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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Can't always be where we want to be and other thoughts

Vinton,  TX

Here we sit.   Back in Leonard's hometown.  

I started weeks ago attempting to make reservations at one of the nicer parks in this town and Sulphur a few miles up the road.   However, there are expansions going on at several refineries in the area.  Every park I called gave me the same answer.  No sites available.  One large park that recently expanded said they would put us on the waiting list.   I asked how many before us - 40!

So, here we are.  We've stayed at this park many times over the years.  It is nothing but a dirt parking lot with hookups.  The price is right.  $350. a month for 50 amp.  Not worth more than that.  Our view is the traffic of I-10 zipping pass.   It's only a month I tell myself.

I've spent today planning more plans for our trip to Disney World in June.   I had reserved for 6 nights at Fort Wilderness and 5 day Park Hopper passes back in September.   We are taking two granddaughters and a great-niece.   Today I reserved for lunch one day at Be Our Guest restaurant.  Then the night before we leave WDW a dinner and show at the campground called Hoop De Doo.   The rest of the meals will either be in the rig and we take into the park.

After our 6 days of Fort Wilderness we go a short distance to another park near Legoland. Granddaughter Abby is excited about WDW, but Charlotte is about Legoland.

Okay - getting off here and getting Leonard started grilling some chicken for dinner.  I made macaroni salad and we have corn on the cob to grill too.   I will probably be disappointed in the corn. I usually am.  No corn anywhere is as good as the Silver Queen we get back in Jersey.

Here is hoping each of you are enjoying Springlike weather and safe travels.


  1. Bummer that you couldn't get into one of the places you wanted to stay.

  2. Might as well have gotten a gate to guard while you're sitting there; )

  3. Amazing to have full Parks at this time. Don't know what they are looking like around here, but people are pulling out and heading home in mass

  4. I agree with you on Jersey corn. The best I've had. Hang in there . . . it's only a month.

  5. Hope you can find something to enjoy there:)

  6. We have found the "no room" problem. It depends on the area - either the supply is too low or the demand is too high. Things will not get easier or cheaper going forward as the sale of RVs stay in double digit growth and Baby Boomers select the RV lifestyle to retire to.

  7. Just got on the net for a couple minutes - seems we are always up against our data plan :( Glad you at least have a place to stay!