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Saturday, April 4, 2015

To LBJ on our day off.

Austin, TX

Having three days off after 4 days of work, we invited our co-workers Andrew and Joanne to come sight seeing with us.

It was a pleasant day to tour the LBJ Ranch.  Not too hot, not too cold.  We have been there twice but this was Joanne and Andrews first visit.   There is always something new to see.  We had never toured the "Texas White House" before.  Unfortunately no picture talking permitted inside

The Ranch is about 70 miles from Decker UMC.  We are on the far east side of town, the route took us west through the city.   The State Capital


Reconstructed home in which Johnson was born.   Filled with original furnishings.

Final resting place in the family cemetery:

Traffic jam on the ranch

This beauty asked to come home with me.  I was tempted but too many Rangers around and she kept wiggling under my shirt.

Another beauty.  The President loved this car and enjoyed taking visitors a tour of the Ranch.

The ranch has a landing strip but it is not big enough for the usual Presidential aircraft.  So this is what he called Air Force One Half.

After our tour of the house, we drove back to Johnson City and stopped for lunch at a quaint cafe where we had eaten in the past.  Just as good as we remember.

Wishing each of you a Blessed Easter.


  1. We had the best time at the LBJ Ranch. We really liked the way they kept the "Texas White House" in its original state. Took me back to my mom's kitchen when I was a kid.

  2. Thanks for the tour-the ranch has been on our list for years and have just not gotten to it:(

  3. what a nice tour and the weather looked perfect for an outing

  4. Interesting that I've lived in Texas most of my life and have never been there. It is on my bucket list.