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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Visiting and not what we wanted.

 White Hall, MD,   Celona PA,  Lebanon, PA and Cullman AL

Only a couple of days after we returned from Texas and Louisiana we again were on the road.  This time to visit family in the northeast.

May 29 our granddaughter Charlotte graduated from HS.

After the ceremony she choose were to have dinner.   They might use chopsticks, but Len and I asked for forks.

While at the daughters' house in Maryland I had my first adventure.   I missed a step coming down from upstairs.   I tumbled down the remaining 10.   I had bruises all over.   But remarkably I didn't get hurt. Not a bit.   

It was chilly there in MD and we didn't bring jackets or sweaters.  Off to Walmart.   I could not find anything for me.   I found Leonard looking at jackets that were on sale.   

From the SNOOP DOG collection.    Don't care.  They felt so good.

As always Biscuit makes himself at home.  On their sofa

After a few days we moved on the daughter #2 house in Pennsylvania.   Biscuit is checking out their stream.

Our friends Jim and Darlene were nearby so dropped over for a short visit.

Hate that I neglected to get a picture of Terri and Steve.

One day Darlene and I went to Kitchen Kettle village nearby in Intercourse, PA near Lancaster.  We met up with my sister Debbie and her friend Kathy.

Debbie and Darlene.

Even before we went to Dallas, I had been feeling awful.   Worn down, coughing up phlegm.  So while at daughter Terris house I went to the local Urgent Care.   I was put on antibiotics.  The next night I was really sick.  Terri took me to the local hospital in Lebanon where I was admitted with pneumonia.  

I stayed in the hospital for three nights.  When I was admitted I was put in a room with another woman.  When she saw me she asked for a mask.   She claimed she was there because she could not breathe.   I saw her sleeping with a mask on.   Did that help???  The next morning she spoke to the patient advocate.   She asked why they put me in her room.  Her complaint?   I was from Alabama.  She did not want to be in a room with someone from Alabama.   They moved me.

No one rests in a hospital.   I came out bruised from not only the fall but from needles.

That was the worse.

The day after I was discharged, we headed home.  With us is granddaughter Abby.  I felt really bad all the way home.   I am still very weak and still coughing up phlegm.   We were supposed to go to MS the day after we got home to pick up our 4-year-old grandson while daughter D'Juana and family moved from Dallas to Austin.   There was no way I could tend to a four-year-old at the time.  Len is not much better.  We were greatly disappointed.

We did have a young family living here.

Nesting on a light fixture on back porch.

The grass and weeds around the pond needed tending.  I have been weed whacking around the pond as much as I can.  Abby is helping me mow.

Len is having back issues.   He, too, might be trying to do too much.    Even though back surgery would help, the cardiologists will not consent to surgery.   The risk is too great.   So on we go.

Until next time.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Busy May and it's not over yet.

 Cullman, Al, and Dallas Tx

Our May started out busy and will continue through June.

The early part of May saw several RV guests.   One couple stayed for 5 days. They wanted to see all they could in the area.   We took them to two of our favorites, Rattlesnake Saloon and the Coon Dog Cemetary.

They had seen signs for the Jesse Owens birthplace and Museum.   We had never stopped there so this was the perfect opportunity.  We are glad we did.

Jesse was not a large man but was he ever FAST.

He won several races and the broad jump in the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Germany a time when Hitler was in power.   In the museum they run a video on a continuous loop narrated by Jesse.  He tells of what it was like being a black man in Germany at that time.    He handled it with grace and dignity.  If ever in our area, this is must-see.

Mother's Day being May 12, I received a gift of flowers from my daughter Terri on May 7.  We were leaving on May 8 to go to Dallas for our grandson's college graduation.   Terri thought it was the next week.   After the flowers arrived Len called our neighbor Gary to ask him if he had gotten flowers for his wife Ashley yet.   When I told Terri we were leaving the next day, she asked us to give them to Ashley.   We had already handled that.   Gary and Ashley walked down a bit later and we all had a nice visit.  

After we pulled out the suitcases, Biscuit stayed close by one of us.   The morning we left, Len walked out to the car to start loading.   Biscuit jumped off his sofa on the porch and ran to the back door of the car.   Len opened it and in he jumped.   He refused to come out for the next hour as we packed up and got ready.

No way were we going to leave him.

Grandson Jared graduated from University of Texas, Arlington.   What a graduation class!  

Doctorates, master and bachelor's degrees.   This is Jared (with our grandson Jeremiah).  Proud to say Jared graduated with honors.

Earlier this week, daughter-on-law Lois treated me to a lunch out for Mother's Day.   She also gave me a potholder she croqueted, a scrub she makes from dandelions and goat milk soap.

I have been suffering with terrible allergies this year from whatever pollen is around.  I suffered prior going to Texas and Louisiana and upon return.  Not in Texas or Louisiana.   To help me a bit Len offered to mow.   I am glad to say I am not the only one who gets stuck in soft earth around the pond.

I got the truck, he hooked it up and I pulled him out.

I'm thinking..... do I really want him to mow?

Our busy month will continue.   We leave on Monday for our granddaughter Charlottes HS school graduation in Maryland.   We will stay at daughter Amy's for a few days.  Then to PA to daughter Terri's for a visit.

We get home on 10th June and will have granddaughter Abby with us.  On the 11st we meet daughter D'Juana in Vicksburg, MS to get grandson Jeremiah and then back home on the 12th.  We will have Jeremiah while D'juana and Joe move from Dallas area to Austin area. 

Len is thrilled to have this time with Jeremiah.

On my, no rest until late June.  Maybe?    Gotta love it.

Until next time....

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Spring and A Fall

 Cullman,  AL

Ah.... Spring time in Alabama.   It was time to bring in more stone to the RV sites.  (Our 358th guest arrives later today).    While no guests were here, we had stone delivered and Len was happy to spread it on the sites.

This makes for a nicer spot for our guests as some areas were getting low and puddles would form.  Every few years we add a layer of stone.

Now for the Fall

Between guests I like to mow that area.   Behind where the rigs park, we have an area with a picnic table, bench, two lounge chairs and a fire pit.  We also provide plenty of wood for the campers use.  I asked Len to flip over the picnic table as it needed mowing under it.  The picnic table flipped back and knocked Len completely into the fire pit.  As I turned around on the mower, I saw him screaming.

The table was on one of his feet that was caught on the top of the firepit.  I got the table upright.  Then attempted to get him out of the fire pit.    I so much wanted to take a picture of him but thought better of it.   

It was obvious I could not lift him and he was squeezed it such that he could not help himself.   I called our neighbor Gary and got no answer.  We later talked to him and he was in Costa Rica.  Would have taken him too long to get here.

So, I removed all the cinder blocks on one side of the pit.  Then got Len to a sitting position.  THEN I took the picture.

He is fine.  Got a small cut on one knee.  We actually had our usual dance night with friends.  His back felt better and he danced more than usual.  

Several friends have been telling us about a function on Monday afternoons at another Senior Center.  Two Mondays ago we attended.  Many musicians get together for a Jam.  A lunch is provided by various restaurants and people also bring food.  All free for attendees.   People put a dollar with their name written on it into a jug.  A dollar is pulled and the name on it gets all the money.  My first time there and  I won $51.00.  Yippee.  You bet we go back every Monday now.

Back to Spring


By back porch:        

            Along front walkway:

        Peonies that only lasted until a rain two days after they came into full bloom:

        Our tiny veggie garden.  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash, watermelon and cabbage.

Until next time Happy Spring and no fall!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Whats been going on

 Cullman,  AL

What's been going on here?   Not much.

We always like to participate in certain events at the senior center.   A few days prior to Easter they requested folks to wear their Easter bonnets.   Unfortunately, few did.  Very few.  But Leonard put up with my insistence.   

Another reason I love him.   He goes along with my craziness.   Most of the time.

One thing that really sets off my craziness is shopping.   I HATE IT.   I've only grocery shopped in-store 2 times in the last 5 years.   I love going on-line, placing my list and backing into a site so someone else loads the car.   I do wish they provided the service of coming home and unloading, putting the groceries away.   Cooking the meals would be nice too.   Is that too much to ask?

So, a few weeks ago I needed just a few items.   Oh, why did I punish myself having to stand in line.

It's not just grocery shopping I hate.  It's any shopping.  Amazon ..... I love you.   As I look at myself right now EVERYTHING I have on I ordered from Amazon.  Even down to my underwear.  I know, too much information.

Easter morning we like to attend the Sunrise Service.   Beautiful morning it was.

Last week was our daughter-in-laws birthday.   After we all went to dinner they came with us for our  Friday night fun.

We enjoyed Lois and Lennie being with us and hope they did too.

Back in the fall Leonard saw a surgeon down at University of Alabama regarding his back.   It was agreed there is a problem causing leg pain.   We were hoping surgery would be scheduled.  First he had to have clearance from our family doctor and the Cardiologist down at UAB.   Having heard nothing, he called the Surgeons office last week.  They called back.   Following a conference with the cardiologist they said there would be no surgery.   The risks are greater than the benefits.  

The only option we know is for him to see a chiropractor that he is doing twice a week now.  I have to give him credit, he continues dancing as much as he is able.  He still hops on the tractor and does what needs done.  He isn't giving up.   

Until next time.

Friday, March 15, 2024

He's back! And other stuff.

 Cullman,  AL

He's Back!

Five years ago Baby Duck was one of the first three ducks that we bought.  (Don't ask about the other two)

When we travel, we ask Gary a neighbor to stop over and put out feed for our ducks.  A year ago Baby Duck followed Gary home.   Baby Duck is a Pekin.  Pekin don't fly.  Gary couldn't get this duck to walk back to the house with him.  He was impossible to catch.   Our other ducks were getting to be pests at Garys as they were spending more time there than here.   Every time we drove by Garys I would look over to check that he was still there.

A few days ago Gary came to the door.   There in a live trap was Baby Duck.  I was so excited to have him back.   Now the other ducks are staying here too.  What amazes me is how Baby Duck remembers the feeding routine after a year away and demands feeding.

A few weeks ago I met up with two FB friends in town.   This is a group of women who enjoy RVing. Wendy lives in Birmingham.   Sarah lives in Huntsville.  I live in Cullman.   Cullman is halfway between Huntsville and Birmingham.   How convenient for me.

 The weather has improved enough that I had gotten some mowing done.  And cleaning out flower beds.  The RV picnic area has a lovely bed a pine needles.  Occasionally our guests take advantage of the fire pit area that we provide.   Our 328th guests pulled out this morning.

Len has been working on the goose neck trailer he bought.   New paint job, new lights. new tires and just completed relacing the decking.  He is a happy man.  Special thanks to our friend Glen who helped him finish up the decking.

Our good friends Darlene and Jim stopped by for a night.   They left their Fifth wheel RV in Florida and flew to Iowa and picked up a Heavy Duty Truck.   They have their F450 for sale now as they start their new adventure.

This is Darlene and Jim; Darlene at the HDT and Smart car; and Biscuit saying goodbye.

There is so much construction going in the Cullman area.  Housing, businesses, car washes, restaurants, medical buildings.   Among the new construction are drive thru coffee outlets.   We had never seen these facilities before our trip to Alaska in 2014.  They are everywhere up there.   Now here they come.   These are some we saw in Alaska.

People love their coffee.   Even a 2nd Starbucks is opening in Cullman.   No thanks, far out of my budget.

Until next time.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Survived winter.... come on Spring

 Cullman, AL

We've had a tough winter.   Once things thawed, we felt hopeful for an early Spring according to Phil the Groundhog, but things changed a bit.

I felt a bit tired.  Sneezing, slight headache.  Then for 3 days my entire body ached.  Leonard then insisted we go to the ER.  By that time I was too tired to argue.   So many people in our church had been sick with the crud... Covid.   Wow!  We bypassed it.  Not so fast.  After a positive test, I started the Paxlovid cure.

Then two days later, Len was really sick.  Another ER visit.  Another stop at CVS for Paxlovid.  I still have good days and others when I am exhausted.    Yesterday Len was really sick.  And that is after feeling great the day before.   Back to ER.   They did x-rays to be sure he didn't have pneumonia.  He doesn't.  So he is on antibiotics.   Feeling a bit better today.

We've been assured that neither of us are contagious. We can expect some discomfort.  So we continue on.

On the upside, the weather in improving.  Daffodils are budding.  

We continue our Boondockers Welcome hosting.  After a slow January we are starting to get busy again.  We have 16 reservations on the books.

Last Friday we felt well enough to go to our Friday night out.  But not well enough to do much dancing. But our friends did:

We had noticed a lot of digging going on all over our property.  What was strange was something dug all around where to septic tank is. 

Just as we suspected:

Mr. Armadillo.   I read that they are actually good for the ground.   They turn it over and their poo is beneficial.   Their presence doesn't bother me.

It is almost 5 years since Biscuit showed up at our door.  We has so enriched our lives.  When he showed up Leonard made it clear.  No dogs in his truck.  No dogs in the house.  No dogs on any furniture.   Biscuit loves riding in the truck.   He is in and out of the house all day, spending every night inside.  As far as on furniture:

Biscuit on the right, Leonard on the left.

Two years ago we installed a tankless hot water heater.  After having a walk-in tub installed we found the 50-gallon tank did not fill the tub with hot water.   The unused tank has been sitting in our basement since.   We decided to divest of it.   I put in on Cullman yard sale sites offering it for free.  I immediately got swamped with responses.   The first person I told could have it asked how old it was.  When I told her it was in the house when we bought it 6 years ago, she said she wanted a new one .... free.  Alrighty then.  

Folks were asking where we were located.  I gave a general area.   One woman said she lived in the area and would really like it.  I checked her profile and saw my friend Stephanic listed as a friend of hers.   So we made arrangements for her husband and his friend to come right over.   

Len disconnected it and the three of them worked hard getting it up the steps from the basement to outside.

I feel really good that the right people got this tank.  They were so appreciative.  We wish them well.

Well, time to go pick of a grocery order so I will close this down right now.

Until next time.