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Monday, September 8, 2014

Bill and Loretta

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

As most of us agree, one of the pure joys of RVing is meeting folks with the same passion for travel.
So that is just what we did last Friday.

I was fooling around on the RVillage site and queried who might be camped nearby.   I knew Bill Roach and Loretta Perno were somewhere in the area as they used to live in the town where I grew up and I saw their postings on Facebook.

To my pleasant surprise their names came up to being at the closest campground to Upper Deerfield Twp.   A campground where we have camped when we belonged to a Good Sam Chapter.   So I sent Loretta a message via Facebook.

We made arrangements to meet for lunch on Friday

Meet Bill and Loretta:

We found so much to talk about our lunch "hour" almost turned into the dinner hour.

Bill and Loretta, thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.   Hope our paths cross again


  1. Totally agree with the joy of meeting up with dear friends. That's how we meet you two.

    Hope all is going well with your health.

  2. We second that! We have met the best people on the road. Glad you are doing much better.

  3. First I love the lake picture on your header.
    It is nice to meet other RVer's. I have met a few and have enjoyed the visits. Judy of Travels with Emma may be heading this way so I do hope I get a chance to meet her, love her photography.

    Happy to know your getting out and enjoying yourselves.

  4. Phyllis, We will be staying in north western NJ or just over the state line in PA. We have not picked a campground yet. I have one sister in Bangor, PA and another in Stewartsville, NJ.