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Monday, November 2, 2015

Let's bring proper English back PLEASE.

Buena Vista Campground 
Buena, NJ

Okay ..... first I am going to admit my English is not always proper.  I've find myself saying AIN'T. Growing up we were often told that AIN'T is not a word.  I know,  I know.  I am catching myself and correcting myself.  I promise to do better.

At one time AIN'T seemed to be the only affront to proper grammar.  BUT..... gosh, in my old age I find poor grammar is getting more prevalent.  And my ears hurt folks.

For instance when did BE become a substitute for AM.   As in  "I be going to the grocery store".  Eh?

And a common one.    The question of SAW and SEEN.   As in " I SEEN the movie last week"   It's either "I saw the movie last week" or "I HAD seen the movie last week".  No more "I SEEN" please.

And remember two negatives make a positive.    As in,  "I don't got no money"  Well, if you don't got no money then you must some have some money.   It's "I don't have ANY money"   At the end of the month, neither do I.

And what's with the use of the word DID.   I hear people saying they have their hair DID.  Or they brag "Yesterday I HAD DID it".    NO!  It's "Yesterday I did it".   Don't need the HAD.  And by the way, they had their hair DO DONE.

I was always taught that when listing people in a sentence put yourself last.   Example:   "Joe, Jane and I went for a ride."    I've  heard "Me, Joe and Jane went for a ride"   Or even "Joe, Jane and myself went for a ride".     If Joe and Jane were not with you, would you say "Me went for a ride" or "Myself went for a ride".   I didn't think so.  

Okay my rant for today.   Tomorrow?   Let me think about that.


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  2. I have heard "ax" being used instead of "ask." Aargh!

  3. I agree, but I fear good grammar like so many other "standards" are fast disappearing in favor of the any thing goes mode we seem to be heading for now.

  4. Listen to the people on TV. They say WaRshington. There is no R in Washington. Maybe the media and those on the TV need to set a better example. Also, texting has made many people ignorant of proper English! Good post.

  5. Good Rant! Like yourself we try to use proper sentence structure and wording when posting our blog. However when composing documents some of the programs highlight words as incorrect sentence structure and suggest something that we were taught as incorrect. Someone needs to teach the computer proper English so that it stops criticizing those that do know better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. One of the worst offenders, "Yous Guys! Ugh.

  7. I'll be so glad when people forgot they've ever heard the words "amazing" and "awesome." Everything's either one or both...which makes it neither. For God's sake, everything can't be "amazing," can it? I just want to shake them until they can come up with a better adjective to describe something.