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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seguin to Austin

Austin  TX

Isn't it great to be able to travel full time in an RV and catch up with people you know all over the country?

In a previous blog I wrote about having dinners with Glenn and Janie who we knew from back in NJ.

Wednesday night we caught up with my 2nd cousin Amy and her daughter Jess and children Jaydon and Ariel.

Following dinner at Chili's Amy invited us back to her home to visit.

I also wrote about Sharon who is a good friend of my daughter Terri.  Sharon, Annie and Marsha tell us they love having us visit.  No more than we love visiting with them.

Thursday night they made steaks, baked potatoes, salad and put out lots of preserves and salsas they canned from their gardens.  (The cucumber, squash bread and butter pickles are the die for.  Thank you Sharon for giving us a jar.)   They invited friends and neighbors to join us.

Their neighbor Chris took us on a tour of his pastures and to see his ponds.  He invited Len back to do some fishing.  That's a deal.   Chris is the owner of this 1948 Model M John Deere tractor.  Sharon and Marsha cleaned it up, sand blasted it, painted it and applied decals.

Pretty isn't it?

We had a fabulous evening with special people.  Even their neighbors made us feel so welcome. We looked forward to a return visit.

With goodbyes and hugs we left Seguin yesterday morning for the short 80 mile drive to Decker United Methodist Church where we will be volunteering as NOMADS for the next three weeks.

The first challenge.   Texas has had heavy rains in recent weeks.  The ground where we are parked is saturated.   Len pulled into one location and we sunk.  Our F350 4x4 pulled us out leaving ruts behind.

 We are narrowly parked on the only firm ground between that rut and a mud hole.

Only one other rig is joining us.   They are getting set up now on higher ground back next to the parsonage.   Don't know where we would have put another rig.

Tonight we are hoping for a visit from our granddaughter Tiffany, her hubby and two children.

Yea, it's nice to visit an area and doubly nice when people we know and love are there.


  1. really wish we could have made it down there. could have caught up to you guys and my niece tammy that lives there

  2. Oh boy, sure glad you were able to pull out before you got really stuck!

  3. Love those Blue Bonnets!

    Let's hope we get no more rain here in Texas for a while. Enjoy your stay.