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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Had some fun and what now

 Cullman,  AL

The girls left for home last week.  This is how they looked that morning.

While here for two weeks they went bowling with Aunt Lois and Jordan.   We took them to Cook Nature Center  in Decatur and McWane Science Center in Birmingham.   These are two of their favorite places here in Alabama.

 Charalottte studying her Algebra

Our raised garden has not worked out.   So disappointmed.    We will try again next year with different soil.  What we used was from Lowes and said to be raised bed soil.   Nothing, absolutely nothing thrived.   We've pulled the platns out and they will be compost using this contraption.

Our girl Frances is again brooding.   We hope this time is a success.  Last time some critter got to her eggs.

Abby managed to tame our Elsie.  She got so she could carry her around.

Yesterday Leonard had doctor appointments at UAB in Birmingham.   I had read about a Cajun resturant down there.  So this was a good time to check it out.    What a unigue place.  We both had sausage and shrimp gumbo.   I had a shrimp Po Boy, he had an oyster Po Boy.   One look at the food and a picture of it when out of my mind.   


Talkiing abaut food, a gift from daughter D'Juana and hubby Joe.

Until next time

Monday, July 12, 2021

Two week trip and we are tired

 Cullman,  AL

As usual during the summer we like having our granddaughters from Maryland visit.  This summer it will be a short one.... only two weeks.

It was another two weeks that we spent getting them and visiting family in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.   We had planned for NJ also but these bodies are getting old and did not feel up to driving over and back ..... over 2 hours each way.  

While we were gone, RV friends needed a place to park while the wife was recuperating surgery nearby.  And we needed someone to keep an eye on the property and feed the ducks.   Worked out well for all of us.

We left Alabama on June 24.   We fought traffic most of the way north.   

 Our first stop was at our nephew Jason's and Kelly's house in Rural Retreat, VA for some needed rest.  They served us dinner and welcomed our visit. Always great to talk to them.

The next day we drove in Maryland to daughter Amy's and family house.  Biscuit got reacquainted with their Charlie.

Then Len and I and granddaughters headed to our family cabin in north central Pennsylvania for a few days.

This is the cabin.    Mom and Dad purchased it back in the mid 60's.

At the time it had no running water, heat, electric, sewer.    It was a school house.  Most of you readers will not know who this is but he attended school there and was born right down the road.

An interesting fact:   Tom Mix was a pall bearer for Wyatt Earp.

This is in the  middle of Pennsylvania Elk Country.   This trip we saw more deer than Elk.

Two young Elk

Deer crossing road by cabin

There are several state Visitor Centers and Elk Viewing facilities in the area.

Back in the cabin it was relaxing and playing cards.

And we had this visitor.  A local Grouse.   He would come up on the deck and visit, follow us around, tried to get in the truck and even ran behind the truck following us for a short time.

Our next stop was daughter Terri's my husband Steves.   On the fourth our friends Darlene and Jim (who are fulltime RVers and from that area) came for lunch.   Always so good catching up with them.  They often stop here on the way to or from Florida in the winter.

As Terri and Steve live in a 1832 house converted from a grist mill house, they have a frequent chore.  Removing debris from the steam that runs under the house.

During our stay at Terris my sister Debbie and her friend Kathy came up to visit for a day.  As usual, too busy talking to remember to take a picture of them.  I did remember to take one of Cane, the boss of the house.

We did the trip in reverse over the weekend.   Back to Amys, overnight stay at Jasons.  Lots of traffic around Chattanooga.

Got home on Saturday exhausted.    No cooking that night.   It was Jim n Nicks BBQ.

We had planned to eat there.   I am thinking it was meant to be as our  RV guests had left a gift card that paid a great portion of our meal.

Until next time.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Selling stuff and more visitors

 Cullman,  AL

As with everyone else, we had accumulated stuff over the years that we will never use.   Some of the stuff we kept even when we started RVing on a fulltime basis back in 2010.   Among those were saddles and tack and two axles.   

Time to sell off some items.

We had placed 7,000 pound axles with 8,000 when we had our Cedar Creek fifth wheel.   Leonard kept the 7,000 pound ones as he planned to built a trailer.   I've had misgivings about that for the last few years.

I know he has built trailers before but he was younger and stronger and had full use of both arms.  He wanted a trailer JUST IN CASE we needed to take the tractor in for repair.  Two weeks ago we were out and about and he stopped at a shop that deals in steel.   The cost of the steel would be about $7,500.  Then we would have to consider the cost of wood for the decking.   Also tires and rims.   Pretty soon we were talking about real money.   JUST IN CASE the tractor had to go to in for service.   They do rent trailers, you know.

You might say I had to put my foot down.   He was upset and a bit depressed for a few days.  But in his heart he knew I was right.   So he wanted them out of here ASAP so he would be able to accept that he would not be building a trailer again.   I listed them on the local Yard Sale site and they sold in a few days.

Then we had to think about our saddles and tack.    We had 3 saddles, two blankets, two sets of reins and bits, two breast collars, two lead ropes and a saddle rack.   We listed all for $400.    Cheap by any count.   One reply was he would give us $200 and get them out of our way that day.   My reply was they were not in our way.    After several inquiries a young woman asked if we would sell her just my saddle.  Sure.   When she and her boyfriend got here they liked what was Lens saddle but it cost more.  We made a deal and she got not only his saddle but a blanket and lead rope of her choosing and a set of reins.  She was thrilled as she is in nursing school and money is tight.  We were thrilled because we feel she was not trying to get something for nothing.

One of our recent Boondockers served 20 years in the Navy as a photographer.   He used his drone for an area shoot of our property.   Love it.

Leonard's brother Bobby and our Sister in Law were vacationing up in Pigeon Forge, TN a couple of week ago.   Bobby called Leonard and said they would stop here on their way back to SW Louisiana. 

This was a double treat as the week before daughter D'Juana, SIL Joe, Granddaughter Alex and Grandson Jared stopped for overnight visit on their way to visit Granddaughter Lindsey who is in the Navy and stationed in Charleston,   SC.   They left Houston area around 4 am and got here around 4 pm.  As usual we got so wrapped up visiting that I forgot to take pictures.  But this was a delightful treat.

I did remember pictures of Bobby and Charlotte.

When Bobby called he told Leonard to get a list together of things he could do while here.   Since we moved here some of the lights in the basement would work sometimes, sometimes not.   Len can no longer lift his arms so this was a job for Bobby, who is an electrician.   My goodness, we have a basement that is now really lit!  Also, I've been having trouble with my mower.   So they got to work on it.

Whatever they did I am loving the mower.  Not loving the mowing but loving the mower

Last week we hosted a family of three.   The 6 year old daughter loves to fish with the help of her Dad.  She caught her first fish here in our pond.   Imagine her excitement when she reeled in (with a bit of help) a catfish.

Yesterday was Fathers Day.   The man of the house here got cards and phone calls from Granddaughters Charlotte and Abby, daughters Terri and family, D'Juana and family along with a phone call from daughter Cassie.

And an invite to son Lennie and DIL Lois' house for lunch.   He came home with his favorite coconut cream pie that has become a cherished tradition.

We have guests here now at one of our sites.  These guests will be here at least until July 1.  They had requested a few day stay, having been here before.   We asked them to stay a bit longer as we leave Friday for visits to the northeast.   They will be feeding our ducks, fish and watering plants for days they are here. Other couple arrive later today but just for overnight.

Until next time.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Out with the old, In with the new

 Cullman,  AL

Something New  Part One

    Last week our friend Stephanie called.   She has a friend that had a few Pekin ducks.   A predator got into them and killed all but one.   Penelope was lonely.   She was looking for a place, preferably with a pond and other ducks.   Stephanie thought of us.   Yes, our Pekin duck is lonely when our Muscovy and Muscovy/Mallard fly off to visit other ponds.  Pekins can't fly.   So, two problems solved.   Stacy brought Penelope over.   She ran straight to the pond.

Penelope and our Pekin, Baby Duck, are inseparateable   Too much sometimes, if you get what I mean.

Something New Part Two

We were finding we needed a closer place than the lawn mower shed or shop to store some garden supplies and other stuff.     We found what we liked at a Lowes up near Huntsville.   

First of several assembling projects just these last few days.    This cabinet came in parts that were easy to snap together

This is now on our back porch.   Makes us more organized.

Out with the old/In with the New Part One

When we bought the house in December 2016 the refrigerator that was here was ok but the water and ice dispenser never worked.   We had it repaired three times.   Nope, still didn't work.   Then two weeks ago it stopped making ice.   So every few days we would buy a bag.   Didn't take long before that was getting old.   I put an ad on Cullman Facebook Yard Sale page.   I guess it was a bargain. Even with no ice maker I had 48 replies to my $60.00 fridge.

The Old:

The New:

We had replaced the microwave just about a month ago. Wish I had gotten stainless.

Out with the Old/In with the New Part Two

I had bought a small used hutch I kept in the laundry room.  I knew we would have to move this before the new fridge arrived.   So instead of just moving it, again Cullman Yard Sale.   Several responses and I sold it to  the first.    So I got $40.00 and this left.

The Old:

What to get?    That's why I have Amazon Prime.   Always quick delivery.  So another assembly project.

The New:

We really like this:

 We liked it so much which led to Out with the Old/In with the New Part Three

Leonard made a table for me many years ago.  I love it but really have no need or room for it after the replacement.   So we gifted it to DIL Lois as a side table in her crafting loft.

The Old:

The New:

This kit came today.  Already assembled and our DVDs inside.
 We love it.

 A few weeks ago we planted some blackberry plants.   Where we put them just will not work.  We needed a trellis.     Since Leonard had all those tools out this week and had a few (very few) spare minutes I ordered this from Overstock.com.     We still need to transplant the blackberry plants.  

More assembly work:

We like it.

Whew!   What a week.  Poor Leonard needed a break.   Only short lived.

He is out in the shop now.   One of our current Boondockers asked to he could help with anything.  As a matter of fact, oil needs changing in the Tractor.   Ideal!   He was a diesel mechanic.  

While out there our 2nd Boondocker arrived for the weekend.   We have a crowd now.   One couple, another couple with Five kids.   And a total of 4 dogs.  (Not counting the host Biscuit). 

We had a Boondocker couple leave today.   The two here now are here  until Monday.  Then another couple arrive on Tuesday.    We are busy.

Until next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Mothers Day and critters

 Cullman,   Alabama

Last Sunday being Mothers Day I received several cards.   Thank you Terri and family,  D'Juana and family and Charlotte and Abby.    And a big thank you to son Lennie who invited us to lunch.  He was the cook.      Enchiladas.

        And from Lennie and Lois

I appreciate and love each of you.    

As far as critters here:     I went to plant some flowers and found this looking back at me.

I have to note that it can be quite noisy around here at night with the many frogs at the pond.   We have not only frogs there but schools of blue gills in varying sizes.   When we toss fish food into the pond for the blue gills we know the catfish will take over.   Some of them are to be getting eating size.

We had a BoondockersWelcome guest here last week for 4 days.   He travels with Duke.   I fell in love with Duke.   

He spent lots of time on the front porch.   Duke is a playful dog and loves chasing balls and frisbees.  Unlike Biscuit who really doesn't play.   Duke wanted to play, Biscuit wanted to sleep.

We have often had trouble with critters (probably Raccoons) getting into dog or duck food.   I keep Biscuits food on the back porch.   The raccoon knows how to open the can.   I have learned to put the handle up tight making it more difficult.   This is what I found this morning.   The can still with the lid on was moved about 2 feet.    

The container for recycling was upturned and the lid off.

And plastic that covers the chair seats was ripped.    Think this critter was angry or just determined for a handout.

Until next time.