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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alabama to New Jersey

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

We left Cullman, Alabama on Sunday May 31 heading toward our old hometown outside Bridgeton, NJ

After traveling over 450 miles we overnighted at Flying J near Wytheville, VA.  I have two nephews and their families who live in the area.  I knew in checking Facebook that one family was camping for the weekend.  Taking a chance I called the other family.  As soon as we got settled for the night they came for a delightful catch-up visit.

Nephew Jason and Kelly and their fun kids Jason and Emilie:

Monday morning was breakfast at Denny's and we hit the road again.   Another 450+ miles and we arrived about 4:00 to our destination for the next week or so.   We used to driveway park at our daughters house (who bought our house) but due to a job change she moved to PA.   I won't suspect the new owners would like us backing in and hooking up.

Good friends own a large nursery nearby and invited us to driveway camp there.  Lucky for us right now it is cool as the 110 hook up won't support our air conditioner.  Even leery of using the microwave.   It is expected to be cool the remainder of this week at least.  If necessary we will move to a campground should it get hot.  Regardless we move on June 12. We really appreciate their hospitality.

Yesterday and today we spent our time spending money =  diesel, groceries, breakfast out, containers for the granddaughters and great niece to store clothes in while traveling to Disney later in the month, getting repairs done on Len's watch.

Today we made appointment at Camping World for next week.   We are thinking the rig is out of alignment.  We had to replace one left tire and the other is showing early wear.    We have had to buy tires for either the truck or rig (sometimes both) every year since hitting the road in 2010.   I was hoping for one year without that expense but it's not to be.

For our friends in Texas, some of your rain has moved to south Jersey.

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  1. Love the header picture. You sure put on the miles this week. At least you will be in one place for a while.