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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seguin to Austin

Austin  TX

Isn't it great to be able to travel full time in an RV and catch up with people you know all over the country?

In a previous blog I wrote about having dinners with Glenn and Janie who we knew from back in NJ.

Wednesday night we caught up with my 2nd cousin Amy and her daughter Jess and children Jaydon and Ariel.

Following dinner at Chili's Amy invited us back to her home to visit.

I also wrote about Sharon who is a good friend of my daughter Terri.  Sharon, Annie and Marsha tell us they love having us visit.  No more than we love visiting with them.

Thursday night they made steaks, baked potatoes, salad and put out lots of preserves and salsas they canned from their gardens.  (The cucumber, squash bread and butter pickles are the die for.  Thank you Sharon for giving us a jar.)   They invited friends and neighbors to join us.

Their neighbor Chris took us on a tour of his pastures and to see his ponds.  He invited Len back to do some fishing.  That's a deal.   Chris is the owner of this 1948 Model M John Deere tractor.  Sharon and Marsha cleaned it up, sand blasted it, painted it and applied decals.

Pretty isn't it?

We had a fabulous evening with special people.  Even their neighbors made us feel so welcome. We looked forward to a return visit.

With goodbyes and hugs we left Seguin yesterday morning for the short 80 mile drive to Decker United Methodist Church where we will be volunteering as NOMADS for the next three weeks.

The first challenge.   Texas has had heavy rains in recent weeks.  The ground where we are parked is saturated.   Len pulled into one location and we sunk.  Our F350 4x4 pulled us out leaving ruts behind.

 We are narrowly parked on the only firm ground between that rut and a mud hole.

Only one other rig is joining us.   They are getting set up now on higher ground back next to the parsonage.   Don't know where we would have put another rig.

Tonight we are hoping for a visit from our granddaughter Tiffany, her hubby and two children.

Yea, it's nice to visit an area and doubly nice when people we know and love are there.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dropping by for a visit...

Seguin, TX

My daughter Terri has a life long friend, Sharon, who after serving in the Navy for 8 years, relocated here in Texas.    Five years ago she put in 50 amp service and supplied water on her property for us use while visiting.   It's been 5 years but here we are again.

Sharon lives on 11 acres of beautiful Texas land along with Marsha and Annie.   Here is Sharon on the left and Marsha on the right.  Annie has some health problems and was in bed when this was taken.

When we came here 5 years ago, we were coming up I-10 headed west and it was a MOSTLY easy drive for the 13 miles to their house.   This time we were headed west.  Our GPS put us on not so easy roads.    About 9 miles in and on small narrow roads we came upon this.

Fortunately we were near a long driveway and Len knows what he is doing  There were ditches on the both sides of the driveway.

Narrow winding roads and we finally got on the dead end, bumpy gravel road leading to their house. And only 3 minutes after we told them we would arrive.  

At many as 9 of these critters meet us each time we travel this back road.  We know to drive slowly and watch both sides of the road.

The girls have 7 horses, 4 dogs, who knows how many cats and chickens and 4 goats.  The little ones:

They have worked hard to improve the 11 acres they have been renting.  The agreement they had with the owner was that eventually they would purchase the property.  When they told him they were ready to buy, he not only refused to sell but upped the rent.   So, they purchased the 11 acres next door.

They have been busy clearing the land, moving fences and outbuildings.   Every building they built, they will move.   The only exemption is the huge screened-in room they built on the back of the house.

Len burning one of the many wood piles

Our parking spot

So much work to do.  We are pleased to see they have help from some neighbors.  But the majority of the construction and clearing is done by Sharon and Marsha.   They have abundant energy it seems.   Sharon told us they will be putting in full service hook ups for a RV on the new property.   So, for sure we come return.

Our visit has been a pleasure.  It is heart-warming to be so welcomed.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Did we make some wrong turns....

Hondo, TX

Since today looked to be mild and dry we set out for another ride.  We took Rt 173 out of Hondo north thinking we would end up to Kerrville.

We were delighted to see flowering trees

 and some interesting landscaping

In the town of Bandera we were so absorbed looking at the sights such as this stately building

that we missed staying on Route 173 and got on scenic Rt 16 instead.

Rt 16 was quite scenic in areas.  Up, down and around.

I must have given Leonard some wrong directions because before I knew we were in North Dakota.

Seeing my mistake I shouted at Leonard   TURN EAST.   I think we drove too far east as we found ourselves near London at Stonehenge.

On dear,  knowing this is not where we wanted to end up I told him to head south.  Again, we must have missed our turn as we found ourselves in the Serengeti of Africa.

Zebras and Wildebeest aplenty

Heading north in Africa we found some Aoudad-Barbary Sheep

Knowing we should to get back to the campground before dark, we headed west once more.

Another bad turn found us on Easter Island.

We did finally make it back to the town of Ingram near Kerrville and stopped to check out their outdoor "Point Theater".   The welcoming committee met us as soon as we got out of the truck.  She also followed us into the gift shop where she is known for getting into their yarn display.

After stopping for a meal at the local Chilies we managed to get back to the campground well before dark.

I always thought I had a good sense of direction.  This day tells me I might need a refresher course or a better  GPS.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Still in Hondo

Hondo, TX

We are still liking this Escapees Park.  We've been to many and this is the friendliest.

Following my stroke last August I have been frustrated when shopping, walking a distance etc. People told me it would get better.  Okay I said  BUT WHEN.   We would go to WalMart, H.E.B, etc.  Half way through shopping I would have to leave Len to finish while I went to the truck to sit down.

I have been telling Leonard that what really bothers me is I would never be able to dance again.  Well, last Wednesday we took a stroll/walk around the campground.  Len walks fast.  I didn't realize it at first but I was keeping up with him.  And I didn't tire out.  That afternoon we went to the 4:00 social hour at the club house.   They had a man there singing and playing his guitar.   It was just too tempting. I tried.   I danced.  Not a slow one but three relatively fast line dances.  I CAN DANCE!!!

The next night 8 of us went to a local restaurant for their all you can eat spaghetti night.  The guitar man was there.  My dancing again the night before wasn't a fluke.   I CAN DANCE.   I am thinking I turned the corner.

The weather last week was chilly and rainy.  The weather also has turned the corner.  The last few days it has been clear and warm.

I have a friend back in NJ I met in the 70's.  She and I worked at the same facility.  Eileen and I have reminded friends through the years.  We got to know her entire family.

Many years ago her brother, Glenn, served in the military in nearby San Antonio.  While there he met Janie and they married 47 years ago.  Seven years ago they moved back to this area to be near her family.

Meet Glenn and Janie:

They live in the nearby town to Castroville.   They came for a visit this Wednesday.  We hope to catch up with them next Wednesday again and share another meal and lots more good conversation.

This morning our dear friend Peggy invited us for breakfast.

Peggy doing the work:

David and Leonard enjoying her efforts:

Just another 11 days and we move on down the road.   But we know we will catch up with Peggy and David down that road again.  

It is so nice to travel the country and never be far from a friend or two.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Grand Ole Opry - well sort of

Hondo, TX

One thing about it, Lone Star Corral has something going on most all the time.   We've been to 2 dinners and one luncheon.  We've attended one 4:00 pm social hour.  Sunday nights are ice cream socials.  We've gone to two, will go again tonight.

Our friends Peggy and David whom we've caught up with several times told us about a dinner last Friday night at a church in a neighboring town.  I must confess, it was sure a different menu than what I am used to coming from the north.     For $5.00 you get unlimited bowls of beans, corn bread, ice tea and homemade deserts.   Sure, we're game.   We rode over with them.  When we got there the place was packed with other folks from this RV park.

I had one bowl and a partial of beans.  Len had THREE bowls.  Oh my, this could have been deadly during the night.   Not for him, for me if you get my drift.  

Last night the park put on their own rendition of the Grand Old Opry.   For $1.00 each we were treated the almost 2 hours of entertainment.

It was presented as early 60's program.   The Master of Ceremonies was "Webb Pierce".  Also there were June Carter, Brenda Lee, Pasty Cline, and Hondo's own stompers.

The MC as Webb Pierce

There were Dolly and Kenny  (sorry didn't get a good shot of Dolly but she was well filled)

This was Eddie Arnold

And of course Minnie showed up for a few laughs

Without a doubt, the very best singers were "Webb Pierce" and "Connie Smith"

I managed to get a shot of Peggy and David although Dave was looking the other way.

We've met two lovely couples while here.

This is Phyllis and John.  

They have worked as gate guards.   They will be leaving Texas in a few weeks headed to Interior, South Dakota where a work camping position awaits them.   Take note Bloggers.  You never know who reads your blog and when you might meet someone who does.  They have been following this blog for some time especially our time in Alaska when I was posting more frequently.  When there were no posts for a while they were concerned (Bless their hearts as they say here in the South). Then I posted about the stroke and they tell me they really felt bad.   The other day I was talking about my daughters house in PA.  Phyllis told me she really likes that house and also the one we lived in.  Hey, people do really read this blog.  Note to self:   watch the language and try not to throw insults.

Now this is Carol and Jerry

We've had lots of conversations about NOMADS.  Jerry and Carol have done mission projects in Kenya.  That must have some commitment.  They will be joining NOMADS.  We sure hope to work with them in the near future.   In addition, they plan on attending the annual meeting this year in Kalamazoo, Michigan late September.  They too, will be leaving this area in a week or so.  

This is a huge benefit of RVing.   Catching up with old friends (Peggy and David) and making new ones (Phyllis, John, Carol and Jerry).   Lucky us for sure.