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Friday, September 19, 2014

We've been robbed!

Driftwood, PA

Well not actually robbed, burglarized.    Not in the RV but the cabin we own in North Central Pennsylvania.

This cabin was bought by my parents in 1967.   It now belongs  to my sister, brother and me.  It sits up on a mountain looking down on the Mix Run River.    If the Mix name sounds familiar it is because of the silent movie star Tom Mix.   He was born 1/4 mile down the dirt road and attended this one-room school house.

A neighbor rides his bike each day in front of our cabin.  He noticed a side window was open and a log set beneath it.  He called the State Police who notified by brother.    On Tuesday my sister, Leonard and I drove the 280 miles each way to check it out.   We got back last night.

Yup. things are missing.   The thieves came in the window over the sink.  The stove was pulled out from the wall.  Appears that one person stood inside and handed their loot out to the other.  The front door was still secure with a padlock

We took an inventory of what is missing.   Probably other things will occur to us when we go to use them in the future.

For now far we have listed:   chain saw, two full 5 gallon gas cans, 2 comforters (they left old scratchy blankets) , 3 Army cots, 4 folding lawn chairs (they left a broken one), wood that was stacked outside and the tarp which covered it, the grate off the fire pit, striker to start the gas stove, 2 cases of water, an ax and a shovel.

There were 6 cases of flavoring for the bottled water, all gone.    But they left a half drunk bottle of water (green colored)  in the bedroom.  There were bagels and hamburgers in the freezer.   They were not only gone but by the dirty spatula they left and the grease of the counter, looks like they cooked them there and took the electric fry pan to boot.   They must not have needed an electric can opener or toaster as they were in same cabinet as fry pan.

Guess they are redoing their kitchen.   Our dish pan and drainer gone!  Along with new dish towel, dish cloth and pot holder still held together with that plastic fastener thing.

We have suspicions of who it was.   Thinking we will keep an eye out to see if we recognize any lawn chairs in front of their camp.

On a better note, today was my last day of rehab.  YIPPEE!


  1. Oh for goodness sake. We are so sorry to read about this terrible experience you had. We sure do hope you have the right people in mind and can catch them with something that belongs to you.

    Glad rehab is over. Hope you are feeling and doing so much better.

  2. So glad to hear your rehab is over, good for you! Dang people can't keep their hands off of things that don't belong to them :(

  3. Having been burgled twice myself, I know how frustrating it is. Hope you can positively ID the crooks and that they get was they so richly deserve!

  4. That is just awful!!! I know so well how you feel. We were burglarized in our home about a year ago and I felt so violated. I sure hope whoever did this to you can be found. Why do people think they should take things that just aren't theirs??
    On the positive side...glad your rehab is over and you are doing better!! Great news!!

  5. Yes I know how this feels. I still remember things that I no longer have and it has been almost a year. They used my cooler to load up tools and various other small items. I think it happened more than once. It was the shed. I did find my case of different size bits but they took the drill. Hope you see your chairs and get these creeps.

    Good for you that you finished you therapy.

  6. Sorry about the burglary - but SO happy you are done with rehab! I see roadtrips in your future!

  7. Why is it bad things happen to good people..Is it all a test?? Glad to hear your doing better.

  8. But they left a half drunk bottle of water (green colored) in the bedroom.

    Can the State Police get the fingerprints off the bottled water they left behind?

    Cat Lady

  9. Police really don't work too hard finding bad guys who commit the petty crime stuff. Hope the home owner's insurance might help a little. Really glad to hear the rehab stuff is done! Good going!

  10. The police don't work very hard trying to get the petty thief bad guys. Hope the insurance will help a bit. Glad to hear about the rehab! Good going!

  11. How awful, it must be a horrible feeling. Such odd things to take. Glad you are doing well.