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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Three days of Disney

Fort Wilderness Campground
at Disney

It's been an exhausting three days:

Thursday, June 25......Up early and at the boat dock by 8 for our ride across the lake from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom.   Here is granddaughter Charlotte, great niece Siani and granddaughter Abby getting a feel for the place

One of our first rides was (now forgive me if you can't get the song out of your head) It's a Small World

Followed by Splash Mountain, Pluto ride, Space Mountain, several shows and Lunch at Be Our Guest

Here we wait for it to be delivered.  The wait was worth it.

A character the girls said was a Must See was somebody named Gaston.  I have no idea what he's all about.   But that is him in the red.

By late afternoon the clouds gathered and we could hear thunder around us so we headed to the dock.

By the time we got on the boat it looked like this.

Then the skies opened up.   Off the boat we had to walk about 500 feet to the shuttle bus though 4 inch pools of water and beating rain.  Once to our loop it was two blocks to the rig, with lightening, drenching rain and thunder all around.   Not a dry piece of clothing or strand of hair.

Friday, June 26:    Camping Connection, the mobile service we contacted told us they would be here between 2 and 5.  So late morning until 1:30 was spent cooling off at the pool.  It felt soooo good.

We received great news from the RV tech.  He called Domentic the maker of our Air Conditioner and it is covered under their two year warranty.  We also have a problem with one of our grey tanks handle.  That is covered with our Good Sam extended warranty.  Problem is the work can't get done until at least Tuesday. That's okay.

In the evening we went to the Chip and Dale revue at the camps campfire.

And then headed over to the dock to watch the fireworks.  We also got wise and rented a golf cart.  Sure is making the heat less unbearable getting around this huge campground.

Saturday, June 27.   After all sleeping late (after 8 am) we took the shuttle bus to Magic Kingdom.
The highlight was a ride on the Raging Waters Raft.   Charlotte and I took the blunt of it but all got wet.

We loved it!   We rode the 25 minute Safari tour, walked several paths to view critters and had lunch at Harambe Market.   Ah, chicken and veggies and cool lemonade

Coming back on the shuttle, Abby fell asleep.  I was hoping she would take a good nap back at the rig.  No luck.  Couldn't get Charlotte to nap either.  However, Leonard walked inside, headed to the bed and remained there til a few moments ago.


  1. Glad you are having a good time despite the heat. Everyone is looking happy!

  2. What a great time everyone is having but I would have fallen asleep too. :}

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  4. The best way to see Disney is with the kids. What fun. Looks like the weather cooperated too.
    By the way, that song is stuck in my head. Thanks a ton. 😁

  5. Lots of fun:) It is always better with the kids!