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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 in the Rear View Mirror

Cullman,  AL

As I look at the year about to close it has been one of change.   Most good.  A few sad.

We started the year officially no longer full timer RVers.   We began moving into the house on New Years eve 2016 while still staying in the RV.   We had to retrieve two storage trailers..... one in Louisiana and the other in Maryland.   Also, had to purchase mattresses.   Through the coming months lots more purchases.  Glad we kept most of the furniture we would need.

Once we were settled for a few weeks, we needed to find a church home.  We visited a few.  Then we found there was a church about 5 miles away that started at 9:00 am.  (We prefer an early service).  One visit and we found our home.  Sharon Grove United Methodist has a very small congregation.  We felt so welcome.   So welcome in fact that Leonard starts a 3 year term as a Trustee starting next week.

In March we took off for Georgia for a week of relaxation at a COE park before leading a 3 week NOMADS project in Vienna, GA

Come May we hitched up the rig and headed north to NJ/PA/MD.   After visiting daughter Terri and family in Pa and camping nearby we were at the Jersey Shore camping next to my sister Debbie and family.  Then it was some time on the road with Granddaughters Charlotte and Abby.   After camping a bit in PA it was westward.   Springfield, IL on to Iowa then South Dakota and then Missouri.  Then a month back to Alabama.    We got them home to Maryland in time to get prepared for school.

We love having visitors.   In February Ali and Ron Workentin (Rving couple) and their friend Wendy who lives in Birmingham came for the day. 

Then in April NOMADS who were volunteering in the area met us at Ava Maria Grotto in Cullman and came to the house for a visit..... Harriett, Patrick O'Leary and Bill and Marti Koch.   Also in April were another NOMADS and RV couple Carol and Jerry Wright were the first to overnight in one of our RV sites.  A few days later friends from NJ who now live in Texas were on the way to Texas and stopped by.  We were glad to have Glenn and Janie Doyle be our first overnight guests in our guestroom.

September brought hurricanes throughout the country.    RV friends Jessica and Harry Riker and their two cats evacuated their new home in Florida and stayed in our guest room for a week.  A few days later Diane and Russ Kilmaier friends from NJ who moved to Florida took temporary residence in our RV for a week with their 3 cats.    What a great time this was.  And even better neither couple had any major damage to their homes.

Another RVing couple George and Laura Owens were the second couple to use an RV site in October for two days.   I short time later Howard and Linda Payne from the web site RV-Dreams were camped nearby and we invited them to visit for the day.

Continuing in October NJ friends were on a RV trip and found time to park here for a two day visit.... Dan and Carole Baxter.   One their 2nd day here, another RVing friends couple Adam and Helena Cerquoni pulled in next to Dan and Carole.   The next day Dan and Carole left and Rvers Jerry and Carol Pearson took their place for the night.    Then all too soon all sites were empty.  We loved this coming and going. Almost felt like RV park owners.

We moved to this area because son Lennie, daughter-in-law Lois and grandchildren Maddie and Jordan live but 20 miles away.   We manage to all get together about once a month.  Sweet.

Yes, there has been heartache and problems too.  Len has had some medical problems that we hope are being resolved.

Our less than two year old Fifthwheel has given us lots of problems.  It is currently in Indiana at the manufacturer where repairs have been completed.  Once the weather permits we have to go there to inspect it and bring it back to Alabama.  We plan on selling it and getting a much smaller rig.  No longer fulltiming we don't need a 43' rig with 4 slides.

The heart ache is the sudden death in early October of my dear brother Norman.  The family is still grieving and processing losing this sweet man.  I miss him every moment.

Now on to 2018.  And wishing each of you have a year of happiness, contentment and peace.

Until next time. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Alabama blizzard and update to his health

Cullman,   AL

This morning we had a follow up appointment for Leonard.  After last weeks diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, he went for more blood work yesterday and returned to our doctor this morning for results.   The good news......  his numbers have improved.  He is still very anemic but he is producing more blood. 

This past week he has still been napping frequently then can't sleep at night.  When he does sleep I can't.  I listen to  his rapid breathing.  He takes 3 shallow breaths to my one.  Doctor explained this is to be expected.  I have to move to another bed in order to sleep.

He continues on iron pills with the expected side results. I choose not to check it out.  If you get my drift.

We noticed on the way to doctor that some vehicles exiting the Interstate from the south were covered with snow.  We knew that family and friends in Texas and Louisiana had snow covered lawns.

When we came out of the medical center it was snowing.    After stopping at the local Piggly Wiggly and then Walmart we came home.   Our local Piggly Wiggly is going out of business.  Everything was 50% discounted.   We got almost $100.00 of groceries for $49 and change.  Would  have bought more but the shelves were almost bare.  Wondering if all Piggly Wiggly's are shutting down or just this one?

Now.... check out this snow blizzard around our house.

This roof is usually red, not white:

Going down from the porch.

Back yard

Side yard looking east into the woods.

Side yard looking west.

Front yard.

I want don't any of you to worry.  We have plenty of bread, eggs and milk.  We will get through this.

Until next time.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Quick trip and remodeling a room

Cullman,  AL

I hope each of  you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and take time to take a breather during this busy season.

Our Thanksgiving?   A trip to Pearland, TX to be with family.   We left Cullman on Tuesday November 19 and drove the 570 miles to Leonard's brother and sister-in-laws (Royce and Susie) house in Sulphur, LA where we spent the night.

Wednesday morning we were off to Pearland (just south of Houston)  another 140 miles.   This was to visit with daughter D'Juana, SIL Joe, grandchildren Alexandra, Jared and Lindsay.  Also met their exchange student from Sweden, Linnea.   On Thanksgiving Joe smoked a turkey and D'Juana prepared our feast.  Luscious.   Also at dinner were Alex's BF Nate and Joe's brother Joel and wife Kim.  Always great to see them.

On Friday we came back to Louisiana where we visited daughter Cassie and grandson Davyn.  Then to visit more grandchildren Hunter, Nathaniel, Clara and Logan.

I am so....... forgetful.        Never took a picture of any of the family this time.  But we thank the other grandmother Linda for sending us great pics of Hunter, Nathaniel, Clara and Logan.

Then we visited dear friends Diana and Teaux.  Always try to see them when "in town".

On Saturday Royce and Susie fried catfish and shrimp and made all the trimmings.  Two of Lens siblings also enjoyed the feast........ Myron and Sissy and Sissy's hubby David.  Again no pictures.

Sunday saw us back on the road to Cullman.   On the way we met up for breakfast with friends Judy and Leonard who live in Baton Rouge.   I took a picture!!!

We got home around 7:30 pm exhausted.

My goal this week was to re-do the office.   This is how it looked when we first toured the house.

After we moved in


I love it.  My favorite room.

It took three days to paint it and move furniture.   The reason being... Leonard's health.   For the last several weeks he has not slept well at night, is cold all the time, is short of breath easily.  Walking up the steps of the porch causes him to be short of breath.  He needs several naps during the day.   I've been telling him to see our doctor.  He finally agreed on Thursday.   She sent him for blood work.

We returned on Friday to find he is extremely anemic.   They can't find a reason.  If his numbers get any lower he will need a transfusion.   For now he is on B12 and iron pills to build him up.  As I write this he is napping.  I had to shake him in church this morning when he started snoring.  And he is cold.  Breathing seems better but he has not been doing much.  He goes for blood work again on Thursday and we will see the doctor on Friday.

Well that brings us up to date for the last few weeks.   Pray all is well with each of you.

Until next time.