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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Still having problems

Arley, AL

I am at the local TT Campground on their WIFI.   I am still having issues at home.  Much has happened regarding Verizon since last post.   They PROMISE they will be at the house on August 1.  We will see.

I will update blog after that.  Maybe.  I hope.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Will it be ever be resolved?

Cullman,  AL

When cell phones first became popular we got a Bag Phone.  Remember them?   Bulky.  Kept only in the car.   Then we got flip phones.  At a later time we chose a provider mostly because if offered a service sort of like a walkie-talkie on the phone.   This provider did not have a great network but it was good for what we needed.

Then in 2010 we went full-time RVing.    We heard another company had the best network throughout the country.    We changed providers.   Let's call this company,  oh say "V".    In most places we had good coverage.   We were mostly happy with V.    We even had our Internet with V.   Len still has his flip phone.  I joined the 2000's last year with a Smart Phone.  No real issues.  Until now.

When we bought the house in December 2016 we noticed there was this strange thing on the side of the house.  It looked like a large tin can.  The person we bought the house from called it a Cantenna.  It is actually an antenna that would give us better Internet connection. 

Back then we stopped at the local V store.  They told us we would have to contact V directly.  We were doing ok, so didn't bother.   Well, my Internet on my little MIFI is getting slower.   In some areas here, people can't even get a good signal on the phones.

Now the V stores provide no service.  They are only in the business of selling phones.

I decided to try the Cantenna to get a stronger signal.  So, around June 8 I called V.   I asked about getting the Cantenna hooked up.   They made an appointment for June 23.  A nice young man, Chris, came to installed a new Cantenna and the router.  V contracts this type of work out.  He installed what we thought was needed.   Nothing.  He tried to call V.  Nothing. No answer.   He tried on June 24.  V said they would look into it. Nothing.  Chris has been a dear trying to run interference.

On June 24 I  called V.   I talked to a rep, who transfer me to another rep., who transfer me, etc.  I thought the problem was solved.  It wasn't.  On June 27 made two calls to this rep.  Both time I got  messages who said my call would be returned.  They weren't.

On June 30 I again called V.  I was on the phone 1 hour and 42 minutes.  I talked to 3 different people.  I was told my SIM card was listed to some one else.   I was also told they would take care of it and I would receive one months credit for that service for being patience.  Nothing happened.

I spoke to Christ again asking if he heard anything.  He said he would contact V and get a 3-way call.   He did this on July 3.   I was then on the phone 35 minutes.  I talked to a supervisor who said she would take care of it.  But could do nothing that day.  And she was off July 4 and 5.  She would call me July 6.   She did.  I was on the phone 33 minutes.  She sat up an appointment for someone to come to the house July 14 between 8-12.   NO SHOW.

That afternoon I called service.   They said the appointment was scheduled for July 15  which is today.  Between 8-12.   I stayed home from church waiting.   Guess what??????  If you guess NO SHOW, you would be right.

In frustration I had Len call.   He was on the phone with them one hour.  We are now told the appointment is really for tomorrow July 16 between 10 and 4. 

First told appointment was for July 14,   Then no..... it's July 15.   Now told July 16.  So tomorrow we again have to sit and wait.   What do you think?  Will this be resolved?