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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Eating well and staying warm

 Cullman,  AL

As cold weather has set in we are not doing much.    Our social life revolves around Leonard going to Physical Therapy twice a week.  And church on Sunday and bible study Wednesday night.

We don't expect to have to worry in the future how to stay warm and keep a full freezer full of meat should we lose power.   Two things help.    Our natural gas fireplace and the Generac whole house generator we had installed two weeks ago.

The electric had to be disconnected while the initial set up was done.  We purchased the generator from Lowes.   Below:  Electric truck and delivery.  

The company that did the installation.

The generator set in place.   This capacity of this unit is more than enough to power the whole house.  Every other week it will turn on for a test.   This is done automatically.   Should we lose power, it will power up in about 15 seconds.

Yes we need this as Len is on oxygen.    And we have a full chest freezer in the basement.   Mostly meat.    I found Savory Butcher online.   They are out of Idaho.    They deliver to this area every other month.   All meat is in bulk.  For example, ground beef is 40 pounds.  Their 97/3 beef is all meat.  No fat at all.    I've also gotten chicken strips, chicken breast, Italian sausage, kielbasa and what they call a Chop Box.   The chop box has various cuts of steak, steak bites and tenderloins.   It is the most tender steak we've ever bought.    

As items come in bulk, twice we have split an order of ground beef and chicken with our son and daughter in law.

This month I had ordered pork chops.   They have to be at least an inch thick.

When getting the meats, we drive up to the truck, give our name and the man puts our order in our car.   This week we looked to be one of the first to arrive.  He told us he had an extra box of steak bites and one of Prime Rib.   Couldn't resist the prime rib.    They came in a box 6.   This one will be Christmas dinner.

He said he would charge it to our account.   That was Wednesday.   So far it has not shown up on our credit card.  Gosh, I hope he didn't forget.

I have already placed my order for February.   Thick cut bacon and strip steaks.

Biscuit still wants outside during the day even in the cold.   Except if it is raining hard.  He comes in at dark and goes out when he wakes in the morning.  Usually around 7:30.

He has taken over the house.   

That includes each bed and the futon in the office.

Yes, we are here to serve him.

Four days til Christmas.   As Len is still not able to drive or do much of anything we will remain home this year.   Lennie and Lois and family will come for lunch.   We also have RVers coming Christmas eve and pulling back out Christmas morning.  They will be our 84th Boondockers Welcome guests.

We wish each of our readers, friends and family a wonderful Christmas and the very best in the New Year.

Until next year.....