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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Horses and dog

Upper Deerfield Twp,   NJ

We've had a busy time here at Camp Driveway provided by our friends Shirley and Lyn.  Dinner with our friends Peggy and Bill, annual medical check ups, visit with my sister, lunch at our friends Claire and Toms, spaghetti dinner and cake auction fund raiser at our home church, a vent cover installed over our bathroom vent.

Last Friday we picked up the granddaughters down in MD.  We stopped in the town of North East, MD at one of our favorite restaurants, Woodys Crab House.   We were surprised to learn that 6 year old Abby (as of today) loved steamed clams.

When we got back to our home on Friday, Shirley asked if the girls wanted to go with her to her daughters house.  Shirley's granddaughters were getting prepared for a horse show the next morning.  Abby had just gotten out of the shower, Charlotte was about to get in.... but what the heck, let's go.   We went because it was easier than transferring the girls booster seats to her car.

Here is Abby checking out one of the horses:

Both girls:

Charlotte helping give one her bath.

When our daughter sold and moved from the house she bought from us, we gave our farm wagon to Shirley's daughter Sissy.   It looks perfect in their backyard.

As I was taking this picture, Charlotte started an asthma attack.  She has severe allergies and apparently the hay she was feeding the horses caused the attack.  We did not have her inhaler with us or benadryl.  By the time we drove the mile back to the rig, she was covered in hives.  From now on the inhaler, epipen and benadryl is always with us.

Shirley and Lyn have a dog that the girls have fallen in love with.  They Love Lucy

She is so friendly and gentle with the girls.  After we took them home, when we pulled in the yard she came running.  What a sad, sad face when she realized they were not with us.

We are expecting 94 degrees here tomorrow.  So we pull up stakes and head to Hershey Resort, a Thousand Trails park.  It is close to our daughter Terri's house.

Either Friday or Saturday we will meet up with daughter Amy and family to celebrate Abby's birthday at a Japanese Steak house.  Charlotte is thrilled as she likes sushi.   Kids liking steamed clams and sushi????


  1. Your granddaughters have excellent taste :-)

  2. It's the Maryland in them for the crabs and Seabrook, NJ for the Japanese Sushi.
    I keep looking for the "like" button for your photos.

  3. Poor Charlotte and her allergies. Hay does it for me too, I get swollen eyes and asthma if I'm around it too much. Glad they had a good time despite. I'm surprised she's not allergic to seafood too.

    1. Laurel Owen .....Charlotte is allergic to shell fish. Abby isn't and she's the one who loves shrimp and clams.

  4. Boy I know about those asthma attacks my grandson finally out grew them. As for me it is the hives, Nasty stuff I get them internally benadryl never helped me Chlor trematon for me is a life saver. But in spite of it all they seemed to have a great time.