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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hershey to Disney

Fort Wilderness Campground
Buena Vista, Florida

Before leaving Thousand Trails Hershey Preserve in Pa. a cool dip in the pool the night before was more than welcome



Our plan was 3 days on the road with Dry Camping two of those nights.  As usual, fate had other plans.  Our living area air conditioner went KaBunk.   Glad the bedroom unit is putting out the cold. We could not get a mobile tech to come to Hershey in time.  Plan B, find one in Florida and stay every night at a campground.   Our generator handled our 2009 Montana, no luck handling this rig. Will be buying another gennie in the near future.

Day one, Sunday, June 21.   313 miles.   Campground:  Yogi Bear in Emporium, Va.  An okay park.

Day two, Monday, June 22.  Abby taking a nap.  Great niece Siani asleep under the blanket.

198 miles.  Pedro Campground, Dillion SC.  Come on, ya all know this place.

Day three, Tuesday, June 22 .....  Smoke up ahead

I was worried it was an RV, however a reefer caught fire.   Appears all persons are safe.

319 miles.  Kiki Rv Park.  Kingsland, GA.   Clean small park but very small lots.  Their Website says rate is $30.00 a night plus tax and they are Passport America.  However, Len went in to register, showed them the card and was charged $37.10.  ??????

Day four, Wednesday, June 24.  195 miles.  Finally

Registration at Fort Wilderness was easy.   Getting into our site not so much.  Len is great at maneuvering truck and rig.  However, in this site he had to back in from the blind side.   First hitting a trash barrel, then worrying about the grill, picnic table, trees all around, electric and water panels.
It took about 1/2 hour... a record for him.  A record he does not want to break.

Abby, Charlotte and Len were due for naps.  Following their naps we headed to the pool.  Nope, pool closed as lightening in the area.   Next, Len set up grill for dogs and burgers.  Seemed like a good idea until the skies opened up.  He got a little wet.  Finished them inside.  Still tasted good.

Due to T Storm, it does not look like the usual campfire and watching fireworks tonight with Chip and Dale.

Still hot here.  Tech is coming Friday to look at unit and tell us when he can get here to fix the A/C.  I will look pitiful and on the verge of tears.  Charlotte who has asthma will take some hits on her inhaler and do some wheezing.  Abby will keep crying to grandfather that,  "It's hot, it's hot".  Siani will fein faint.  Hoping this helps.


  1. Hope the planned histrionics works! :)

  2. Some times fate seems to have it's way for a while. Hope all goes well from this point.