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Friday, September 19, 2014

We've been robbed!

Driftwood, PA

Well not actually robbed, burglarized.    Not in the RV but the cabin we own in North Central Pennsylvania.

This cabin was bought by my parents in 1967.   It now belongs  to my sister, brother and me.  It sits up on a mountain looking down on the Mix Run River.    If the Mix name sounds familiar it is because of the silent movie star Tom Mix.   He was born 1/4 mile down the dirt road and attended this one-room school house.

A neighbor rides his bike each day in front of our cabin.  He noticed a side window was open and a log set beneath it.  He called the State Police who notified by brother.    On Tuesday my sister, Leonard and I drove the 280 miles each way to check it out.   We got back last night.

Yup. things are missing.   The thieves came in the window over the sink.  The stove was pulled out from the wall.  Appears that one person stood inside and handed their loot out to the other.  The front door was still secure with a padlock

We took an inventory of what is missing.   Probably other things will occur to us when we go to use them in the future.

For now far we have listed:   chain saw, two full 5 gallon gas cans, 2 comforters (they left old scratchy blankets) , 3 Army cots, 4 folding lawn chairs (they left a broken one), wood that was stacked outside and the tarp which covered it, the grate off the fire pit, striker to start the gas stove, 2 cases of water, an ax and a shovel.

There were 6 cases of flavoring for the bottled water, all gone.    But they left a half drunk bottle of water (green colored)  in the bedroom.  There were bagels and hamburgers in the freezer.   They were not only gone but by the dirty spatula they left and the grease of the counter, looks like they cooked them there and took the electric fry pan to boot.   They must not have needed an electric can opener or toaster as they were in same cabinet as fry pan.

Guess they are redoing their kitchen.   Our dish pan and drainer gone!  Along with new dish towel, dish cloth and pot holder still held together with that plastic fastener thing.

We have suspicions of who it was.   Thinking we will keep an eye out to see if we recognize any lawn chairs in front of their camp.

On a better note, today was my last day of rehab.  YIPPEE!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bill and Loretta

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

As most of us agree, one of the pure joys of RVing is meeting folks with the same passion for travel.
So that is just what we did last Friday.

I was fooling around on the RVillage site and queried who might be camped nearby.   I knew Bill Roach and Loretta Perno were somewhere in the area as they used to live in the town where I grew up and I saw their postings on Facebook.

To my pleasant surprise their names came up to being at the closest campground to Upper Deerfield Twp.   A campground where we have camped when we belonged to a Good Sam Chapter.   So I sent Loretta a message via Facebook.

We made arrangements to meet for lunch on Friday

Meet Bill and Loretta:

We found so much to talk about our lunch "hour" almost turned into the dinner hour.

Bill and Loretta, thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.   Hope our paths cross again

Monday, September 1, 2014

Goods days and not so good days

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Today marks one month since my stroke.    I woke this morning with my usual light headedness and some nauseous.    It is taking me longer to type since then it used to - have to keep backspacing and correcting.   Frustrating.

Walking takes my full concentration.  Slow.  I get emotional easily, tears flow.   I've been shopping a few times - hate using a walker but I need it for stability.  Then I can only do it for so long, have to sit down and rest.

On the upside.    Saw my neurologist - said I'll make full recovery.   Had carotid artery ultrasound - no problems as well as no issues with blood work.

I see cardiologist this week.    Continuing rehab.

Still at Camp Driveway as daughters in NJ.   Changes going on here.   She has accepted a new  job and will be relocating to the Harrisburg area of PA.   An opportunity she can't refuse.   So house goes on sale.   This is the house Leonard and I bought in 1992 and she bought in 2010.   Lots of memories here. She starts the new job on the 22nd.  Lots to do to prepare for the sale.  We will remain here for a while until after Thanksgiving or until it sells.  

Visited other daughter and family yesterday in MD.   Love seeing our precious Charlotte and Abby.

Leonard sees a doctor next week about having the blood clot in his leg removed.   Also will see Dr. about back surgery.   Then it will time for me to take care of him!

So,  we trust these health issues will resolve and we can once more hit the road.  In meantime, I will enjoy reading of other folks travels.