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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Letting go can be hard.....

Upper Deerfield Twp,  NJ

In 1992 Leonard and I bought my idea of a dream house here in Southern New Jersey.

The original part of this old farmhouse was built in 1850.   An addition was added about 15 years prior of our purchase.    My daughter Amy researched the history of the house and we know who owned the property back in 1820, the cost and the parcels of land that were sold off through the years.

A few years after we moved in we had to replace the roof.   The roof was the original cedar shakes arranged on slats and later covered with shingles.   Everything had to be removed and we then covered with plywood and new shingles.

A few years later we covered the original cedar siding with vinyl.  The task of constant painting was getting to us.   We also changed out the old drafty windows with new dual pane ones that tilt in for easy cleaning.

We made other additions and changes over time.    The original house was one story in the area under the large 2nd story window.  When we put on the roof, we added a small den/office area as we only needed to add two walls and flooring.

Our next addition was this 3-season room.

When we bought the house there were ugly metal pillars on the front steps.  We changed them out to something more in keeping with the house.

Then we build this deck.    Note: The single story part of the house is the addition built prior to our purchase.  It is one large great room and a 2nd bathroom.

Len's favorite addition.    His work shop.   

We also put in a fishpond and added a bridge.

This we did not build.   In researching, we discovered these outhouses were prefabricated and installed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) back in the 1930's.   They would come to the farms with concrete slabs already made, the walls, the seat, and the roof and them assemble it.   On one corner the side was been chewed down in several areas.   Attached is old electrical fence connectors.  Guessing the chewing was done by horses.  Can you see the wavy corners on the right side?   This might be considered the THIRD bathroom?

We built a garden shed and barn with tack room for when we had horses. Garden shed on left, barn and stables in back:

The house is surrounded by a nursery on all four sides.  

When we started fulltiming in 2010, my daughter Terri decided she wanted to buy the house.  This well suited us as it gave us a place to park when we came back to NJ.

Why am I writing this?  Terri has started a new job two hours away in PA.  The opportunity she was presented in this new job is more than she wanted to turn down.  I can't blame her.   So now this house will be sold   The relocation company handles everything on the sale.  Tomorrow they are coming to "stage" the inside and take pictures. (Can't wait to see what they do.  I'll take pictures if I can) Then the sale sign goes up.

We have moved from "Camp Driveway"  but still in the area about 1 mile away parked in the yard of friends who also have a house for sale and have moved on.

Our last pullout and with tears in my eyes, 

 But for all of us, life brings constant changes and new challenges.


  1. Oh, Phyllis..I'm sure you were hoping to keep that house in the family. Hopefully someone you know will buy the house, or Terri knows. It's always nice to know it's going to a good family. Hope you are continuing to recover and that Len's getting good care in Philadelphia when he goes for his back surgery. Wish we were closer to help out!

  2. I have never been emotionally attached to any of the houses I've lived in, and I was relieved when the last one sold so I could get out on the road. It must be difficult for you.

  3. What a gorgeous home you two made. I love the landscaping. I was, also, attached to our first home. It took me a year before I could go back and see it without tearing up. The people who live in it now have changed it, so I don't consider it mine any longer. Time does heal.

  4. Like Judy, I have never been attached to any home I have own and sold. I liked them but never looked back. I must say your place was so beautiful the land amazing. But you and Len are on a new adventure together everyday. Happy Trails

  5. It's 'just' a house...I heard that phrase many times when we sold our home in Cheyenne, WY...but the memories that went into that house made it a home! It was kind of liberating to drive away, knowing I'd never have to mow that grass again, or shovel that sidewalk! Now this house in PA - if/when we sell it, there will be tears because of the memory of Mom & Dad...healing prayers my friends!

  6. We have moved a few times in our life and I do remember getting teary eyed on just one - it was the house the kids grew up in and we had foster kids there. The last one was a "just a house" and we were glad not to have the up-keep.

    Now, however, we have the up keep of a full time RV.