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Friday, March 13, 2015

Still in Hondo

Hondo, TX

We are still liking this Escapees Park.  We've been to many and this is the friendliest.

Following my stroke last August I have been frustrated when shopping, walking a distance etc. People told me it would get better.  Okay I said  BUT WHEN.   We would go to WalMart, H.E.B, etc.  Half way through shopping I would have to leave Len to finish while I went to the truck to sit down.

I have been telling Leonard that what really bothers me is I would never be able to dance again.  Well, last Wednesday we took a stroll/walk around the campground.  Len walks fast.  I didn't realize it at first but I was keeping up with him.  And I didn't tire out.  That afternoon we went to the 4:00 social hour at the club house.   They had a man there singing and playing his guitar.   It was just too tempting. I tried.   I danced.  Not a slow one but three relatively fast line dances.  I CAN DANCE!!!

The next night 8 of us went to a local restaurant for their all you can eat spaghetti night.  The guitar man was there.  My dancing again the night before wasn't a fluke.   I CAN DANCE.   I am thinking I turned the corner.

The weather last week was chilly and rainy.  The weather also has turned the corner.  The last few days it has been clear and warm.

I have a friend back in NJ I met in the 70's.  She and I worked at the same facility.  Eileen and I have reminded friends through the years.  We got to know her entire family.

Many years ago her brother, Glenn, served in the military in nearby San Antonio.  While there he met Janie and they married 47 years ago.  Seven years ago they moved back to this area to be near her family.

Meet Glenn and Janie:

They live in the nearby town to Castroville.   They came for a visit this Wednesday.  We hope to catch up with them next Wednesday again and share another meal and lots more good conversation.

This morning our dear friend Peggy invited us for breakfast.

Peggy doing the work:

David and Leonard enjoying her efforts:

Just another 11 days and we move on down the road.   But we know we will catch up with Peggy and David down that road again.  

It is so nice to travel the country and never be far from a friend or two.


  1. I am so thrilled for you! Sometimes we feel like we will never heal and then Walla Keep on dancing. :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel, I love to dance always have. but w/o being able to breathe that was one of my first thoughts...no more dancing..cant really 'boogey' down with an oxygen tank...that said I am so glad you can wear your dancing shoes again as I know how important that can be....

  3. It has been wonderful having you two as our 'back door neighbors'. The time is flying by!

  4. Woohoo!! So glad to hear that you've turned the corner. Do-si-do it is!

  5. So glad you got your strength back and can dance and keep up with Len. I have been keeping you in my prayers.