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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Old friends, new friends and family

Hershey Preserve
Lebanon, PA

We've had some good times since arriving at this Thousand Trails park in the midst of Pennsylvania Amish country.

Old Friends:

Our friends Donna and Sam, 5thwheelvagabonds, arrived on Saturday the 13th.   They managed to get a site just two down from us.  After hugs and welcomes, we left them to get set up.   Once settled we went over to daughter Terri's just about 8 miles away.  We decided to head out for dinner to the nearby town of Shartlesville.  The attraction of Roadside America is in this small village.  Roadside America is the largest known miniature village and railway opened in 1935. Also, in this town is one of our favorite local eateries is the Haags Hotel

Food is served family style.  Diners get to choose 3 meats from a selection of 5.  We choose roast beef, chicken and sausage.  All the sides are standard.    Here is daughter Terri, grandson Justins girlfriend Carly, Justin, Sam and Donna.

We would have liked to have spent more time with Sam and Donna, but Sam wrenched his back and Donna was also under the weather so on Sunday they rested in their rig before leaving on Monday headed to their sons house in NJ.   We will meet up with them again.


On Tuesday our fun loving granddaughter Abby graduated from Kindergarten.  Len and I  drove over to Maryland and met up with daughter Amy and son-in-law Scott.  We then all attended her graduation.  That is Abby in the center with the big smile.

A picture of Abby and her teacher.

New Friends:

One of the joys of full time RVing is constantly meeting fellow travelers.  Parked a few rigs from us is Bevely and Steve.  After visiting a few times we decided to make a day of it yesterday.  First we went to one of my must-go-to places in the area, Kitchen Kettle Village in the town of Intercourse. My favorite store is the jams and preserves store.  Each product is on display with samples out in front.  Yesterday we came away with Orange Salsa, Sweet Fire Pickle Chips, Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip, and Spinach Dip mix.   Always a tough decision on what to buy.

I was really filled from the samples but that didn't stop us from lunch at Good and Plenty, another PA Dutch family style eatery.   Fried chicken, roast pork, beef Stroganoff, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, applesauce, apple butter, chow chow, corn, mixed veggies, cottage cheese, pepper hash, beef salad (fixed like tuna salad), cheesecake, Shoo-fly pie, apple pie and ice cream.  Did I miss anything?

Steve is retired from the railroad where they lived in Georgia, so we thought we would enjoy Strasburg RR.   Here is Bevely and Steve

We decided to take the 45 minute ride through beautiful Amish country on the trolley.

More Family:

On the way back to the campground we swung over to Terri's.  While sitting outside we noticed a large timber in the stream that runs under their house.  They say they all manner on debris floats downstream.  Once even a refrigerator.   They decided this looked like some fine wood.  Due to it being water logged it was not a easy job rescuing it.  Took the work of Leonard, friend Steve and son-in-law Steve.

Three more days and it's off the Disney!  Little Abby and Charlotte are probably driving their parents bonkers, being so excited.


  1. Oh you are in my favorite area too. Good and Plenty was our go-to restaurant when in the area. Kitchen Kettle Village too!

  2. so glad you are having a good time and met up with another couple to roam with

  3. You two don't sit still very long. Sounds like you are having a heck of a good time in PA.

    Sweet Fire Pickle Chips....yummy!

  4. You sure have been busy, Your granddaughter has grown so tall and of course pretty, but then she has always been a pretty child. Keep having fun out there