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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Recent days

Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

We've been visiting and loafing the last couple of weeks.   On Tuesday we hook up and go to Pennsylvania for the month of December.

While here we took a couple of new friends that are friends of daughter Terri and her husband Steve up to Pa for a day.    Here is Barb and Tony, Terri and Steve and their pup Cane.

Last weekend we had dinner at my brothers house.  This is nephew JR and fiance Vadra

My brother Norm, great-nephew Lance and Leonard relaxing after dinner.

Sister-in-law Nora and my sister Debbie with great-niece Hailey in front.

And for Thanksgiving it was at Terri's house near Hershey, PA.   Leonard in the red shirt, SIL Steve at the end of the table, Terri in the foreground.  Their friends Chris and Bob.....oops, I thought I got a better picture of them.

And here is Grandson Justin with his girlfriend Karlie and Terri again.

This weekend the granddaughters came for a 3 day visit.  Here is a picture of Charlotte and Abby taken today sitting for the first time in their Mommy and Daddy's new car.

I hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving and looking forward to a blessed Christmas season.

Until next time......

Thursday, November 19, 2015

An update on RV fire

For those asking about the fire here in the park on Monday night.

The woman who lived there has been arrested.    According to the local newspaper, the police were called to go to her trailer for a wellness check  (Could it be for the gun shots I heard?)

When they arrived, the trailer was on fire and the woman was sitting on the grass across the street from it.   They took her to the hospital

After investigation she was arrested for arson and malicious mischief.  Then taken back to the hospital.

That's all I know for now.    However, two couples who live here in the park are coming in a few hours for Leonards gumbo.  I bet I will hear more at that time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RV FIRE last night in park

Buena Vista Campground
Buena,  NJ

Last night I heard what sounded like gunshots.   Then it sounded like an explosion.   A short time later I heard sirens in the distance, then closer, then I saw flashing lights.

I looked outside my bedroom window and saw the flashing lights and then flames.

I told Len something awful was happening at the corner of the next street.   We walked half way down our street and saw it was an RV fully engulfed.

The tankers kept coming along with an ambulance and police cars.

This morning we walked by.   A neighbor told us a woman lived there alone and she was taken to the hospital.   I've walked by this RV many times.  I always noted that the car parked in the driveway had a bumper sticker that said something like this......If you are upset that I parked in a Handicap spot I would be glad not to take that spot if you will take my MS.

This is what is left of her home.

Her car parked in front is burned

The heat melted the vinyl siding on the trailer next to it.

We've seen State Police come into the park this morning.  Probably investigating.

The gentleman we talked with said it is believed the heater exploded.  We just don't know at this time.  We don't know the cause, we don't know the condition of the resident.   We pray she is well and has friends or family to assist her.  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Last couple of days here.....

Buena Vista Campground
Buena,  NJ

Our time is winding down here in Buena.   Len is on the mend, somewhat.   He tires easily.  He drove for the first time since the surgery on Friday.  

We had our granddaughters here just for Saturday, picking them up Saturday morning and meeting their mother on Sunday morning.   Len drove to Newark, DE but was so tired I drove back.

Our plans for this week?   Len has Physical Therapy on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.    I have eye surgery on Thursday.   Simple procedure.   I have one of those puffy thingies in the corner of my right eye. Caused by cholesterol.   Simple to remove, no anesthesia even.  I'll be so glad to have that pesty thing removed.   The thing on my eye, not Leonard.

Then Thursday night Len is making shrimp gumbo for two couples here in the park.

Friday we pack up and move to what we call Camp Mooneyham. (A friends yard near where we used to live).   Will be there until December 1.

We sure have had a slow, easy fall.   I must admit we are quite lazy.   Biggest thing around here is watching the many cats and squirrels living in the park.  Got talking to a couple a few rigs down.  They trap them, have them chipped, neutered, given rabies shots.   The cats, not the squirrels.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Let's bring proper English back PLEASE.

Buena Vista Campground 
Buena, NJ

Okay ..... first I am going to admit my English is not always proper.  I've find myself saying AIN'T. Growing up we were often told that AIN'T is not a word.  I know,  I know.  I am catching myself and correcting myself.  I promise to do better.

At one time AIN'T seemed to be the only affront to proper grammar.  BUT..... gosh, in my old age I find poor grammar is getting more prevalent.  And my ears hurt folks.

For instance when did BE become a substitute for AM.   As in  "I be going to the grocery store".  Eh?

And a common one.    The question of SAW and SEEN.   As in " I SEEN the movie last week"   It's either "I saw the movie last week" or "I HAD seen the movie last week".  No more "I SEEN" please.

And remember two negatives make a positive.    As in,  "I don't got no money"  Well, if you don't got no money then you must some have some money.   It's "I don't have ANY money"   At the end of the month, neither do I.

And what's with the use of the word DID.   I hear people saying they have their hair DID.  Or they brag "Yesterday I HAD DID it".    NO!  It's "Yesterday I did it".   Don't need the HAD.  And by the way, they had their hair DO DONE.

I was always taught that when listing people in a sentence put yourself last.   Example:   "Joe, Jane and I went for a ride."    I've  heard "Me, Joe and Jane went for a ride"   Or even "Joe, Jane and myself went for a ride".     If Joe and Jane were not with you, would you say "Me went for a ride" or "Myself went for a ride".   I didn't think so.  

Okay my rant for today.   Tomorrow?   Let me think about that.