   Here is granddaughter Charlotte, great niece Siani and granddaughter Abby getting a feel for the place

One of our first rides was (now forgive me if you can't get the song out of your head) It's a Small World

Followed by Splash Mountain, Pluto ride, Space Mountain, several shows and Lunch at Be Our Guest

Here we wait for it to be delivered.  The wait was worth it.

A character the girls said was a Must See was somebody named Gaston.  I have no idea what he's all about.   But that is him in the red.

By late afternoon the clouds gathered and we could hear thunder around us so we headed to the dock.

By the time we got on the boat it looked like this.

Then the skies opened up.   Off the boat we had to walk about 500 feet to the shuttle bus though 4 inch pools of water and beating rain.  Once to our loop it was two blocks to the rig, with lightening, drenching rain and thunder all around.   Not a dry piece of clothing or strand of hair.

Friday, June 26:    Camping Connection, the mobile service we contacted told us they would be here between 2 and 5.  So late morning until 1:30 was spent cooling off at the pool.  It felt soooo good.

We received great news from the RV tech.  He called Domentic the maker of our Air Conditioner and it is covered under their two year warranty.  We also have a problem with one of our grey tanks handle.  That is covered with our Good Sam extended warranty.  Problem is the work can't get done until at least Tuesday. That's okay.

In the evening we went to the Chip and Dale revue at the camps campfire.

And then headed over to the dock to watch the fireworks.  We also got wise and rented a golf cart.  Sure is making the heat less unbearable getting around this huge campground.

Saturday, June 27.   After all sleeping late (after 8 am) we took the shuttle bus to Magic Kingdom.
The highlight was a ride on the Raging Waters Raft.   Charlotte and I took the blunt of it but all got wet.

We loved it!   We rode the 25 minute Safari tour, walked several paths to view critters and had lunch at Harambe Market.   Ah, chicken and veggies and cool lemonade

Coming back on the shuttle, Abby fell asleep.  I was hoping she would take a good nap back at the rig.  No luck.  Couldn't get Charlotte to nap either.  However, Leonard walked inside, headed to the bed and remained there til a few moments ago.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hershey to Disney

Fort Wilderness Campground
Buena Vista, Florida

Before leaving Thousand Trails Hershey Preserve in Pa. a cool dip in the pool the night before was more than welcome



Our plan was 3 days on the road with Dry Camping two of those nights.  As usual, fate had other plans.  Our living area air conditioner went KaBunk.   Glad the bedroom unit is putting out the cold. We could not get a mobile tech to come to Hershey in time.  Plan B, find one in Florida and stay every night at a campground.   Our generator handled our 2009 Montana, no luck handling this rig. Will be buying another gennie in the near future.

Day one, Sunday, June 21.   313 miles.   Campground:  Yogi Bear in Emporium, Va.  An okay park.

Day two, Monday, June 22.  Abby taking a nap.  Great niece Siani asleep under the blanket.

198 miles.  Pedro Campground, Dillion SC.  Come on, ya all know this place.

Day three, Tuesday, June 22 .....  Smoke up ahead

I was worried it was an RV, however a reefer caught fire.   Appears all persons are safe.

319 miles.  Kiki Rv Park.  Kingsland, GA.   Clean small park but very small lots.  Their Website says rate is $30.00 a night plus tax and they are Passport America.  However, Len went in to register, showed them the card and was charged $37.10.  ??????

Day four, Wednesday, June 24.  195 miles.  Finally

Registration at Fort Wilderness was easy.   Getting into our site not so much.  Len is great at maneuvering truck and rig.  However, in this site he had to back in from the blind side.   First hitting a trash barrel, then worrying about the grill, picnic table, trees all around, electric and water panels.
It took about 1/2 hour... a record for him.  A record he does not want to break.

Abby, Charlotte and Len were due for naps.  Following their naps we headed to the pool.  Nope, pool closed as lightening in the area.   Next, Len set up grill for dogs and burgers.  Seemed like a good idea until the skies opened up.  He got a little wet.  Finished them inside.  Still tasted good.

Due to T Storm, it does not look like the usual campfire and watching fireworks tonight with Chip and Dale.

Still hot here.  Tech is coming Friday to look at unit and tell us when he can get here to fix the A/C.  I will look pitiful and on the verge of tears.  Charlotte who has asthma will take some hits on her inhaler and do some wheezing.  Abby will keep crying to grandfather that,  "It's hot, it's hot".  Siani will fein faint.  Hoping this helps.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Old friends, new friends and family

Hershey Preserve
Lebanon, PA

We've had some good times since arriving at this Thousand Trails park in the midst of Pennsylvania Amish country.

Old Friends:

Our friends Donna and Sam, 5thwheelvagabonds, arrived on Saturday the 13th.   They managed to get a site just two down from us.  After hugs and welcomes, we left them to get set up.   Once settled we went over to daughter Terri's just about 8 miles away.  We decided to head out for dinner to the nearby town of Shartlesville.  The attraction of Roadside America is in this small village.  Roadside America is the largest known miniature village and railway opened in 1935. Also, in this town is one of our favorite local eateries is the Haags Hotel

Food is served family style.  Diners get to choose 3 meats from a selection of 5.  We choose roast beef, chicken and sausage.  All the sides are standard.    Here is daughter Terri, grandson Justins girlfriend Carly, Justin, Sam and Donna.

We would have liked to have spent more time with Sam and Donna, but Sam wrenched his back and Donna was also under the weather so on Sunday they rested in their rig before leaving on Monday headed to their sons house in NJ.   We will meet up with them again.


On Tuesday our fun loving granddaughter Abby graduated from Kindergarten.  Len and I  drove over to Maryland and met up with daughter Amy and son-in-law Scott.  We then all attended her graduation.  That is Abby in the center with the big smile.

A picture of Abby and her teacher.

New Friends:

One of the joys of full time RVing is constantly meeting fellow travelers.  Parked a few rigs from us is Bevely and Steve.  After visiting a few times we decided to make a day of it yesterday.  First we went to one of my must-go-to places in the area, Kitchen Kettle Village in the town of Intercourse. My favorite store is the jams and preserves store.  Each product is on display with samples out in front.  Yesterday we came away with Orange Salsa, Sweet Fire Pickle Chips, Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip, and Spinach Dip mix.   Always a tough decision on what to buy.

I was really filled from the samples but that didn't stop us from lunch at Good and Plenty, another PA Dutch family style eatery.   Fried chicken, roast pork, beef Stroganoff, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, applesauce, apple butter, chow chow, corn, mixed veggies, cottage cheese, pepper hash, beef salad (fixed like tuna salad), cheesecake, Shoo-fly pie, apple pie and ice cream.  Did I miss anything?

Steve is retired from the railroad where they lived in Georgia, so we thought we would enjoy Strasburg RR.   Here is Bevely and Steve

We decided to take the 45 minute ride through beautiful Amish country on the trolley.

More Family:

On the way back to the campground we swung over to Terri's.  While sitting outside we noticed a large timber in the stream that runs under their house.  They say they all manner on debris floats downstream.  Once even a refrigerator.   They decided this looked like some fine wood.  Due to it being water logged it was not a easy job rescuing it.  Took the work of Leonard, friend Steve and son-in-law Steve.

Three more days and it's off the Disney!  Little Abby and Charlotte are probably driving their parents bonkers, being so excited.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Was hot enough to melt the chocolate in Hershey.

Hershey, PA

We arrived at Hershey Preserve a

park on Thursday, June 11.   Yesterday was brutal - 94.  Our living air just could not keep up, but the bedroom unit did beautifully.

When we bought our Cedar Creek in August 2013 we were given a years membership to Thousand Trails.  As many know, members have to select a zone.  We opted for the northwest, however never made it there all year.  When that year expired they offered a years membership for $288.00.  Not a bad deal. This time we selected the northeast zone.

This is our first chance to use our membership. We are here for 10 days.   We will use it again in July in NJ for 14 days and in late July, early August in Lancaster, Pa for another 14 days.  Then hopefully last week of August and first week of September back in NJ. Our membership gives us 30 days free then $3.00 a night.  It's quite a bargain.  Will be continue our membership?  Depends on deal they offer and our plans for next year.

Last night we met up with daughter Amy, son-in-law Scott and Abby and Charlotte.  Wednesday was Abby's 6th birthday.  They wanted to go to a Japanese Steak house over in York.  The girls were impressed:

Abby loves to draw and paint.   We gave her a rather large artist kit.  Sister Charlotte also loved it and asked for one for the birthday next month.  That makes it easy!

Abby showing off her gift.   Silly face.....

The weather has really cooled after T Storms during the night.  We are waiting for our friends and fellow bloggers Donna and Sam from St. Louis area to arrive.  Will be glad to see them again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Horses and dog

Upper Deerfield Twp,   NJ

We've had a busy time here at Camp Driveway provided by our friends Shirley and Lyn.  Dinner with our friends Peggy and Bill, annual medical check ups, visit with my sister, lunch at our friends Claire and Toms, spaghetti dinner and cake auction fund raiser at our home church, a vent cover installed over our bathroom vent.

Last Friday we picked up the granddaughters down in MD.  We stopped in the town of North East, MD at one of our favorite restaurants, Woodys Crab House.   We were surprised to learn that 6 year old Abby (as of today) loved steamed clams.

When we got back to our home on Friday, Shirley asked if the girls wanted to go with her to her daughters house.  Shirley's granddaughters were getting prepared for a horse show the next morning.  Abby had just gotten out of the shower, Charlotte was about to get in.... but what the heck, let's go.   We went because it was easier than transferring the girls booster seats to her car.

Here is Abby checking out one of the horses:

Both girls:

Charlotte helping give one her bath.

When our daughter sold and moved from the house she bought from us, we gave our farm wagon to Shirley's daughter Sissy.   It looks perfect in their backyard.

As I was taking this picture, Charlotte started an asthma attack.  She has severe allergies and apparently the hay she was feeding the horses caused the attack.  We did not have her inhaler with us or benadryl.  By the time we drove the mile back to the rig, she was covered in hives.  From now on the inhaler, epipen and benadryl is always with us.

Shirley and Lyn have a dog that the girls have fallen in love with.  They Love Lucy

She is so friendly and gentle with the girls.  After we took them home, when we pulled in the yard she came running.  What a sad, sad face when she realized they were not with us.

We are expecting 94 degrees here tomorrow.  So we pull up stakes and head to Hershey Resort, a Thousand Trails park.  It is close to our daughter Terri's house.

Either Friday or Saturday we will meet up with daughter Amy and family to celebrate Abby's birthday at a Japanese Steak house.  Charlotte is thrilled as she likes sushi.   Kids liking steamed clams and sushi????

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alabama to New Jersey

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

We left Cullman, Alabama on Sunday May 31 heading toward our old hometown outside Bridgeton, NJ

After traveling over 450 miles we overnighted at Flying J near Wytheville, VA.  I have two nephews and their families who live in the area.  I knew in checking Facebook that one family was camping for the weekend.  Taking a chance I called the other family.  As soon as we got settled for the night they came for a delightful catch-up visit.

Nephew Jason and Kelly and their fun kids Jason and Emilie:

Monday morning was breakfast at Denny's and we hit the road again.   Another 450+ miles and we arrived about 4:00 to our destination for the next week or so.   We used to driveway park at our daughters house (who bought our house) but due to a job change she moved to PA.   I won't suspect the new owners would like us backing in and hooking up.

Good friends own a large nursery nearby and invited us to driveway camp there.  Lucky for us right now it is cool as the 110 hook up won't support our air conditioner.  Even leery of using the microwave.   It is expected to be cool the remainder of this week at least.  If necessary we will move to a campground should it get hot.  Regardless we move on June 12. We really appreciate their hospitality.

Yesterday and today we spent our time spending money =  diesel, groceries, breakfast out, containers for the granddaughters and great niece to store clothes in while traveling to Disney later in the month, getting repairs done on Len's watch.

Today we made appointment at Camping World for next week.   We are thinking the rig is out of alignment.  We had to replace one left tire and the other is showing early wear.    We have had to buy tires for either the truck or rig (sometimes both) every year since hitting the road in 2010.   I was hoping for one year without that expense but it's not to be.

For our friends in Texas, some of your rain has moved to south Jersey.