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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dropping by for a visit...

Seguin, TX

My daughter Terri has a life long friend, Sharon, who after serving in the Navy for 8 years, relocated here in Texas.    Five years ago she put in 50 amp service and supplied water on her property for us use while visiting.   It's been 5 years but here we are again.

Sharon lives on 11 acres of beautiful Texas land along with Marsha and Annie.   Here is Sharon on the left and Marsha on the right.  Annie has some health problems and was in bed when this was taken.

When we came here 5 years ago, we were coming up I-10 headed west and it was a MOSTLY easy drive for the 13 miles to their house.   This time we were headed west.  Our GPS put us on not so easy roads.    About 9 miles in and on small narrow roads we came upon this.

Fortunately we were near a long driveway and Len knows what he is doing  There were ditches on the both sides of the driveway.

Narrow winding roads and we finally got on the dead end, bumpy gravel road leading to their house. And only 3 minutes after we told them we would arrive.  

At many as 9 of these critters meet us each time we travel this back road.  We know to drive slowly and watch both sides of the road.

The girls have 7 horses, 4 dogs, who knows how many cats and chickens and 4 goats.  The little ones:

They have worked hard to improve the 11 acres they have been renting.  The agreement they had with the owner was that eventually they would purchase the property.  When they told him they were ready to buy, he not only refused to sell but upped the rent.   So, they purchased the 11 acres next door.

They have been busy clearing the land, moving fences and outbuildings.   Every building they built, they will move.   The only exemption is the huge screened-in room they built on the back of the house.

Len burning one of the many wood piles

Our parking spot

So much work to do.  We are pleased to see they have help from some neighbors.  But the majority of the construction and clearing is done by Sharon and Marsha.   They have abundant energy it seems.   Sharon told us they will be putting in full service hook ups for a RV on the new property.   So, for sure we come return.

Our visit has been a pleasure.  It is heart-warming to be so welcomed.


  1. I had a friend renting to own a house and they paid for almost 2 yrs. then came a letter to vacate the house was sold. Don't trust those kinds of deals ever. Doesn't pay to fix up someone else's property. But at least they found something else and can move all their stuff over. Looks really beautiful there how nice for you and Len to have a place to stay.

    Love the new header

  2. Nice trade off for the free spot!